13 Newcomer State Representatives You'll Be Racing To Date

capitol hill

We know who's going to be on Capitol Hill in January, but here's 13 very dateable representatives.

The votes have been cast, the campaign ads have been quieted and the 114th Congress of the United States has been chosen. Now that we know who's going to be on Capitol Hill come January, you can hone in on the important things about them: policy, performance ... and dateability.

Yes, dateability. Some of these newcomers seem like they could serve as your significant other, someone you should be dating, and, of course, as your representative. With as many folks on this list as there are stripes in the flag, we celebrate America's highly talented (and highly attractive) congressmen.

1. Brendan Boyle (D): Born and raised in Philadelphia, Boyle got his bachelor's degree at Notre Dame and master's at Harvard. As if that wasn't enough moving and shaking, he became the first Democrat ever elected to represent the 170th House district. Selected as a Rodel Fellow by the Aspen Institute and now as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania, he's one to keep an eye on—he makes things happen.

2. Elise Stefanik (R): Now the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, Stefanik has always had big dreams to pursue. A mere few days after her graduation from Harvard, she was working in the White House on the Domestic Policy Council. While she has worked on numerous campaigns, as well as at her parents' plywood store, she has no problem going back to her roots or changing things when they aren't working. She'll make New York proud.

3. Ben Sasse (R): With a bachelor's degree from Harvard and multiple graduate degrees from Yale, Sasse is certainly well-educated. He's also a jack-of-all-trades, having worked as a consultant, director, professor and chief of staff. His most recent position was as president of Midland University, where he increased enrollment, as well as income. As the new senator of Nebraska, he's sure to show he really can do anything he sets his mind to.

4. Norma Torres (D): Born in Guatemala, Torres and her family relocated to Los Angeles when she was five. Since then, she has been championing the need for bilingual 9-1-1 operators after working as one herself. She was also mayor of Pomona, and a member of the California State Senate. With a degree in labor studies, she certainly knows the value of hard work and dedication. After all, they won her this spot on Capitol Hill.

5. Bob Dold (R): In high school, Dold was quarterback of the football team and captain of both the wrestling and lacrosse teams, so he knows what it means to throw your heart into something. While he's traded these sports for a law degree from Indiana University and an MBA from Northwestern, he continues to put his all into his work for a better Illinois. This "new" congressman knows how to use his passion to get results.

6. Mia Love (R): Love sure knows how to put her diverse skill sets to use. Her degree in performing arts and experience as a flight attendant enabled her to win a spot on the Saratoga Springs City Council and then mayor. She cut the city's expenses and led it through natural disasters, making her a prime candidate for Congress. Now she is the first Haitian-American and first black female Republican to be elected to Congress.

7. Seth Moulton (D): This is a man who does it all. Earning three degrees from Harvard and climbing the ranks to become a captain in the Marine Corps are only a few of his accomplishments. Moulton has embraced the progressive, working to not only improve Massachusetts, but the United States. This humble man's Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for valor and Bronze Star Medal are a testament to all he's accomplished.

8. Ryan Costello (R): Born to schoolteachers, Costello had a love of learning instilled in him from a very young age. He chose to educate himself in politics and law, which gave him the knowledge he needed to serve as a lawyer and chairman of the Chester County Board of Commissioners. As he takes his new spot as a representative of Pennsylvania, he is definitely going to learn a lot, and use his smarts to make things better.

9. Gwen Graham (D): The daughter of a former senator and Florida governor, Graham has grown up in the political atmosphere. A bachelor's degree from UNC Chapel Hill and a law degree from American University have only added to her ability to run a great campaign. While she currently works as a school administrator in Leon County, she is on her way to represent Florida in the House of Representatives. There's no stopping her.

10. Lee Zeldin (R): Zeldin has always loved New York, choosing to get his bachelor's and law degree in his home state. He left to serve as a second lieutenant in the Military Intelligence Corps, only to return and open his own law firm. He became a member of the New York Senate, and now is now in the United States' House of Representatives. Clearly this man is passionate, not only about his work, but also the citizens he strives to work for.

11. Joni Ernst (R): This woman is quite the record breaker—she is the first woman to represent Iowa in Congress, the first woman elected on the state level in Iowa, and the first female veteran in the United States Senate. Currentlym she is a lieutenant colonel and commands the largest battalion in the Iowa Army National Guard. She is all about making a difference and impact on the world, one step at a time.

12. Kathleen Rice (D): As the District Attorney in Nassau County, New York, Rice has shown she can get things done. She is considered the "state's toughest DWI prosecutor," but she also has tackled other reform efforts to make New York a better place. As a member of the House of Representatives, she will continue to take on the tough issues and improve her homes—the state of New York and the United States.

13. Will Hurd (R): Hurd showed his ability to handle difficult situations when he served as the student body president during the Aggie Bonfire collapse at Texas A&M. Nine years with the CIA made him even more prepared to manage any situation that came his way. His work in security—cyber and national—have shown him how to embrace challenges, making him a great fit to work on Capitol Hill. He'll certainly work through the rough stuff.

So, did you vote yesterday? Did your favorite congressman or congresswoman make this list? Tell us in the comments who strikes your fancy.