Dating on the Rebound

Dating on the Rebound
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Rebounds are great in basketball, but when it comes to love, it's an entirely different ball game.

In basketball, a rebound is a successful act of a team gaining control of the ball after a missed shot. However, in dating, a rebound can often be an unsuccessful attempt to date someone who recently came out of a relationship. If you are dating someone on the rebound, it's important to have a clear understanding of where they are emotionally before fully committing yourself. Although some rebound relationships turn into lifelong loves, it's best to look at the big picture before planning your happily ever after. 

Be aware of the warning signs of a rebound relationship:

  1. If he barely just moved out of the home he shared with his ex and his mail hasn't officially forwarded yet.
  2. If he is still spending ample quality time with his ex, because they want to have a "good friendship".
  3. If he has a pattern of overlapping relationships, this is a red flag. If his new relationship starts when his old one hasn't officially ended - it's a rebound. 
  4. If he has not taken time to get over someone and is quickly getting under someone else.
  5. If he doesn't take any responsibility for any of the problems in his previous relationships.
  6. If he just wants sex and no commitment.
  7. If he believes that all of his ex's can be friends.
  8. If he takes you places that "they" loved to go to and tries to recreate those memories with you.
  9. If he quickly introduces you to friends and family, as if you are an instant replacement. 
  10. If he is still deeply intertwined with her friends and family and hasn't severed those ties. 

If you are dating someone who just recently changed their status from "in a relationship" to "single", take your time before falling head over heels in love. Don't miss your shot at love simply because you moved too quickly. You may be the one to change him. You may be one of the couples that makes a rebound relationship work. Just make sure the emotional heartstrings have been cut from his past so he can move forward with you. 

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Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMasterâ„¢ and Dating Expert, findyourplusone