The 4 Best Places To Meet Other Singles

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If you want to ditch your single status, check out these 4 places to meet singles.

With Valentine's Day a mere six weeks away, retailers and storefronts have begun the great love day marketing push. If you are ready to find a partner for a date, an event or for life, now is the time. At the start of the year, more people are open to the opportunity to meet someone as part of their New Year's resolutions or simply to start the new year off with a fresh start. Here's a few suggestions for looking for love in all the right places. 

1. Online Dating. As one of the most recognized alternatives to traditional dating, online dating is a socially acceptable and respected method to find a partner. Choose a safe and secure site that fits your personality best. Spend at least three months online to allow yourself time to find a suitable match. There are new members joining sites like every day. Patience is key with online dating, but relationships are formed every day. 

2. Speed Dating. Sign up for a speed dating event in your area. This is a great way to have several mini dates in one night and expand your options of people to meet. It's a safe environment and since everyone is there for the same purpose, it eases tension and anxiety of walking up to someone who may already be taken. 

3. Group Meetups. Join a hiking goup, running team or wine tasting club. By interacting with local groups, you are expanding your circle of acquaintances and friends who share your same interests. Go to an event once a month or once a week. The more your engage, the better your chances increase of finding someone to connect with for friendship or more. 

4. Pub Crawls. Let your hair down and partake in a pub crawl. It's a fun way to have a few drinks, meet new people and try out places you may not have been. Keep it social by only having a couple drinks so you can still have conversations and get to know others in your group. 

The old saying of "putting yourself out there" is true. To find love you must be in a place where love can find you. Try the above list of places to increase your chances of meeting your plus one.

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