How To Become The Kind of HAPPY That Will (Finally!) Attract Your Soul Mate

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how to be happy to find your soulmate
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He's out there...

Have you been sitting home hopeless about ever finding your soulmate?

Are your friends finding theirs and you are left with no one? Or maybe it's tempting to feel hopeless because you see that no one around you is happy with their relationships and so you conclude that you'll never find your soulmate.

But you need to be careful, because these kinds of thought patterns can trap you in a very negative space. 

Feelings such as powerlessness, hopelessness, anxiety, and sadness do not create the energy and enthusiasm needed to attract a new and happy, exciting relationship. 

No one really wants to get in an emotional project of making you happy unless that is their purpose in life. In that case, you might find your soulmate in that category. However, then you have to remain unhappy for the rest of your life so he can fulfill his purpose! And who would want that?

Feelings of joy, excitement, self-worth, self-confidence, and a vision of what you want to create in your life are attractive and bring attention toward you.

Power is attractive, powerlessness is not; a clear vision of the future is attractive, hopelessness is not; joy and excitement earns attraction toward the hope of lightness and supporting each other through the thick and thin that life brings about in our lives, not feelings of anxiety and sadness which will give the message that you need a caretaker, not a soul mate.


Take a moment to be honest with yourself by following these five steps, then shifting your attitude if necessary:

1. Look at yourself in a full mirror.

Are you attracted to yourself? Do you like the way your body is? Do you like the way your posture is? Do you like the way that your facial expressions are? Is your wardrobe up to date and attractive to the group you are attracted to?

2. See what you're really doing...

Record yourself as you're doing your regular tasks at home and work and then watch. Do you like the way you sound and appear throughout the day in different relationships and tasks?  

3. Stick with it.

Keep the look and the act that you like.

4. Clean it up!

Revise the look and act that you don’t like. Start looking for role models that you admire and approve and do what they do.

5. Attitude is everything.

Consider what type of attitude and behaviors you want in your soul mate, write a clear list, and begin living it yourself on a daily basis.

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If you become attracted to yourself and approve of yourself, then you will shine with the joy, excitement, self-confidence, and self-worth that makes you a happy person to be around. You will be living day-to-day as who you intend to be a single person regardless. This is attractive to someone who also likes the attitude and behaviors that you are exhibiting. They will open the time to pursue you.  

Remember all that "soulmate" means is someone who you think is compatible with you in many layers.

So as you live your true self and are confident about who you are, you will gravitate toward a person who also holds those attributes, attitude, and behaviors.  

Don’t fuss over the areas of your body that you don’t like. Remember, no one out there thinks that they are shaped perfectly. Make yourself as the most attractive person for yourself. Your happiness and personal acceptance create the freedom to be around you.

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This is different than having too much ego and being full of yourself or having a better-than-everyone attitude.

Freedom to be you and seeing yourself as beautiful allows others to feel safe around you because they will be accepted for who they are as well. This creates safety, which allows them to move forward without their guard up, allowing you to see who they are. Being stuck up just makes you unreachable or at best, a challenge to acquire  not a compatible soulmate to cherish.

Happiness comes with acceptance of you and being grateful for who you are and all that you have, including your relationships.

Dr. Foojan Zeine is a psychotherapist, Life & Executive Coach, and the author of “Life Reset  The Awareness Integration Path to Create the Life You Want.”