I Didn't Know She Was Unhappy With Our Relationship


Does your partner know how you are feeling in your relationship?

James, a 40 year old professional, came into my office with a very distressed look. He plopped down in the chair with his head down, he said, "I didn't know she was so unhappy. Now she wants a divorce."  

James was genuinely blind sided by this. Yet at the same time Sue, had been trying to get his attention for a long time. She was quite frustrated and felt hopeless. He just didn't get the hints and sometimes not so subtle complaints. Over nearly 30 years of couples counseling I have heard the story of Sue and James many times.
Is your relationship where you think it is?

Long term relationships are like old shoes. One partner is very comfortable in the old shoes, while the other partner sees the old shoes as disgusting, smelly and ready for the garbage. These two perspectives at first glance seem to be irreconcilable. However, both perspectives are very important and they can be reconciled. Old shoes are more comfortable but at the same time they need attention. They need to be polished and conditioned. Old shoes that are well taken care of can provide the best of both worlds. They are comfortable and have the look of shiny new shoes. Your relationship is like shoes. 

As it grows older it needs to be attended to, polished and conditioned. The first step is to get a clear understanding of how you and your partner each view your relationship.

Take action now!

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