3 Simple Commitment Secrets To Increase Your Law Of Attraction


The Law of Attraction is not failing us, we are failing it.

The Law of Attraction works. Yes, it does. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it, I see it, I practice it and I embrace my commitment to it.

Yet, the often shared notion that all it takes is "to think" and "believe" or even to "envision" is not quite accurate in my experience. With all the amazing benefits that manifestation—or the power of the Law of Attraction—provides it is not a magic bullet and certainly does not come in a magical potion.

It does come via the center of your heart and mind, though. 

As Napoleon Hill already told use many years ago: "THINK and GROW Rich" but he also outlines some of the important additional pieces to the "thinking." Many of those seem to have gotten lost in our world of instant gratification. So let me share that from my experience as an individual, a teacher, a mentor and a consultant there are a couple more really important pieces that are part of manifesting, of the Law of Attraction and if we really read the original ideas of "The Secret" and others we can easily identify those.

I will just focus on 3 of those and only do so briefly in this article:

1. Purpose

2. Subconscious 

3. Action

There are many people who want to make a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with that but we can only make a lot of money or be successful in whatever we choose if there is a true, authentic and deeply rooted purpose within us. Without that true connection to the item or path we are pursuing we cannot succeed. Why. Because without that internal purpose, without that heart and soul drive to achieve the goal we are going to face obstacles in our subconscious and we will have a difficult time to act. 

Those are, however, no. 2 and 3 on my short list for making The Law of Attraction work for you. If we're not internally committed to our goal then our subconscious, all the baggage of what we have learned and been taught coupled with the overriding social conditioning will sabotage all positive thinking. After all, we can say "I am fine" but if there’s that little voice in the back of our head that goes "Life is so bad, I don’t know what I am doing" or "You don’t care anyhow, so why bother" and other little statements you may have heard within yourself, then how can we truly be sending that message to the universe that "I am fine."  

That message gets convoluted just as if we're not finding the right station on our old radios and there is all that white noise and other noise in between. If you don’t remember those radios, my husband also refers to the noise in regards to internet connections: the longer it takes to download or open a page on your PC or handheld device the more noise there is.

This means the communication is delayed. From the delay we usually get to a questioning of the communication and even the questioning of whether we’ve been heard. That is where we lose the connection to or in the Law of Attraction. We're not purpose-driven and our subconscious is still filled with too much noise preventing us from having a good, undoubted connection. 

Lastly: action. If we're not purpose driven and if we doubt our communication or the speed of achieving what we see as our goal: can we act? This is where the circle comes to a close. How often have you resolved to do something but you didn't really believe in it or there was a miscommunication and then … oops, you did not act. 

We also have wonderful excuses not to act. For example, working out. That is such a great example of excused that are based in our lack of soul driven purpose and social conditioned responses. How often have you heard that little voice, just when you were trying to get read to get to your work out that says "you could be doing … instead" or "you really should call …" And then … we give in to that because it’s our pattern, it's our conditioning and, after all, we were only going to work out because everyone else is. 

You see, the Law of Attraction works IF we consider all the parts of it. Just thinking ourselves rich or in a different place in life can begin the process for sure but it does not complete the circle. If in doubt, you can’t manifest—even if it's subconscious sabotage that you are not fully aware of. 

That's why I say, if you really want to manifest, don't just think: act in accordance and the first step to that might just be identifying those patterns in your consciousness and subconscious that have you doing the same thing over and over again.  Let's chat about that if you're ready!

Peace & Love,


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