How to Improve Relationship Communication Without Saying a Word


Couples are always asking how to improve communication. Here's how to do it without even speaking.

We have all heard that most of what we say to others is non-verbal.  One UCLA study found that up to 93% of communication is through non-verbal cues.  In fact, our body language gives away how we’re feeling at times when maybe we don’t even cognitively realize it.


Your partner is an expert on picking up non-verbal signals from you.

So basically, he or she can often tell how you’re feeling even if you don’t know.  On one level, you may be feeling distressed about something without realizing it at the cognitive/verbal level.  Your partner picks up on physical cues that you send off about this feeling even if you aren’t able to articulate that feeling yourself.   In a healthy relationship, he or she might ask you “what’s wrong?” even if you aren’t 100% aware of something feeling off.  How sensitive and understanding of them!

But there is more to non-verbal communication than our body language or gaze.

When we think about “non-verbal communication” we might think about tone, body language, and eye contact.  These things are all important parts of non-verbal communication.  But there is a huge part of non-verbal communication that we often forget about that is of paramount importance in relationships.

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