Stop Searching for Your Soul Mate and Attract True Love


Find out how the idea of a soul mate can lead you down the path to Mr. Wrong.

One of the biggest pitfalls I see in dating is that many singles are on a fruitless search for a soul mate. They conjure images in their mind of this amazing prince or princess who sparkles when they walk into the room. Just like the knight in shining armor, this idea of this one special person will rescue you from single-dom is filled with fantasy. Quite often the desire for that one perfect soul mate can lead many women down the wrong path and Mr. Not-So-Princelike.

The term “Soul mate” is loaded with high expectations that can never be met by the average human being. Although it is a sweet sentiment, it is frequently the source of heartache and romantic delusion. This isn’t about throwing water on your dreams, but about awakening you to the reality of what real love is instead of false love. The following are some examples of the soul mate gone wrong.

Pre-mature Soul mate: This is when you meet someone you have incredible connection with and feel as though you have known them forever. Unfortunately, you meet the person when you are too young and both emotionally unavailable to be in a healthy relationship. When you can’t make it work, you beat yourself up thinking that you have blown your one chance at love. There is only one soul mate and you blew it.

Instant Soul mate: He or she is the person you feel an incredible attraction to immediately and jump head first into a relationship. You both feed the idea that you are soul mates and meant to be. Soon the relationship dies out when one or both fall from their high place when real life issues emerge from a personal crisis or just by him leaving the toilet seat up.

Faux Soul mate: After being single for a while, the fantasy of love becomes so strong that you convince yourself that you are more attracted to someone than you are. You settle for less and play the act of “I finally found him” so you can brag to your friends that you met your soul mate. You may marry him or her but there will always be this lingering doubt that you made the right choice and that your real soul mate is still out there.

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