Male sexual problems, how to understand them and fix them


Everything is out in the open when it comes to male sexual problems.

There are a growing number of men that have sexual problems, from not being able to maintain an erection, rapid ejaculation, and areas of performance anxiety. Some are health related but most are mental.

The basic biological function of the penis is to have an erection long enough to penetrate, ejaculate and procreate that is the easy part. Most sexual problems are not biological but psychological concerning sexual emotions, intelligence and performance of the sexual act rather than just the function of the orgasm. As a man matures this becomes the case even more, where once a quick race to orgasm was the most important function, now it is the ability to be a good lover and the sexual experience itself.

As men age the time it takes to get an erection and maintain an erection can become a problem and this is a twofold situation. As a man ages the blood takes longer to fill the penis, the other aspect is the anxiety that sets in with some men as not being able to maintain an erection or it taking so much longer to get fully erect. Stress is the biggest killer of a good erection. The testosterone drops in men as they age, so the thoughts that once were overrun by the animal instinct to just have sex, now gets over ridden with the anxiety and stress from day to day living. Men have more sexual issues than women because they are not able to hide a flaccid penis, or one that ejaculates quickly, or a penis that never orgasms. Everything is out in the open when it comes to male sexual problems.

More men than women have fetishes and sexual patterns that they have developed over the years. One pattern that can create a problem is masturbation for a period of years without a partner done the same way overtime. Another issue is watching porn to get off instead of using their imagination or even some nude magazines. Excessive porn can increase desensitation and when a man does get into a relationship with a woman trying to stop the pattern of watching porn can become a real issue.

How to fix the male sexual problems:

There are a few recommendations that can help. One of the best ways to help maintain an erection and to break the sexual pattern that may develop is to masturbate differently. A simple trick is to switch hands while masturbating; this will change the sensation and hopefully over time make it so that the erection stays longer. Another helpful hint is to decrease the porn and use other sexual stimulation like magazines, books and imagination to masturbate to. When getting into a sexual relationship with a woman, learn to communicate about sex; take it slow so that the anxiety does not take over. For more advanced sexual issues contact a sex counselor in the field of clinical sexology.

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