How To Avoid Dinner Table Drama

How To Avoid Dinner Table Drama [EXPERT]
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Try these 3 sexy steps to ease the tension at your next meal!

Between work, kids and scheduling life, there is no time to talk. As a result, the only time couples can really communicate is at the dinner table.

While dinnertime is ideal for sharing stories about your day, it isn't a wonderful time to bring up unresolved issues. When couples who make little time for each other finally sit down to dinner, they frequently find that either they don't have anything to talk about, or they end up in a heated argument.

As a clinical sexologist and marriage counselor, I say clear the dining table, get a babysitter for the evening and make mad passionate love instead of eating at all. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done, especially considering that 50 percent of married couples do not engage in sexual intercourse regularly, and many find themselves in sexless marriages. It's no wonder there is so much tension during dinner with all of the sexual frustration running about! Are Monogamous Relationships Outdated?

Couples often don't even realize the amount of sexual frustration in their relationships, and it seeps into all parts of the marriage. When the sexual intimacy is gone, the couple simply becomes roommates or partners.

Avoiding dinner table drama begins by working on the marriage from the inside out. When couples learn how to be intimate again, dinner will be stress-free. That said, here's how to avoid dinner table drama:

Start with two nights out of the week. Make intimate, not sexual time for each other in the bedroom.

1. Begin the first exercise by kissing and touching each other's faces and hair, with one person going first and then the other going next. After the exercise talk about the experience. If it feels like you connected again then move on to exercise number two. If not, repeat.

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