Design Ideas for Your Bedroom to Spice Up Your Relationship

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Take your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary with a few sexy design tips.

When it comes to marriage, kids work, and the stressors of life, a bedroom can be a place where couples go to get away from it all and bring the passion back into the relationship. Often times the bedroom becomes a problem because the space gets taken over by work clutter, bills, kid stuff, large screen televisions, and nothing sexy to evoke any passion at all.

Make it a priority to have a space in the home where couples can rekindle their passion for each other, and put the spark back in the relationship.

1. Clear the clutter:  There is nothing more unattractive and a passion killer then making love in a room filled with clutter. Take a day as a couple and clear out the bedroom of all clutter, hide the computers, stacks of bills, papers, and any other items in the room that can distract from the moment. This goes for excess decorations as well, anything that is taking up space that does not need to be there, functional or romantic needs to go or be hidden. 

2. Add in color: Sexy colors are reds, oranges, eggplants, deep blues, and splashes of black. These colors can be added in through art work, pillows, bedding, as well as painting a wall behind the bed. Animal prints are also sexy to add in as accents, a throw rug, and chair bench, something wild and fun. Visual stimulation through color is a way to spark the desire to want to have passionate sex. Sexy art work is always a plus with deep colors, and soft lines. Keep reading...

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