Design Ideas For Your Bedroom To Spice Up Your Relationship

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Take your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary with a few sexy design tips.

3. Lighting: Recessed lighting with dimmers and perhaps a lamp, but if it is not in the budget then invest in candles or sconces. A fire place is another form of light that aluminates a softer glow. The idea is to add light while making love, but have it be soft, dimmer and a few flickering candles can set the mood in the room and make it go from dull to sexy. If you have a lamp and need to soften its glow then change the blubs to a very soft low light, throw a red or eggplant scarf over the top. The idea is softness, flickering. This can also be achieved with a few white Christmas lights strung on a bedpost or placed in some plants around the room.

4. Furniture: The bed can be a wonderful place to soften with down pillows, soft velvets, accented throws at the end of the bed, to make it sexy and inviting. A bed is not the only place to evoke passion, a bench at the end of the bed can become a wonderful place to try out new positions, playful fun.  A lounge or sexy chair can be a welcome addition as well, giving the couple options to move around the room and explore each other’s bodies on softer or harder surfaces.

Designing a space for sleep, relaxation and making love is only a few steps away, and the difference it makes in the relationship can be everlasting.

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