If You're Queen Of The Dating List, Expect To Be Single Forever


Do you know what your ideal man would be like? Here's why that vision is keeping you single.

Do you know one of the problems with us humans?

We're completely obsessed with lists. Just look at the Internet and you'll see "10 Places You Must See Before You Die" or "10 Pictures You Won't Believe Exist."

Then we have our "To Do" list that some people live and die by. If they get to the end of the day without crossing everything off their list it feels like the sun is about to fall out the sky for them. We have our trusty shopping list too. That way when you go to the supermarket you don't forget anything. There's nothing worse than coming home without that loaf of bread or gallon of milk you needed so badly!

It's amazing. When we run errands, we always have a list of things we need. "Run to Target, then go into to Walmart, and don't forget the milk." In a lot of ways, lists are really useful tools for staying on track and organized. But what about in dating?

How many of you have a list of all the things you want in a man? It's usually a long list, too, full of all the qualities he must have, the things he must like, and the habits he shouldn't have. It's a list that keeps growing and growing, too.

In fact, sometimes when you go out on a date, you even ask your date questions based on your list. It's like some women almost keep a score and decide whether to see the guy again based on his final result at the end of the date. When you go to Office Depot, you know you need a stapler, a box of paper, a printer cartridge etc. You can't do that on a date. It's impossible to find your perfect partner when you date from a list. Why? Because you have to date from your heart!

When you date from a list, you're dating from your head. When you date from your heart, you're dating based on emotions. You're becoming open, raw, and vulnerable. That's the only way to date. It's about how that person makes you FEEL, and not how many points they score on some "Potential Boyfriend" quiz you found online. You need to trust your instinct.

Women always ask me what the secret is to meeting an amazing man. I say it's being open every single day to being, needing and feeling life. When you're open and vulnerable you date from the heart, and that's the only way to get what you really want. Only your heart knows what you want!

Your head is there to try to protect you. Your head technically is just your ego. Your ego is there to protect you the entire time.

Try dating from the heart and see what happens. Ask your heart what it wants to experience. Feel from the heart how you want a man to love you. Feel from your heart how you want a man to make you feel. Feel from your heart how you want a relationship to look.

Trust your heart and you'll start making much better decisions. Dating from a list will keep you single for a long time and dating from the heart may hurt sometimes. It can also be scary at fitst but dating from the heart is truly your only genuine path to happiness.

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