Lessons In Love From A Four-Year Old

Love, Family

When the students become the teachers ...

What a great lesson I had from a four-year-old recently. The other day my four-year-old and I were hanging out talking in the car. It was as deep a conversation as you can possibly get with a munchkin. She looked at me and she says, “I love Mommy more than you.”

Louis C.K. has a whole routine about kids being assholes, and how they say things that only an asshole would say, but I took it differently. She then proceeded to say but, “I love you, but I just love Mommy a little bit more.”

That was fine with me. There’s no competition in real love. Real love has no judgment.

You might love somebody a little bit more than someone else. It doesn't matter because love is endless and if you tell the truth, you may love your Mom more than your Dad.

You may love your sister more than your brother.  Hell, you may love your third son more than your first son. If we're really honest with ourselves we actually may love our friend Joe more than we love our friend Sarah.

But it doesn't mean we don't love everybody. When she said it to me, I was fine.

It didn't matter, because she can love Mommy a lot more or a little more, and in the next phase — she can love Daddy more.  

If you're a parent and you have a deep bond with your first son, it doesn't mean that you don't love your second and third kid. You love them differently, and I think that's what it comes down to.

Our heart has zero boundaries. Our heart is so open it doesn't have limitations. You’re going to love your friends and family in different ways. With some, you will have a more intense love.

Others are going to be more a friendship kind of love.  Some people will be more a romantic love. Some of your kids you may have a deeper connection with because of who they are. 

Love is endless. Look around you right now. Look at all the people in your life. Look at your kids, your relationships, your sisters, your brothers, and be honest.

You love them all differently. Some you love more than others. Some are frustrating. But love has no boundaries, and love has no limitations.

It's beautiful the lessons you can learn from little people. Little people tell it how it is.

As adults, we get all bent out of shape when a little person says something to us that doesn't make us feel good. In reality, they're just expressing, and their expression is so pure, so beautiful, and so full of love.

The next time you feel like expressing yourself, unlock your inner munchkin. You can always count on kids to be authentic, and to tell you exactly how it is. That’s the way we should all be. Love has no boundaries. Beautiful lessons from a little munchkin.

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