3 Wise Ways To Show Someone You TRULY Love Them (Without Saying A Word)

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3 Wise Ways to Show Someone You Truly Love Them

How to love wiser and profounder than ever before.

There are surely more than a "million" ways on how to show someone you truly love them.

In this article, I choose to address 3 that have helped me and (even more) my clients learn how to love wisely and profoundly and show it in a very authentic way. They may seem simple to you but at the same time, they are essential and often underestimated to experience a balanced and fulfilling life.

1. Take every opportunity.

It is not by buying a fashionable scarf or an expensive after shave once a year on Valentine’s Day that shows our love.

Some of my clients tell me that they have stopped showing their love because they do not feel appreciated. It doesn't work like that. By law, we need to understand that what we give comes back to us...always. Even more important, we do not give to get back; we give without conditions, which is called unconditional love.

I often say to my clients: "Don’t love to be loved, just love to love."

Taking every opportunity to show your love in a little or a big way is essential.

The older I get, the more I realize that we cannot show someone enough how much we love them… because life is short and we might regret too late that we did not take every opportunity to show our love.

2. Stop the judgment.

After years of training in communication and personal growth, I can honestly say that "judgment" is the antithesis of love. And of course, we all do it because that is how we have been conditioned from when we are born. Judging others is a virus in our society.

To show someone else you truly love them, you need to leave behind your judging mind about everything they are, do, or say.

Give the person you love permission to be authentic and true to themselves. Stop judging what is right or wrong and stop trying to change their being or doing.

It is an interesting exercise to stop judging the one you truly love. The results will be better than you have ever imagined, it works miracles for both.

3. Love yourself.

It is my truth and my experience that self-love is essential if you want to show someone else your true love.

Loving from an empty vessel is not only destructive to yourself, it is not healthy nor fair toward the other person. No partner worthy of your love wants you to act from a place of sacrifice. It creates a dynamic that never lasts.

Remember the oxygen mask in the plane. The flight attendant says to put on your mask first before you help elderly or children. You need the oxygen of self-love before you give true unconditional love to anyone else.

Enjoy the exercise of showing your true love to someone else. It indeed will teach you a lot of who you really are at the same time.

Danielle Sax is a coach, mentor, speaker, and author. To discover more simple-but-powerful steps to activate conscious self-care and set healthy boundaries for yourself, download the free e-Book and checklist on How To Say NO To Others And YES To Yourself, it will help you in taking your next best step to live a thriving and balanced life.

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