'Coffee Meets Bagel' App Makes Online Dating Easier

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Forget all your worries about online dating with this new app!

If you're frustrated with your dating pool but uncomfortable with online dating, Coffee Meets Bagel could change your tune. As an online dating coach, here are the three most common objections to traditional sites that I hear:

1. I don't like the idea of being searched by strangers and them having the ability to email me.
2. It's weird that dates are outside of my social circle. I'd rather have a recommendation from a friend.
3. It takes too much time to search for people I'd want to go out with.

These things also bothered Coffee Meets Bagel Co-Founder, Dawoon Kang, so she did what any self-respecting Stanford Business School grad would do and created a cyber-dating option she would want to use herself. The site launched in only three cities last year and it's already getting rave reviews as it rolls out into more markets throughout 2013. Here's how it works:

  • Create a free super-simple profile by answering questions like, "I am," "I like," and "I look" with just a word, a full sentence or even an essay if you feel like it.
  • Get one match (or "bagel") every day at noon sourced from your friends-of-friends' network on Facebook.
  • Click like or pass on your match within 24 hours.
  • If you both said like, you get hooked up through a secure connection that keeps your personal phone number and information private.

It's free to register and all you need is a Facebook account to sign in. Each day you'll get a match but you can purchase "beans" to buy premiums like a re-match with a past "bagel" that you missed. You only have 24 hours to respond to the match before they disappear back into cyberspace.

One of my clients who uses the site says she, "Loves the ease and concept of receiving one match everyday at the same time." It seems she's not the only one because Coffee Meets Bagel has a surprisingly high retention rate with 70 percent of their users checking matches daily.

I asked co-founder Dawoon Kang why she thinks they have so many engaged and satisfied customers. "Because it's so simple, easy and fun. There's something special about getting curated one quality match a day at noon. I login everyday like clockwork because it only takes 30 seconds for me to check and I don't want to miss out on a potentially great bagel! It's so simple and quick that it fits the lifestyle of many young urban professionals, which is why they stick with us so long! Not to mention it's a great break from work at noon."

So if you need a break from traditional online dating and you’re in LA, NYC, DC, Chicago, San Francisco or Boston, why not give Coffee Meets Bagel a whirl and be among their 640,000+ matches this year?

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