Hey Awkward Girl! 3 Things To STOP Worrying About On Dates

girl wearing glasses

Awkward girls need love too!

Have you ever had a totally awkward moment on a date where there was a heavy silence that just hung over the two of you and you had no idea what to say?

There's actually a lot you can do to avoid that sort of situation ... so that you can have more connection, conversation, and romance on your dates!

So awkward girls, listen up! Here are some things to quit stessing about so you can totally own dating.

1. Your Date

One of the biggest conversation stoppers is when you’re too much in your head and not with him. When you’re in your head, you are often thinking about things like ...

  • What should I say next?
  • Does he like me?
  • Is this date going well?
  • Did I just say something stupid?
  • Is there potential between us?

These types of thoughts are completely common when you’re dating someone new. However, they also completely take you out of the present moment and make it very difficult to connect with him!

After all, if the two of you are going to connect, it’s in the present moment. It’s not while you’re worrying about the future or the past. So when you find yourself drifting off on these types of thoughts, bring your attention back to the present moment and the date. You can worry and analyze all you want afterward.

2. Impressing Him

The next problem is when women focus too much on trying to impress the guy they're on a date with. This could come in any number of flavors, such as:

  • You try to win him over.
  • You put him on a pedestal.
  • You give him power over your happiness.
  • You're always looking for hidden meanings in his body language.

Instead of connecting with him on a human-to-human level, you start to see him as something completely alien and different from you.

Instead, it’s important to remind yourself that what actually creates the strongest connections are what we share and have in common with one another. And since both of you are human beings (hopefully), you actually have a lot in common.

This will instantly shift the vibe from trying to “win” him over to having a genuine curiosity for him and his experience of life. And that’s what creates a sexy connection.

3. Being The "Cool Girl"

Another thing that cuts off connection is when women are too accommodating by agreeing with everything he says or just “going with the flow.”

He doesn’t want someone who is just going to go along with everything that he says and does. That’s not an attractive quality. It’s fine if you do agree with him, but also don’t be afraid to voice your own opinions.

This requires a lot of vulnerability to actually say what’s on your mind rather than just nodding and smiling. However, it’s what’s going to allow him to really connect with you and know you as a person.

You don’t want to take this to the opposite extreme though of posturing and acting as if you are not impacted by anything at all. The more you can bring yourself fully to a date, the better it is likely to go. You've got this!