Can Trust Be Completely Restored After Infidelity?

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What is trust and what you need to know to restore trust in your relationship!

Can Trust be 100% Restored after Infidelity?

Trust is such a hard thing to gain, and such an easy thing to lose. Trust is the key ingredient in any relationship.

Trust is love

Trust and unconditional love go hand in hand

Trust as a word is simply defined as putting the self in the care of others without any hesitation, doubt, precaution, or any other similar ill thoughts. Trust as a meaning to life and socialization may be defined as the ability to allow one’s pride and dignity, as well as the self preservation placed in the mercy of someone else.

Trust as a concept in relationships goes beyond mere definition as any of the two mentioned above since the concept of love is blended into trust, and it becomes a whole new concept than just merely I trust. Trust here is directly proportional to the unconditional love you may give a person. It holds true to you being able to disregard any doubts and thoughts that your partner may be doing something wrong to jeopardize your relationship. Unconditional is in a sense that you are able to not think of your own sake and just let yourself be mindless of any burden and accept your relationship as a clean and wonderful experience.

Conversely, when a relationship is destroyed because of infidelity, it would be hard to trust the one who hurt you. Be mindful though that the trust you may be thinking about would just be in the context of socialization. You may know it is so by asking yourself if you still have love for the person. Even the slightest yes that would come out of your mouth would mean that your trust for love hasn’t gone. It is a very big predicament in being stuck in the middle of trust as a person to another person, which obviously has been damaged, and trust as a loving being to another, which is still present at least.

Basing trust on a mistake

Many people fall prey to the notion of focusing the trust on the mistake which the partner has made. You may even use that mistake to constantly give yourself the false notion that all that is happening is brought about by that single act of infidelity. Basing your trust on a mistake your partner did does not merit you the right to actually make that deed of faithlessness as a basis to invalidate past and presently good times which you had. You always have to think what might have happened andwhy this terrible event has taken place.

Basing trust, which is linked to love to a mistake, does not make any sense at all. Where is the love in focusing on something bad? Again, it was earlier mentioned that it would be the unconditional love that would hold true for trust to exist, devoid of any ill thoughts and feelings. If love here is being partnered with a mistake, then there isn’t trust to start off with. If you are going to start evaluating your trust on a person who made a mistake in being disloyal to you, better start with weighing the good things before being shadowed and biased by the hurt and sorrows you felt with a single moment in your relationship. We all make mistakes in life albeit some are smaller mistakes!

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