5 Tips To Bounce Back From A Breakup

5 Tips To Bounce Back From A Breakup [EXPERT]
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Boost your resiliency with these five tips!

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Resilience won't get rid of the heartbreak, but it will help you cope with the loss — whether it's a break up, death, end of a friendship, job loss or any other setback you might experience. If you look deep within yourself, you can find the power to deal with your inner-ache and bounce back stronger and smarter.

How will it make you smarter? Because every time we face a challenging situation, we come away with knowledge and experience to cope better the next time. While it may seem futile during your heartbreak, afterwards, you can take comfort in the fact that you are growing emotionally as a person.

It's possible to obstruct the grieving process by ignoring your true feelings. Grief is the appropriate response to loss as is experiencing the natural realm of emotions; anger, sorrow and pain are an integral part of healing.

The important thing is that you continue to function physically and psychologically. Building resilience isn't about dealing with things on your own. As a matter of fact, asking for support from others is a critical way in which we improve the resiliency of our emotions. How Having Faith Can Help You Find True Love

A bump in the road of your love life doesn't have to break you. These five tips for building personal resilience can be your guide to an easier healing process:

1. Find comfort in the discomfort. Allow yourself to feel. Experience the full gamut of emotions during your loss without any denial. Something important to you ended and you need to acknowledge that without placing blame on anyone or anything, even yourself.

2. Take care of you. Eat healthy, get adequate sleep, exercise, hydrate and take the time to put yourself first. Pamper yourself without feeling guilty about it. Go out and do something just for YOU.

3. Learn from the experience. You need time to heal from your loss. This timeframe can be different for each situation and individual. Take this time to reflect on what went wrong (being honest to yourself is key) and what you can do next time to course-correct. Few things are as valuable as a lesson learned.

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