Ever Been Dumped Right Before Valentine's Day?

Ever Been Dumped Right Before Valentine's Day?

If cynicism, disappointment or remorse is creeping into your Valentine's Day Mindset, read on....

Does your score card for Valentine's Day have more losses than wins?

Did it start back in grade school when you didn't get as many cards as the other kids?

Have you ever been dumped right before the big day? 

Did you know that more breakups happen in January than any other month?

This time of year can be pretty tough and I have a feeling that you have seen more than your share of drama and trauma.  If cynicism, disappointment or remorse is creeping into your Valentine's Day Mindset, it doesn't feel very good does it. 

If you feel snarky and lonely and annoyed at just about everything, these days, you might have S.A.D. (Seasonal Alignment Disorder). Here are a few symptoms:

* You gag at a kiss belongs to Kaye Jewelry commercials.

* You hate the greeting card companies for conspiring with the florists to feed the egos of the sappy girls who don't even know how to appreciate the men they have.

* You remember the boyfriend who cheated and betrayed you and make snarky comments about his new girl.

* You rent a sappy romance and watch it with a box of kleenex, a pound of chocolate and a bottle of red wine and have a pity party.

* You say you don't care this year because you need to lose 10 pounds like someone would want to be with you now anyway.

* You think what year it is and you wonder..."Is it too late for me?" and "Why is it fair that girl gets to have her man?" or "Can I still have a family?"

Sound familiar? Don't give up. You can put the S.A.D. monster into its place. All you need is to find something to distract your self.  When you get control of your thinking you can remind yourself that you are doing really very well, (you are you know).

Keeping yourself magnetized for love when you are feeling blue or when your chips are down is possible. You just need to know how to break through your self sabotage habits so you can finally open your heart again.

As Abraham Hicks repeats tirelessly, once you get your self back into alignment, you will always feel so much better!  In English?  Don't let yourself wallow in the dreaded victim vibe.  Find your True Love Saboteur and seduce her into cooperating with you.

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