Dating After Divorce: How To Get Back Out There


For many of you, the climate has changed dramatically. You have so many more resources at your fingertips with the online dating, the texting and the sexting. All the things that are acceptable now, were just unheard of when you were dating! Don't get overwhelmed with all that. Start with the basics.

Let's talk about online dating first. There are all the big ones like, and there's even some that are as descriptive as, The resources are tremendous.

There are some online dating sites that ask a lot of questions and really get into a lot of details about who you are and what you like. They seem to do quite a bit to have more success at linking you up with someone who has a lot of the same interests. You might want to try these kinds of sites first. The more information that you provide just helps them to be able to do a better job for you.

You get the opportunity to converse with potential dates online and really get to see if they have the same interests as you without having to go on a date at the beginning. That way you don't have to spend money for babysitters if you have kids and find a good place to meet. You can do a lot of that upfront stuff online, which we never used to be able to do.

The other thing too about online dating is geography. People think, "Oh, how wonderful to meet a person three states away." But realistically, how practical is that? Are you willing to relocate or completely change your life to spend time with him?

My first suggestion where to meet a person that's like-minded and has similar interests would be, for example right now, working on the political campaign. That would be someone who is aligned with you. You would have a shared interest.

Churches, groups, meet-ups are great places to meet like-minded people. If you have a hobby, it could be painting, rollerblading and gym — any of those kinds of things. It's good to sign up for classes, and then you know that you already have that type of interest with that person. Keep reading ...

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