The Astrology Of Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux's Marriage

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He finally "put a ring on it."

I’m sure you’ve heard — Jennifer Aniston finally married her beau of four years, successful screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux.

Justin proposed three years ago on HIS birthday, which is August 10th, and he and Jen were able to keep their Bel Air home-spun wedding a secret on Wednesday by pretending it was a birthday party for him (Awww.)

I’m so happy for Jen. You don’t need me to tell you that girl’s been THROUGH it.

With her incredibly humiliating, brutal divorce from Brad Pitt a whopping ten years ago (and the endless cruel comparisons between her and Angie the media has LOVED to exploit ever since) and her many short-lived, rollercoaster “on again/off again” relationships with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and Gerard Butler before she and Justin got together, it’s amazing Jen still believes in love, and is giving marriage another shot.

I’m extremely proud of her and impressed with her for that! (It’s called “Making your dreams matter MORE than your disappointments” as my friend, love coach Lauren Frances likes to say!)

It’s one of the MOST important things any of us can do in life, and is a huge thing that separates life’s “winners” from “losers.”

People who ultimately get what they want in life (whether it’s financially, professionally, or romantically), don’t quit! They keep believing in their dreams, and they keep moving forward even when they get hurt and discouraged.

So why has she struggled so much, with all of her charm, looks, success, and seeming good fortune?


Not surprisingly, her chart is amazing. But when it comes to the topic of love, a few "problems" become instantly clear.

According to the calculations of the Sidereal zodiac used in Vedic astrology, Jen has Venus, the planet of love and marriage, in its most powerful sign, Pisces.

Venus is considered “exalted” when in Pisces (thus able to bestow its greatest gifts), so very fortunate. This is no surprise, as it's also the planet of beauty, fashion, and entertainment — all areas of life in which Jen has been blessed.

When a woman has Venus in its sign of exaltation, it gives her a plethora of romantic attention and options, and those options will include some of the most talented, celebrated, attractive men around.

The downside? Venus is with a major “bad guy” influence. Rahu, also known as the North Node of the Moon is an eclipse point that causes deception and drama in the love life.

The theme of infidelity is especially common in relationships when Venus and Rahu are together, so it can often be found in the charts of men and women who’ve either been the “paramour” or “victim” in cheating scandals.

This includes celebs like Arnold and Maria, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Bill Clinton, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Kristin Stewart, and many, many, MANY more.

It’s this Rahu/Venus conjunction that’s to blame for the way her first marriage ended in scandal (Brad leaving Jen for Angie) and how her relationship with Justin began.

Justin was with another woman for fourteen years who he was living with when he and Jen met, leading to speculation about Jen being “the other woman” who “stole” him away from her. That’s haunted their relationship throughout.

A fascinating side note — actors often portray characters whose lives MIRROR their own astrology charts.

The character Jen is most known for, Rachel Green of “Friends,” was introduced in the very first episode with a romantic scandal, fleeing her own wedding, leaving her groom at the altar.

She went on to have nothing but romantic drama throughout the series, on and off with “Ross,” falling for Ross’s friend Joey, and having Ross’s baby out of wedlock while he was involved with others. Isn’t that funny?

Venus is also with Saturn in Jen’s horoscope — the classic "late bloomer" influence, making her early love life fraught with relationships that were painful or short-lived. All relationships begun before her mid-to-late thirties.

Not only that, but the "house" of partnership in her chart is her weakest.

Everyone's chart is divided into twelve sections called "houses" and each house represents a different area of life, and has an inherent strength or weakness.

So it's an area of her life that hasn't come easily and has required the most effort and lessons (and caused her the most pain, I’m sure.)

It’s why she’s partnered with men who COULD NOT do the job of partnering her well. Hence, her historic fascination with "bad boy" types.

But she’s had a hard time seeing that, because she has Neptune, the planet of starry-eyed illusions with Mars, the planet that rules her house of partnership.

So she gets very romantic and mushy when in love. This is also caused by almost every planet in her chart being on the emotional, sensitive, introverted side of the chart which can make a girl very needy, clingy, and tending to follow her heart over her head.

She's spunky and upbeat, though, as her Sun sign, Moon sign, and rising sign are all in positive, masculine signs.

Thank her lucky stars! This totally saves the day, keeping her from otherwise being a  codependent doormat, and helping her to keep dreaming in spite of disappointments.

Her rising sign is the very “public” sign of Libra, her Moon sign is fiery and ambitious Sagittarius, and her Sun sign is hardworking and disciplined Aquarius. Which is why she's so ambitious and always "on the go ... "

Interestingly, she came to her greatest fame in her planetary period of the Sun, and the Sun rules her eleventh house, which is the house of career satisfaction, fulfillment, and cash flow and is in her fifth house — the house of entertainment.

Not only that, but the Sun is in a constellation called Dhanishtha, a Vedic sign meaning "the wealthiest" and during this six-year period Jen became one of the richest women in show biz.)

But I know what you’re wondering, what do the stars have to say about Jen and Justin’s chances at “happily ever after”? Will Jen break her pattern at last, or ultimately suffer from “Wanderlust” go through “The Break Up” get “Derailed” and just be “Friends”? (Couldn’t resist.)

Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?


As often is the case, Justin’s birth time is not known, so we can’t determine his complete horoscope, though we can tell his planetary positions, and his Moon sign. Which is great, because the Moon sign changes every two and a half days, and is the most important thing to understand compatibility.

At least it didn’t switch signs the day he was born or there’d be a lot less I could see ... whew!

Just as Jen’s chart has a lot of masculine energy, Justin’s has a lot of feminine. In fact, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) every single planet in his chart but one (Mercury) as well as the Sun and Moon are in feminine signs. This would make him a nice compliment for Jen.

But does NOT mean he’s a wimp. Not at all. In fact, the planet of aggression and ambition (Mars) is exalted in his chart, giving him a lot of nice oomph and the ability to assert himself.

He has several combinations that would make him a good guy (the Moon is in the sensitive, generous sign of Pisces, his Sun sign is in the relationship/family oriented sign of Cancer, all of his planets fall into six signs, as do hers, making him care about the world and the happiness of others.)

In fact, when I run the “Chart His Heart” relationship capacity report on Justin, it says many lovely things including,“This combination will probably make this man a sweetheart and adorable and not someone to be self-centered, pushy or overtly egocentric. It helps make him a nice guy."

“Venus, the planet of peace and diplomacy, love, affection and graciousness is influencing this man's personality to a full measure. So, there’s some charm in your prince! Venus in such a perfect position will make him graceful, charming, affectionate, polite, handsome and easy to love and share with. Venus will also help him to make the best possible decisions given what happens in life, so you can always trust him to see the best possible path to take, both with you and for himself.”

Which doesn’t mean there are no problems, of course. He’ll always work hard (perhaps too hard), and be a bit restless. Most of his planets fall into what are called Cardinal or “moveable” signs, which make a person endlessly ambitious and one who will need lots of travel, variety, and change. (Which makes him suited for the career he’s chosen, but can make a stable domestic life hard to create and sustain.)

He also has a very strong Saturn influencing his Sun sign, which can make a man overly focused and serious. Jen joked on “Good Morning America” that Justin was cold and aloof (I hope she was joking), but we all known there’s often “truth in jest.” Saturn in such a position in a man’s chart can do just that.

The “Chart His Heart” report says about this Saturn/Sun aspect for a man: “Oftentimes this Saturn influence will make a man hard, pushy and self-willed, someone whose self-esteem is too low to relate in a healthy give-and-take way with anyone. Unless you want to be dominated, if he exhibits those tendencies, don't think your love can soften him. It probably won't because Saturn is one of those planets that we can only heal on our own.”

The good news is that other influences in his stars will largely offset this, so I’m not too concerned here.


As for Jen and Justin’s compatibility, when I do the technique used for centuries in India to arrange marriages, they have some of the best things possible and some areas of concern.

No matter what time Justin was born (the results of the technique can change depending on each person’s birth time), Justin should be extremely drawn to Jen.

They share some of my all-time favorite love and attraction connections, involving her Venus and his Moon (which is SO romantic), and his Jupiter with her Mars (which is hot and prosperous!)

They share a connection called “Magnetic Attraction” and that’s wonderful! It’s one of the three best things a couple can have in this complicated 15-step technique.

“Magnetic Attraction” can be felt mutually, or can be from one person to the other. Luckily, Jen and Justin have MANY combinations that are HOT for sexual chemistry. But in the case of this extra special celestial blessing, Justin feels magnetic attraction for Jen.

This would make him very stimulated by Jen, and extra happy around her. This is part of what drew him to her in spite of his longstanding relationship with someone else. (Oops…)

I hate to jump on the band wagon and compare them to Brad and Angie, but Angie has this special “wow” link to Brad.

Also revealed is the fact that Jen and Justin enjoy a high “wavelength score.” This indicates that they’d want the same things, and be “on the same page” in life — helping them to agree on all kinds of things, including where to live, if and when to marry, and more.

As for the challenges, there are five steps that are considered the most important. If any of the five are missing, that will be the area of the greatest challenge. The one they are missing is called “Respect” and it has to do with “who is the leader” in the relationship.

When the man “is the leader” both people tend to be happier. When the woman is, it can make her feel like she’s always the “initiator” between them, the one “doing” everything to make the relationship move forward.

She’ll tend to feel like she is always ready for more than the man is ready for, and that she has to push the man to move the relationship forward.

This can make the woman feel unloved over time, and can make the man feel unappreciated or pressured. (Again, forgive the comparison, but she also had this celestial bummer with Brad.) The only time I see it not be a big issue, is when the woman’s chart is more masculine, and the man’s is more feminine because then it’s more aligned with their emotional natures for the woman to lead.

Which, I already stated, is the case with these two, but was not the case with Jen and Brad. Whew!

Even so, the rumor (and when it comes to celebrities, there are always a lot of rumors!) throughout their early relationship was that Jen has had to push Justin for what she wants.

Supposedly Jen wanted to get engaged sooner than they did, and was consistently let down that Justin wasn’t proposing, and had to pressure Justin to finally “put a ring on it.” I have no idea if that’s actually true, but wouldn’t be surprised.

Do you see why I LOVE the insights revealed in this amazing technique? To find out if you and a man are on the same wavelength, and if he can be the leader with you, simply go here.

As for timing, I wrote an article for a big astrology website about Jen years ago and predicted that her love life would dramatically improve just when she and Justin got together. How did I know?

The planet of success, Jupiter, moved into the sign of Pisces in the Spring of 2010 where it stayed for a year, which is where Jen has Venus, the planet of love, and happens to be where Justin has the Moon — one of the indicators of “the wife” or women in a man’s chart.

It was during this time that they worked on a film together and became close.

Then Jupiter moved into Jen’s house of partnership the following spring where it stayed for a year. A mere month later, she and Justin went public and he moved in with her.

And then they became engaged in 2012 just as Saturn, the planet of commitment entered her rising sign.

As for why the wedding happened now, Jen is in her best “planetary period” for partnership, and the planets of love and marriage are together in Leo in her house of “hopes and dreams come true” (the 11th house.)

It’s not usually recommended to marry when Venus is retrograde, but I think in Jen’s case it’s symbolic of her moving on from the past, and closing the “poor little dumped and replaced” chapter the media’s been milking lo’ these many years.

I sincerely wish Jen and Justin all the happiness in the world. It seems that their life together is truly making up for all the pain of Jen’s past.

No matter their ultimate destiny, we can all learn from the “never give up” example Jennifer Aniston sets when it comes to love.

As for me, I’m going to go watch an old “Friends” episode now, and crawl off to bed. 

May God and His planets and stars shower you with love!