3 Places To Flirt


3 places to turn your flirt on and work your magic in the dating scene.

One of the most terrifying things for men is approaching women. You may not realize this but men are actually terrified of rejection. Not only in real life, but online too. It doesn’t matter if you met out or online, you have to know how to flirt to send him a signal that it’s okay to approach you, or approach you again and invite you out.

Here’s a few simple tips on how to flirt:

  1. Flirting at the Bar
    One of the easiest places to flirt! But don't forget, you still have to signal men. You can’t just sit there and talk only to your girlfriends without looking around and expect "Mr. Perfect" to appear out of thin air. Guys are looking for these signals before they approach you: making eye contact, looking at him then turning away, playing with your hair, or let him catch you talking about him. These are just a few ideas, so get creative.
  2. Flirting at Events
    A bit harder than the bar, as people can be there for a variety of reasons such as business. Not necessarily with the intention of meeting someone, but events can still be a great place to meet people. Think about this way. You already have something to talk about. Discuss the event, make sure he’s single, then start showing some signs that you're interested. Compliments and smiles are great signals in these settings. Just show him any way that you like him and that you’re interested. Laugh at his jokes, note his intelligence, etc.
  3. Flirting Online
    Now this is important! You have to start at the very beginning, your profile. There must be something flirty in your profile! I’ve done so many profiles for my clients and I’m always amazed at what they say about themselves. And the funny part is, they wonder why no one sends them a message! Really, it's simple. They aren’t sending the right signals for men to feel ready to do so. When creating your profile say things like how active you are, what you want with a guy, how you want to meet a great guy, laugh together, etc. Create a story of how fun it is to be with you. If you can paint a picture with your words as he skims your profile he will want to message you to make this dream a reality. Keep Reading...

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