Stop Sleeping With Your Phone, Your Partner Will Thank You!

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The bedroom should be a "no fly zone" for electronics

There is an important rule of thumb when it comes to stimulation in the bedroom … it should come from your partner not your computer.  There are also electronics that assist with stimulation ie vibrators but that is another relationship advice article for another time. 

Frequently we bring our electronics to bed with us as if we were bringing a lover to bed.  We ignore our partner when they are speaking to us because we need to look at a post about someone's kid getting honor roll (yet again) or we are busy tweeting about what we just had for dinner. 

We have our eyes glued to our iPhone or Android.  We and are constantly liking Instagram pics, checking our schedule for the following day or perusing Netflix to locate our next binge watching experience. 

Now hey, I am a victim of this too.  I love House of Cards and Orange is the New Black like any other person roaming the earth but come on, it's enough already.

All research points to the fact that we are creating a society of narcissists. According to Wikipedia: Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes.  We are also developing an attention span of a flea. 

Ask yourself these three questions:
1. Could you pay attention to your spouse/partner/lover longer than paying attention to electronic stimulation (not including sex toys)?
2. Does being connected to your phone, computer or TV feel better than an orgasm?
3. What would it take for you to leave your electronics in another room, just for one night? 

Bedrooms should have a "no fly zone" for electronics, for no other purpose than to have personal interaction with the person that you love. 

Touch Your Partner:

  • According to Psychology Today, touch is the first sense we acquire and the secret weapon in many a successful relationship.
  • Oxytocin level goes up (oxytocin in a hormone that helps us relax, trust and develop psychological stability).
  • Heart rates go down.
  • Kiss Your Partner:
  • Kissing creates an improved resistance to stress
  • Kissing may have stress-busting effects that may lower your cholesterol.
  • Kissing might even help you lose weight, says Bryant Stamford, PhD, professor and director of the health promotion center at the University of Louisville. "During a really, really passionate kiss, you might burn two calories a minute  double your metabolic rate," he says. (This compares to 11.2 calories per minute you burn jogging on a treadmill.)

Have Sex with Your Partner:

  •  Sex helps keep your immune system humming - "Sexually active people take fewer sick days," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a sexual health expert.
  •  Sex lessens pain and reduces headaches
  •  Sex can improve your sleep

On the other hand electronics have been linked to a false sense of connection, decreased productivity, poor sleep habits, obesity, stress, tendonitis and depression.
You choose.