Mock Virtual Dating Is The Best Way To Find Your New Boyfriend!


The idea of a virtual boyfriend might be silly, but it can actually help you find your ideal partner

Finding the perfect guy can be tough. There are a lot of ways to go about it and you probably have tried a lot of them. One approach you may not have tried is called virtual dating. Virtual dating is meeting people through online dating sites to try and create a virtual boyfriend, with the hope that you will become much clearer on the type of person you will ultimately want to spend the rest of your life with.

I know this might feel like a daunting task. Scrolling through all those profiles, trying to determine what kind of man you truly want. It is a lot of information to wade through.

So what you can do, to help you with your search, is to create a virtual boyfriend. Sounds silly, I know but it can actually help you find your ideal man.

You are not Dr. Frankenstein, and you will not really be making a person. What you are doing, is thinking about what kind of man you want. Create him in your imagination, this dream man of your's. Do not let your imagination run wild, no man can measure up to every perfect quality you have in mind. Just write down how your perfect man looks, how he acts. All the way down to his hair and eye color if you want.

Do not rush through this. Take your time and write everything down, this is supposed to be the kind of man you will commit to spending  the rest of your life with. You don't want to get caught up in your version of a fairy tail. You want to create a version a man you could find in real life and commit to loving for the rest of your life.

Figure out what type of personality he will have. Personality is the most important aspect when trying to find a man you can live with. You have to make sure to choose someone who will be compatible with you and will be a good partner. Will he be the strong silent type, or will he be more outgoing and a talker? It truly is up to you.

Pay close attention to detail the online dating forms, they can be very thorough. After you decide on what his personality will be like, try to come up with his physical features. Remember though that this is all surface stuff and it should not matter what he looks like. But, this is your show so do what you want for now. You can always adjust as you go.

Once you have done all this, you can take the specifications you came up with and log on to an online dating site. There you can browse the various profiles looking for the man, or men, who fits your outline.

Do not expect to get a perfect match. No man will match your specifications perfectly. Just try to get as close as possible. You could also put up a personal ad with your features listed as well as the specifications of your perfect man to see if any single men out there might respond.

Remember, finding the perfect man can be tough and online dating sites can be hard to navigate. If you attempt to create a virtual boyfriend and know exactly what you want in a man before you commence your search, it can really make it a lot easier to actually find him.