Are Those 'Are You In Love?' Quizzes Really That Accurate?


A well-designed quiz can offer a lot of insight, but you have to know where to find a credible quiz.

Are you really in love? Quizzes can help you find out, but you have to make sure you take the right ones. Take one of those short little tests you find in popular magazines and you'll probably just end up even more confused than you were before. Before you make that mistake, here are some guidelines for finding a good quiz.

What The Quiz Can Tell You

Most of the time, it's hard to go wrong with trusting your gut instincts. For instance, if you feel like you're in danger, it's nearly always a good idea to get out of the situation even if there's no obvious sign of danger.

However, the challenge in the context of intimate relationships is that both love and infatuation are such powerful emotions that they cloud your ability to notice all of what constitutes reality, and often we conveniently choose to ignore elements of the truth that we don't necessarily want to see or acknowledge. (Yeah, like you really need me to tell you that). Sometimes, you just can't trust your instincts to lead you to a good relationship.

By asking questions that help separate feelings that could lead to deep, long-lasting love from those that will disappear, "Are You Really In Love?" quizzes keep you from wasting energy on mere infatuation or lust. Even more importantly, they then help you from getting sucked into what could be a very unpleasant, messy romantic entanglement.

What The Quiz Should Ask You

If you actually want to get some real benefits from taking one of those "Are You In Love?" quizzes that you often come across, you need to know how to sort the accurate quizzes from the useless ones. Usually, just glancing through the questions will give you a good idea of how accurate the quiz will be. This is usually easy enough to tell by looking at the questions. 

The quiz should include questions that help you separate initial infatuation that could bloom into a deeper, true love from feelings that aren't likely to lead to anything serious. The test should ask how your love makes you feel about yourself, what emotions characterize your relationship, and how much you sacrifice for your partner. Questions like these zero in on common differences between love, infatuation and lust.

Where To Find Quality Quizzes

As I mentioned above, popular magazines really aren't the best places to find quizzes. The problem is, unless the writer's bio is included, you can't be sure the person who created the quiz is a true expert on relationships or not. That's why it's better to look for quizzes in books and on websites written by credible relationship experts.

Taking a few well-designed quizzes can give you a lot of insight into whether or not your relationship has any real future. Finding out early on if your relationship is on the wrong track can save you a lot of stress and heartache in the long run. Just make sure you get your quiz from a credible source, be completely honest in your answers, and read the results that come from these "Are You Really In Love?" quizzes with an open mind.