The Strength Tarot Card Meaning, Explained

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Strength Tarot Card

The Strength tarot card is the eighth Major Arcana card — and it means exactly what it says.

The Strength card will always be there to remind us that we have all we need within us, and that if we put our minds and hearts into something, we will prevail.

But it will take strength and perseverance, cunning and compassion.

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Upright keyword meanings: Radiant health, inner strength, courage, persuasion, fortitude, bravery and compassion

Reversed keyword meanings: Self-doubt, weakness, lack of confidence, vulnerability, insecurity and anxiety

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Strength is a great card for a wake-up call, and an even better card to give you back your confidence and self-belief. This card may also represent the need to take care of your health and well being.

To receive the Strength card in a tarot reading indicates the necessity of having patience, self-esteem and resilience as you face obstacles in every area of your life.

The Strength Card Description

This is a curious card, and it all starts with its visual impact. While it looks different in other tarot decks, like the Rider-Waite deck, its message is the same.

What we see in the Strength card is a woman, adorned with a wreath of flowers, petting a lion, who is only too happy to receive her touch. Is she a lion tamer and, if so, is the lion an actual lion, or is this beast just a representative of our inner beast, waiting to be subdued?

Above her head is the figure eight symbol, which represents infinity and is suggestive of cosmic, unending power.

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There is no struggle here; she is the master and, in this regard, she is the symbol of discipline and understanding. She did not slay the beast to get him to be docile; she compassionately came to understand him.

In the distance, we see a mountain range, symbolic of the world out there. The woman is not in a building; she is outdoors, and there is nothing to help her but her own sense of what is right and wrong.

We are both characters in this tarot card — we are the beast, and we are the one who tames the beast, and if we are able to understand that, we have attained strength.

Strength Upright Meaning

When this card appears upright in a reading, it represents the power to master your raw emotions and animal instincts, and control yourself under duress.

If you are going through hard times, the upright Strength tarot card reminds you that you have all the power within you — you just have to access it through belief.

This card will activate your worries and make you wonder what it is you need strength for, and it will unlock that answer for you as well.

If times are troubling, it means "hang in there." If you are unable to move forward, the card means "take more time." If you are unsure of yourself or your abilities, this card will appear to let you know that you are drowning in delusion and you need to snap out of it.

If you are sick, this card is the healer, the promise of better days. It is also the card of optimism and self-belief. If you dare to dream, then you must dare to manifest that dream.

It is a beautiful card! The Strength tarot card represents the need to know, in no uncertain terms, that your life will get better and that all is well in your world.

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Strength Reversed Meaning

When the Strength tarot card presents in the reversed position, it means weakness, and while all that seems the obvious interpretation, it is always about looking at that weakness so you can heal and "reverse" it.

It is not about lack of physical strength, but about self-doubt and loss of self-esteem.

Pay attention when you receive the reversed Strength tarot card; Strength reversed suggests jump-starting your healing process.

And, as they say, "You have to feel it to heal it," so you also have to acknowledge that something is wrong before you can make it right.

Strength is a card that tells you not to forget who you are, to remain strong in your resolve, that you perhaps let people walk on you — and, worse, you got used to it. This card tells you to pull yourself up again, and to not believe the lies you have told yourself over the years.

It is a smack in the face that says, "Wake up! What the heck are you doing? Live your life!"

Strength Meaning in Love & Relationships

It is almost impossible to avoid getting this card if you are asking about love and relationships in a reading! But appearing upright or reversed makes a difference in the message.

Love and Relationships: Upright Strength Meaning

If you are looking to meet someone, Strength is a good card to get. It implies that your fortitude and patience will pay off.

If you are already in a relationship, getting this card upright is a good sign. It is one that says your relationship is strong, long-lasting and emotionally stable.

Strength is also a card for patience and stamina. It is not always easy being in a relationship, and often times we want to walk away out of frustration. But upright, this card suggests that we are responsible for our part as well, and that it is not always about the other person being wrong.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Strength Meaning

When the Strength card shows up reversed, it is a heads up.

What are you doing? Are you messing things up, making someone jealous, cheating, or lying? Are you doing the wrong thing, or are you suspicious of someone doing you wrong?

It is an anxiety card, and it tells you to sort it out and stop panicking. In other words, get that beast under control.

Strength, reversed, in a love tarot reading may also come up if you are one who always puts themselves down and suffers from self-esteem issues, which can undermine and cause great damage to your love life.

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Strength Meaning in Career

In a career reading, the Strength card appearing upright or reversed can indicate important changes in your job or career path. Be sure to pay close attention when you receive Strength — it might indicate that a transition is what you need most.

Career: Upright Strength Meaning

When Strength appears upright in a career reading, it means that even though you have what it takes to be successful in your career, your emotions may be standing in your way.

Not only do you need to believe in yourself and your skills, but you need to make the leap to stand out above everyone else.

If you receive this card upright, make it a point to overcome your fears and anxieties, and continue to push ahead. Once you make the jump and take the initiative, you'll find that you have what it takes.

Career: Reversed Strength Meaning

Reversed, Strength has a similar meaning to its upright position; it means you need to believe in yourself if you want to get ahead in the workplace and your career.

This card reversed in a career reading is doubling down on the fact that you're letting your worries hold you back from living up to your potential. Stop doubting yourself and start believing in yourself!

Strength Meaning in Finance

Whether upright or reversed, Strength appearing in a financial reading has the same message: be careful with your finances and spending!

Finance: Upright Strength Meaning

An upright Strength card means to be aware of your spending at this time. Be sure to keep your finances under control, and refrain from making any risky or impulsive purchases.

Along with keeping your emotions under control, you should do the same with your money. Strength also indicates that any investments or business decisions should be thoroughly thought through before acting.

Finance: Reversed Strength Meaning

In the reversed position, Strength is very similar to the upright position in its meaning. Strength reversed in a financial reading means to be careful with your money, even if you have it in abundance and feel financially secure.

Strength also means you may have issues with self-control. But once you work on curbing your impulsive tendencies, you give yourself more of a chance to make smart choices with your money.

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