What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest With The Sun, Jupiter & Full Moon In Sagittarius From Now To May 26

Gemini season brings us the energy we need to make magic happen.

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This week, quite a few energies are available to help each zodiac sign manifest what they want this month. Gemini season begins May 20th, 2025, the same day the Moon will ingress in the sign of Scorpio. On the 23rd, we will experience the Full Moon in Sagittarius, and Venus will also be in this Mercurial sign. Jupiter will be in the sign of Gemini for the next year, and we will bid farewell to Jupiter in Taurus on the 25th.


The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter will be in communicative Gemini, connecting us more with others. This is when we can experience our social lives and relationships flourishing. Journaling can help us see what we seek in potential new friends, romantic partners, or careers. A new cycle begins that will help us all feel more engaged and empowered by our communication style.


What each zodiac sign can manifest with the Sun, Jupiter and the Full Moon in Sagittarius from now through May 26

Aries — Bridges

The highlights for this week will be tapping into your adventurous side and learning how to channel who you were destined to be. Things may feel draining with the impacts of the eclipses, but with this Full Moon in Sagittarius, you are ready to take back your control and start your new path. As Jupiter prepares to ingress Gemini later this week, you could surprise yourself with how a project from the past could resurface. Perhaps this time around, you will be inspired to complete it.

Journaling Prompt: What do you hope to uncover for the next year with Jupiter in Gemini? How will you channel your creative energy?

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Taurus — Reflection

Jupiter will leave your sign this week and enter Gemini, completing a year’s cycle where you experienced growth and abundance. Taking control of your relationship with the material will take importance now with Jupiter moving into your second house. You may be inspired to understand more about your relationship with finances. With Venus in this sign, knowing what you want to accomplish also comes to the top of your priority list this week.


Journaling Prompt:  What do you hope to achieve in your career in the next six months? Discuss the areas where you felt the expansive energy and what you have learned from it.

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Gemini — Beginnings

As you heal your relationship energy this month, the Full Moon this week will help you recharge and bring the relief you desire. While Taurus season has helped you forgive and let go, Gemini season pushes you to leap forward. The time now is for you to understand what you will tolerate and what you want to experience for yourself. Prepare for an enlightening year where you will shine as long as you are honest about what you hope to accomplish.

Journaling Prompt: How will you learn to be there for yourself? Do you take time to treat yourself? Discuss the things you do to show yourself love.


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Cancer — Nurturing

Bringing a lot of hope and clarity could be a manifestation of this week’s transit. As you focus on journaling, the Jupiter in Gemini transit for the next year can help you find your words, and you may even develop a stronger relationship with yourself because Jupiter will be in your 12th house. Before Jupiter can cross your ascendant, you must tap into your inner hero. Be mindful of the time you need to recharge; taking things slow can help you build.

Journaling Prompt: Are you taking the time needed to reflect? Are you focusing on your dreams this year? Discuss the steps you will take to heal and feel courageous.

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Leo — Popularity

Prepare for an exciting week with the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter entering Gemini, boosting your social life and allowing you to make new friends. The energy now can feel like a prelude to what you can expect in the next year. A time when you can be more comfortable in the spotlight and ready to take charge. A time when you can manifest some excellent connections with people who will help you feel valiant.

Journaling Prompt:  What type of friendships are you looking for? How have you nourished your dreams this year so far? Discuss your friendship goals for the upcoming year.

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Virgo — The Narrator

The stellium happening at the highest point in your chart can be a change in your direction or an alignment of your goals. But you have the patience, resilience, and foresight to succeed as these planets move into new signs. Gemini season wants you to trust your progress and your abilities. The planner in you knows you can thrive in these times because you are usually one step ahead when you are not doubting yourself.


Journaling Prompt:  Discuss what makes you a star. How are you achieving a balance at home with your career goals?

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Libra — Magnify

Your week begins with the Moon in Scorpio giving you some structure before the Full Moon. Gemini season could help Air signs rediscover their optimism and potential. You may explore, research, learn, and grow during this time. Jupiter’s entry in Gemini can feel like a much-needed relief, especially after the potent water and fire energy. Nevertheless, you are prepared to take the leap and explore new horizons.

Journaling Prompt:  When were you last enamored with a hobby or project? What do you expect to reconnect with during this Jupiter transit?


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Scorpio — Commander

Closing old chapters will be much easier this week as Gemini season pushes you to transform and face your enemies. The week begins with the Moon in your sign, bringing you more focus as you prepare for the Full Moon transit. There is a little more optimism now, with the stellium helping you enter this new chapter with more awareness and direction. You are taking control and feeling much more comfortable with the changes.

Journaling Prompt:  Discuss the moments you have felt victorious. What has Jupiter in Taurus taught you about your relationship dynamics?

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Sagittarius — Dialogue

While your relationship house gets activated this week, the Full Moon in your sign is a friendly reminder to love who you are. Saturn may be breaking down your energy, but you need to learn how to find your confidence and remember your resilience. As your ruler, Jupiter enters a new domain, you can meet people more aligned with your relationship goals. Expect a new era where you uncover the pieces that make you radiate and stand out.

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Journaling Prompt: Discuss the times you had to sacrifice your happiness for a partner in a relationship. Will you focus more on your needs during this Jupiter in Gemini transit? What are ways you can improve on compromising with others?

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Capricorn — The Manager

Prepare to discover how you can enhance your friendships with colleagues or classmates. It can also be a period where you will be much more productive. Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Gemini set the tone for what you may experience next year. Managing things becomes much easier as you establish better routines that enhance your time management skills. 

Journaling Prompt:  Discuss what you can do to bring more structure into your life. Are you utilizing your time effectively? Think about your game plan.

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Aquarius — Luck

Air energy will be a potent way for you to tap into your optimistic side and be hopeful of the road ahead. Sun, Venus, and Jupiter will be the sign of Gemini this week, boosting your romantic side, artistic side, and optimism because you will fall in love with the world around you. Expect to receive inspiration from those you meet as you connect with your visionary side.

Journaling Prompt: How disciplined have you become in the last year? What are the things that bring you motivation and happiness?

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Pisces — Prelude

Quite the powerful transits are happening, boosting Saturn’s theme as the cosmos send you messages. The Full Moon highlights where you want to go, but the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Gemini will show you how to get there. The week sets the stage for essential topics you will handle next year. Your planning stages begin as you look ahead because the cycle that Jupiter starts now will bear fruit in the future.


Journaling Prompt: What are you visualizing during this time? Are you taking the necessary steps to get there? Discuss your strategies for this Jupiter in Gemini transit.

A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC who writes about horoscopes, zodiac signs, and stargazing.