3 Zodiac Signs That Will Be The 'Universe's Favorites' During Gemini Season From May 20 - June 20

Three zodiac signs will revel in the exciting energy of this Gemini season.

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Gemini season is here! And so is a new season of luck for the collective. Only this time, it's blessed by Mercury. This year, Gemini season begins on May 20 and goes on until June 20 when the sun moves on to Cancer. So be prepared for some loud fun, new friends and petty gossip along the way. Gemini is here to kick up some trouble!

3 zodiac signs having a lucky Gemini season 2024

1. Gemini 

If your birth chart includes a Gemini sun, moon, and/or Venus, be prepared for some extraordinary luck during this Gemini season 2024. 

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Sun in Gemini will be blessed by a new mentor who will help them get to the next level in the most dazzling way possible, courtesy of Jupiter in Gemini post-May 25. 


Those with moon in Gemini will experience good luck during this season when they are in the company of female friends, such as their mom, aunts and female siblings. The tighter you keep your inner circle at this time, the greater your luck will be.

Venus in Gemini natives are in for a different kind of treat this Gemini season. For one, the transiting Venus will move to Gemini on May 23, creating a conjunction aspect with your birth Venus. Don't be surprised when this conjunction brings soul tribe members into your life. For some, you have spent many past lives together and always come to each other's aid when you need it the most. That's your luck!

If you feel called to, work with blue-colored crystals this Gemini season 2024 to help you gain more clarity and confidence in your day-to-day life.

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2. Leo 

Gemini season 2024 will be extremely lucky for Leo sun, moon and Venus signs. And while they will have some small differences in how that luck will play out for them, in general, all Leos will enjoy an easy time during this season with more chances to get on stage or have the spotlight shine upon their many talents.

If you are a Leo sun, you will be lucky during Gemini season through your best friends — the ones you spend the most time with. They will inspire you and also bring spontaneous adventures to your doorstep. Go with the flow to experience thrills and greatness!

If you have your moon in Leo, your intuition will be more sensitive during this Gemini season. Some of you will suddenly recognize who your true friends are and those who have always been fake to you, whether these people are family members, acquaintances or in your inner circle. Some of you will also come upon a brilliant business idea during this time.

If you have Venus in Leo, be prepared for some fireworks and extraordinary times in your love life. As long as you follow your heart and be your full self, you won't go wrong. Karma has got your back!


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3. Capricorn 

Gemini season 2024 will be a heartfelt time for Capricorns, especially those with sun, moon and/or Mars in Capricorn. Most people will recognize your efforts, although there will always be one or two naysayers who don't want you to succeed. But you don't have to worry about the latter — the cosmic forces that be will keep them out of your hair!

If you are a Capricorn sun, you will do well during this season when incorporating a daily meditation routine early in the morning. It will help you stay grounded and cognizant of the emotional undercurrents around you, thus enabling you to communicate more effectively and identify issues before they become confrontational.

Capricorn moons will be blessed in their love lives during this Gemini season, regardless of whether they are single or in a relationship. Singles will find themselves on a journey very similar to Alice's in Wonderland with their soulmate at the end of the long road. Those in a relationship will experience surprising changes that will help them deepen their connection with their partner and understand each other better.


Mars in Capricorn is urged to be patient during Gemini season. Your luck will unfold in a more mysterious way behind the scenes. As long as you do what you need to do and don't let anxieties get the best of you, you will be fine. Working with aquamarine or lazurite can be beneficial at this time for those who suffer from triggers or anxiety so you don't sabotage your good luck.

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