9 Dates In May 2024 That Bring Profound Change To Each Zodiac Sign's Life

The most influential May 2024 astrology transits will shape the upcoming weeks and beyond.

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It's time to expect May flowers after all the astrological shenanigans in April! So what do the May 2024 astrology transits have in store for us?

How the 9 most impactful astrology transits in May 2024 will affect you

Taurus season takes up the biggest chunk of the month, followed by Gemini season at the end. So if you feel a bit of astrological vertigo around May 20, blame it on the stars!

1. May 2: Pluto retrograde in Aquarius

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Things always take a weird turn when Pluto, the planetary godfather, goes retrograde. So expect the unexpected when Pluto retrograde begins on May 2 until October 11. 

Anything that was being buried under the rug will suddenly come to light. Not because the folks who were burying it suddenly saw the light, but because Pluto retrograde won't give them an option. And Pluto is never sweet, despite the romanticization of this planet's energy by Plutonian individuals and folks with 8th-house-heavy birth charts.

You can wear an obsidian pendant for protection during this period, but the best practice is to be honest — though not without a filter.


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2. May 7: New moon in Taurus

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This month's new moon on May 7 is in the zodiac sign of Taurus. That means it's time to unleash some manifestation magic into the world! Whether you want love, more money, a better home, good luck on a shopping expedition or anything that falls under Taurus' purview, now's the time to wish upon the new moon and watch it conspire in your favor. Since Taurus is an earth sign, make your manifestation ritual more earthy too. For example, use flowers and fruits or plain plant magic.


Just remember: Taurus energy doesn't do well in high-anxiety situations. So if a wish makes you anxious, meditate and ground yourself before proceeding.

3. May 15: Ceres retrograde in Capricorn

May astrology transit ceres retrograde in capricorn Amfeli via Wikimedia Commons / Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva

Dwarf planet Ceres is all about motherhood, nurturing and the earth. So its transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn on May 15 is a good one as this planet does well in earth signs.


Prepare for more abundance, especially in the arena of career and public relations. And if you are an entrepreneur, you better believe things will look up for you! Some of you may even get promoted to leadership positions, allowing you to bring a more holistic energy to the operations.

4. May 15: Mercury enters Taurus

May astrology transit mercury in taurus Dragan Valentin's Images & Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva

Mercury will finally leave Aries and enter Taurus on May 15. This makes May 15 a potent day from an astrological standpoint since we also have Ceres entering Capricorn on that day. That's double earth power!


Mercury in Taurus is more inclined to use its intellect for earthly purposes and practicalities than for dreaming big or thinking out of the ordinary. So the collective will do well at this time by focusing on matters that cannot be postponed, like filing taxes, doing your accounts and creating a budget book.

5. May 16: Ongoing Pallas retrograde enters Scorpio

May astrology transit pallas retrograde in scorpio NASA Hubble Space Telescope via Unsplash / Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva

Asteroid Pallas has been moving backward since March 29, and on May 16, Pallas retrograde will move into Scorpio from Sagittarius. This coupled with Pluto retrograde will create an unusual crucible for creative exploration and inspiration. Now's the time to turn inward and heal through cathartic creativity. Some of you may discover a vacuum of opportunity where a certain demographic's needs are not being met, whether they are underrepresented or overlooked. What will you do when you find this niche?


Pallas retrograde in Scorpio will also make the collective more aware of trickery and scammy behavior. Their “spidey senses” will be set off immediately. So trust your gut, no matter what!

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6. May 20: Sun in Gemini begins Gemini season

May astrology transit sun in gemini season NASA Hubble Space Telescope via Unsplash / Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva


Expect slight confusion when the sun transits out of Taurus into Gemini to start Gemini season. You may suddenly feel more chirpy, so to speak, and ready to socialize and explore the scene! For some, this is the perfect moment to do a manifestation ritual, especially if you are trying to find your soul tribe or want to increase your popularity by improving your dressing style, speech/accent and mannerisms. 

7. May 23: Full moon in Sagittarius

May astrology transit full moon sagittarius Daniil Silantev via Unsplash / Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva

The full moon in Sagittarius on May 23 is both an opportunity and a chance to make important changes. Now's the time to cut ties with the toxic influences in your environment and go beyond your comfort zone. Plus, it's a great time to make new friends and learn about their unique experiences, especially those that differ from yours.


Those who want to, can do a candle ritual on this day (preferably with a white candle) and make a pledge to themselves to not allow the naysayers of the world to shunt them into narrow spaces or teach them to look at/think meanly of others.

8. May 23: Venus enters Gemini

May astrology transit venus in gemini NASA via Unsplash / Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva

May 23 promises to be an action-packed day with a second astrological transit as Venus enters Gemini on this day. This will create a unique vortex of energies as the full moon in Sagittarius faces off against Venus in Gemini. And with Pluto Retrograde also influencing everything behind the scenes, don't be surprised if you discover that someone in your social circle is having issues with cheating in a relationship or situationship. Delusions will be revealed to everybody else but the ones being delusional. Besides, full moon nights are never ideal for clear thinking. So try to ground yourself through silence and observation if you get drawn into such a drama.


Once the day passes, Venus in Gemini will bring out the collective's desire to engage with new people and be charmed right out of their pants. Whoever can make you laugh the most will win.

9. May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini

May astrology transit jupiter in gemini Planet Volumes via Unsplash / Gabrielle Scarlett via Canva


Finally, the last astrological transit of the month will be on May 25 when Jupiter enters Gemini after being in Taurus since March 16, 2023. Prepare for a burst of good fortune in this area of your birth chart.

Since Gemini represents communication, friendships, socialization and networking, that's where you will find luck if you exert effort. Air signs will naturally be fortunate during Jupiter's transit through Gemini. But since Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, there might be some mishaps while channeling the gregarious energy of Jupiter in more everyday situations that require a lighter touch.

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