Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For May 13 - 19

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Each zodiac sign's weekly horoscope is here for May 13 - 19. Protecting ourselves and our energy will be the theme on Monday, 13, as the Moon in Cancer continues to give us healing and guidance. However, on the same day, the Moon enters Leo, making a square to the Sun and an opposition to Pluto. This dynamic and potent transit gives us fuel to keep us motivated and inspired through the inevitable challenges.


On 15, the Moon in Virgo brings us some grounding energy as it makes a trine to Mercury, which will enter the sign of Taurus on the same day. Expect communication to be more lively, honest, and hopeful during this time. The week closes with the Moon in Libra, boosting our social life and preparing us for the Venusian vibes we expect in the upcoming week.


Weekly horoscope for May 13 - 19, by zodiac sign:


The Moon in Leo kicks off the week, allowing you to get that spark of creativity flowing more easily. You can fine-tune your projects and see how your progress slowly builds. The same themes will prevail with the Moon ingressing in Virgo, helping you stay on track with your goals. Finally, the Moon in Libra enables you to build on those relationships you may have given up on. The weekend seems relaxing to spend with the people you love.

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Home is your sanctuary this week and the perfect place to return to basics. There is a lot of momentum this Taurus season, and with the Moon in Virgo making a trine to your sign, you will be a lot more prepared to face challenges once it makes a trine with Mercury in Taurus. You will be in problem-solving mode for the next several weeks as you get plans moving and accomplish what you set your sights on.

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The week will help you rekindle your love for things that bring you joy. Things start with the Moon in Leo, helping you be structured, find your plan, and brainstorm some new ideas. The Moon in Virgo will inspire and help you connect with your immediate environment. Finally, the Moon in Libra sparks up your relationships and brings you opportunities for socializing.

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The process can seem long this week, but you are on track for greatness, with the Moon in Leo reminding you of your power and ambition. When things get more precise, the Moon in Virgo helps you connect with your thought process as you make waves. When the Moon enters Libra, it will be a period of contemplation as you plan your way to the top right before the Sagittarius Full Moon transit next week.

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Having the Moon in your sign early this week brings plenty of opportunities for stability, understanding, and relationship strengthening. Taurus season has been a period of excellent prospects and achieving success, which will follow this recipe when the Moon enters Virgo. You comprehend the value of patience and being patient with others. When the Moon shifts into Venus-ruled Libra, you will be able to express yourself with more confidence.

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A lot of romantic energy this season flows perfectly with your needs. The week starts with the Moon in Leo, reminding you to care for yourself and be there for yourself. Having the Moon enter your sign will open you up to further self-love and care. It could be a period where your magnetic aura may attract some people or have them notice you. 

The same vibes continue with the Moon in Libra, reminding you of your worth. You may feel aligned this month with the earthy energy motivating you to move forward.


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We are all entering this beautiful season with much more optimism and understanding. The Moon in Leo will shine a light on you this week, making you feel in command and empowered as you embrace the spotlight. You will feel unstoppable. Things get more interesting when the Moon enters your sign, giving you the initiative to begin something inspirational and motivational for the next month. Tapping into your creative energy is a lot easier during this month.

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Reconnecting with your ambitions will be important this week, with the Moon in Leo at the apex of your chart. Taurus season will bring ample opportunity for you to socialize and connect to boost your goals through the message of the Virgo Moon. As things wind down, the Moon in Libra connects you to your dreams and promotes periods of rest and relaxation to close out the week.


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Fire energy wakes you this week with the Moon in Leo, bringing clarity to your path. It is a moment where you feel much more enamored with your projects and the people you connect with. The Moon in Virgo will enter the highest point in your chart, allowing you to make an ode to yourself. The Moon in Libra brings relaxing energy that can help you reflect and achieve your dreams since you are motivated now to be victorious.

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When you set your sights on something, you are unstoppable; that is the energy reflected this week for you. The Moon will be in the sign of Virgo, making a potent trine to your sign, enhancing your communication and confidence as you plan for the top. Things get more ambitious for you when the Moon enters Libra, another captivating transit with focus and power as you settle into your leadership goals with more direction.


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As the Moon meets Pluto in a square, you may reflect on your previous relationships and see things in a new light. The optimistic energy of the Leo Moon will make you still believe in love and romance. The Virgo Moon has you focused on planning, but when the Moon enters Libra later in the week, you will feel recharged and in control to continue climbing the ladder to the summit.

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The Moon in Leo brings dynamic energy to your dreamscape. Your routines may be shaken up a bit, getting you more aligned with a process that works best for you. The Moon in Virgo will meet up with Saturn later in the week, creating conflict in your relationships. It's best to keep the peace and be more diplomatic with your romantic partner. Finally, the Moon in Libra brings serenity towards the weekend, soothing any tension from the week's earlier transits.

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