What Each Zodiac Sign Can Successfully Manifest From Now Until April 21

We are ready for changes to begin, and they come in sweetly.

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We open the week up with Venusian energy on the horizon as we close out this Eclipse season in Aries. The themes now can be centered on self-love, care, and expanding our social network. Taurus is about bringing back abundant energy and replenishing our resources, especially after this eclipse season. Writing allows us to feel in sync with what we desire, hope to change and promise ourselves.

The week begins with the Moon in Cancer, opening us to get more in touch with our dreams and the messages we may receive after these potent eclipses. The following day, the Luna in Leo opens our eyes to optimism and teaches us to bask in self-love.


This is a significant period in which we can synchronize our desires and write what we want on paper. Connect with your work and let it guide you to new landscapes.

Leo's energy will comfort us before the Moon enters Virgo. Things get more interesting with the Sun finally entering Taurus season on April 19, telling us to look forward and not back.


Finally, the Moon in Libra on April 20 can be a pleasant reset. Incorporate what Venus offers because this upcoming season will allow us to connect more graciously with love and romance.

What each zodiac sign can manifest using a journal the week of April 15 - 21, 2024: 

Aries – Doors Opening

Now that you have endured the eclipses, you have seen your potential. Through the changes you have experienced, you will understand that change can benefit your growth. You are entering a new cycle and will be more confident knowing that even if some doors have closed, new ones are bound to open. The Moon in Leo this week will make you optimistic about what this month will bring and open your heart to love.

Journal Prompt: How will you continue your evolution during this Taurus season? Are you open to finding love or strengthening existing relationships? 

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Taurus: Love

It can be challenging to show others love, especially when we feel unworthy. As we prepare to enter your lovely and magnetic season, focus on expanding Venusian energy, especially with Jupiter still in your sign. Be optimistic about the prospect of bonding with others and creating something magical. Forgiveness is vital during these changing seasons and helps you get on the path to healing.

Journal Prompt: Think about how you share love with those around you. Are you feeling loved by those surrounding you? 

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Gemini: Rest

Eclipse season has been filled with mystery and surprises. Nevertheless, these tests have only allowed you to see your resilience. This week, if you haven't been able to think about how you allowed yourself a break, consider how you will do it. After all, the Moon in Leo reminds you to be more relaxed, especially when getting your thoughts on paper.


Journal Prompt: Describe all you have accomplished during the eclipse season. Have you shown yourself kindness? Are you listening to what your body needs?

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Cancer: Confidence

As we embark on this new season, you will be much more connected with your style and appearance. Taurus season will be a decisive period for your confidence because when you look good, you feel good. Prepare to draw in and attract others because you will be much more magnetic. During this retrograde, consider how you are letting others in and how you can awaken your creative process. 

Journal Prompt: Think and write about what makes you unique. Write about what you visualize for your romantic life this season. 


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Leo: Thrive

Now that eclipse season is coming to a close, you will enter the new chapter this week, with the Taurus season making you the center of attention. Because all eyes will be on you, it could be a good networking opportunity to reach out to people and make new collaborations. You will shine brightest during the next several weeks.

Journal Prompt: How balanced are your relationships with others? Discuss how you will show yourself more love during this Taurus season.

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Virgo: Visualizing

In the week ahead, you will be much more connected with the people in your network. There is a good chance others will look to you for guidance. With Saturn currently in your sister sign, adapting and taking on a leadership role will be easier. Consider how you can be a pillar for others during these transits. 


Journal Prompt: Are you effectively communicating with others? Do you need to implement more structure in your work?

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Libra: Vibrance

We are entering a promising season with many opportunities. The week will be a game changer since you can move forward after this potent solar eclipse energy. A review of your relationships may come to mind this week, and if you are trying to connect with someone, Mercury in your relationship house may make things exciting when the Moon enters your sign later this week.

Journal Prompt: How are your relationships doing after this eclipse cycle? Discuss what you have learned about relationship dynamics and how to improve them. 


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How To Plan Your Week Almost Perfectly, Using AstrologyScorpio: Gifts

Taurus season can feel similar to a movie regarding your romantic life. As you step into this new and glorious chapter, you can see how you will be the star of the show this week. The Moon will be in Leo most of the week, making it a smooth transition to a more stable and productive work environment. Remember that keeping the peace with others prevents drama from happening.

Journal Prompt:  What are your relationship goals this month? Are you telling others how you feel?

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Sagittarius: Uniqueness

Embracing your talent, creativity, and accomplishments could be probable themes for this week, as the Sun's entry in the sign of Taurus will allow you to elevate and create the blueprint for your next big moves. It is a period of making magic happen, and if you want to find more stability on the work front, you will be energized to take the lead and trust your process.

Journal Prompt: How have you evolved at work? Discuss your accomplishments this year. Think about what you want to learn to help you become more prepared for school or your career.

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Capricorn: Reconciliation

Taurus season brings you many opportunities to talk things through and open up to someone you love. You are entering a period of metamorphosis that you can utilize to strengthen your existing relationships. Writing can allow you to heal and handle any strong emotions that may have emerged during this cycle. Be open to forgiving others who may have wronged you.


Journal Prompt: Are you communicating effectively with others? What are you seeking in relationships during this Taurus season?

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Aquarius: Steady

Things may be piling up for you, but you know you can find your balance when you move at a reasonable pace. With this week's transits, you will focus more on your relationships. A period of growth begins when the Sun enters Taurus on April 19. Aquarius, with this season, you may feel the urge to plant seeds at home that will allow you to expand for the next several weeks.


Journal Prompt: Have you given yourself a period to recharge? Consider writing down your plans for the next several weeks. How will you get them to flourish?

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Pisces: Sunshine

As the energy shifts from Aries to Taurus, you may notice that you appreciate the people in your life much more. The Sun is moving into Taurus, and it will be a perfect moment to connect with others and yourself. If you want to expand your social circle for the next several weeks, you have the luck to do so, and this Venusian season is making you more popular.

Journal Prompt: Think about how the people around you inspire you. Are you meeting people who are elevating your creativity?


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She writes about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.