Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day This Week As The Powerful Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction Approaches

Luck is your greatest destiny.

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Open your eyes and heart and allow yourself to take notice of the divine signs and synchronicities that are at play in the Universe this week, zodiac signs. With the lucky alignment between Jupiter and Uranus happening the week of April 15 to 21, 2024, there is a guarantee that you are being guided to take a chance, say yes to something new, and step into a luckier and more abundant era in your life. The most important aspect of this energy is to confidently trust that the Universe is always guiding you because it will reveal those signs helping you to follow the path of your soul — all you must do is listen because the more you do, the more each step you take is one of fate.


This week will be dominated by the alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on April 20, 2024. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction only happens every 14 years and the last time it happened in the zodiac sign of Taurus was more than 80 years ago in June 1941, a time when the entire world was going through a massive shift. The conjunction of these two planets gives us the necessary push we need toward the future. The tide turns in very good ways, and opportunities pop-up in surprising places. 

However, it’s crucial to see that each astrological event that occurs is playing a part in a much bigger shift within your life. The First Quarter Moon in Cancer on April 15 helps you move into a space of finally being able to take action because you are honoring your feelings. At the same time, a healing aspect between Saturn in Pisces and the North Node in Aries gives you the wisdom and courage to know what choice to make and what direction to choose. This will help support any shifts that you need to make in your own life in order to experience greater luck. Recognize that luck is your destiny and that in each moment, you can always choose and create what you know is meant for you.


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The luckiest day for each zodiac sign this week, April 15 - 21, 2024, as we head into the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction:


Luckiest day for Aries this week: Saturday, April 20

This week should bring some opportune moments in terms of finances, success, and even greater recognition for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Taurus energy governs over your house of wealth and value, not only bringing in greater abundance but also finally making you feel as if you are being honored for all of your talent and accomplishments.

On Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus unite in Taurus, highlighting your house of finances, wealth, and success. Uranus brings unexpected developments or changes that you will face with surrendering to or choosing so that Jupiter can work its magic and bring in greater abundance. Remain aware of what comes your way, and allow yourself to believe everything is happening for your highest good truly.


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Luckiest day of the week for Taurus: Monday, April 15

While Jupiter and Uranus align in Taurus on April 20, helping you embrace your authenticity and learn how to live a better life that is representative of your truth, it is no surprise that a big part of that will be in the conversations you have with others. You’ve been on a journey of learning and understanding what is most important to you so that you can live an expansive life of possibility instead of boxing yourself into obligations.

On Monday, the First Quarter Moon in Cancer will highlight your house of communication, helping you to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings so that you can make the most of the energy. In this space, you may find yourself articulating what is of the most importance to you so that as Jupiter and Uranus unite in Taurus on April 20, you can feel like you are really living up to your fullest potential.


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Luckiest day of the week for Gemini: Monday, April 15

With so much Piscean energy surrounding you recently, especially with Saturn in this water sign, you’ve been doing an incredible job at focusing more diligently on your career and the success that you want to achieve. This is still a journey in progress, during which the Universe has guided you to start working with others and remaining open to new and different ideas to reach your goal.

As the First Quarter Moon in Cancer rises, it will activate your house of wealth, helping you take action with a partner or group to create the success you have been dreaming of. It’s important to remain open to what arises but also not talk yourself out of taking a chance simply because you can’t see how it will all work out. Trust that you have the right people on your side to manifest the abundance you deserve.


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Luckiest day of the week for Cancer: Friday, April 19

All of your dreams for the future are possible, but to achieve them, you’ll have to meet the Universe halfway. This means that you will be called to do research, take the first step, and overcome any fears about moving into a new and more abundant phase of your life. Embrace this period of review that Mercury retrograde is bringing, but also be in the space to seize an incredible idea when it arrives.

On Friday, Saturn in Pisces will align with the North Node in Aries, bridging your house of career with your sector of abundance, luck, and new beginnings. An offer or opportunity is coming in, but to seize it, you must learn to believe in yourself and trust that the reward will always far outweigh any perceived risk. The North Node is especially active right now, so don’t put off what the Universe is asking you to decide about today.


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Luckiest day of the week for Leo: Saturday, April 20

Prepare for the luck that is about to radiate through your professional life because the planet Jupiter has big plans for you and your future. Jupiter has been in Taurus since 2023, bringing abundance, new opportunities, and expansion to your career and reputation. As Jupiter’s time here begins to wind down and it prepares to shift into Gemini in May, its energy intensifies, and you are being called to bring your dreams to fruition.

On Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus will unite in Taurus, bringing immense luck to your career or college path. Uranus works to bring about new and unexpected opportunities, while Jupiter expands whatever you choose, helping to align you with a divine sense of luck and abundance. This may be a promotion, internship, or hearing about a much-awaited acceptance. Remember that this is what you’ve been working for, so make sure to embrace this incredible time with open arms and gratitude.


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Luckiest day of the week for Virgo: Saturday, April 20

Taurus energy governs over your house of luck, abundance, and expansion. Since 2023, Jupiter, the planet of luck, has been moving through this area of your life, gifting you with new opportunities, growth, and the ability to feel like everything you do is guaranteed to succeed. Jupiter’s time in Taurus has been meant to teach you to find a balance between preparedness and risk so that you never miss an opportunity for luck again.

On Saturday, a divine meeting between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will bring about an unexpected development in your life path. This can serve as an opportunity for travel, education, spiritual pursuits, business, or feeling like you are beginning a new chapter in your path. There is a pinnacle moment that you have been leading up to in your life that will truly set you free so that you can continue to live the life you have always dreamed of.


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Luckiest day of the week for Libra: Monday, April 15

With so much Aries energy still around, it’s no surprise that your romantic life has been a primary focus recently. Part of making the most of astrological energy is being able to hold space for multiple themes in your life at once. This week, you must be able to continue to give your romantic life the energy it needs but also begin to focus on your career and professional life so that you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities for luck.

The First Quarter Moon in Cancer rises in your house of career, creating a desire to take action because of a change in feelings that you’ve had. This can lead to a new role, company, or major, but this shift is also one that connects to the intention that you set on the New Moon in Aries. Even if it doesn’t first appear to be related, you must realize that the path to your dreams is always one that the Universe directs. Listen to your feelings about what you feel called to do and allow yourself to take action, trusting the time is now.


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Luckiest day of the week for Scorpio: Monday, April 15

The introduction of Taurus energy begins to shift your focus toward more romantic pursuits this week as this earth sign governs over your house of love and relationships. But before that occurs, the First Quarter Moon in Cancer will shed a spotlight on your home of luck and abundance, prompting you to take action to create a burst of newness in your life.

Cancer energy rules over your house of luck, abundance, expansiveness, and even new opportunities. This is the place where you learn that it’s always worthwhile to take risks and to continually follow the call of your soul so that you continually open up to the opportunities the Universe will deliver for travel, business, or personal development. With the First Quarter Moon in Cancer, listen to your inner feelings and trust that for a divine reason, you are to take action. Your dreams are only yours to manifest.


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Luckiest day of the week for Sagittarius: Saturday, April 20

Jupiter has been in Taurus since 2023 in your house of well-being and determination, bringing greater optimism and abundance into your daily life and career pursuits. Now, as the planet of luck is preparing to shift into Gemini in May, you are reaching a fruition point of luck that Jupiter has been bestowing upon your life. All you must remember is that you are worthy of receiving the abundance that you have wanted so that you can see how the Universe is always working in your favor.

On Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will unite, blessing you with powerful opportunities for transformation in how you structure your daily life and where you might work. Taurus is an extremely grounded earth sign, signifying that whatever you are called to do is part of a stable sense of abundance and luck you are creating in your life long-term. Trust in the redirections, and remember that you might be called to protect what you know is in your own best interest.


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Luckiest day of the week for Capricorn: Sunday, April 21

Asteroid Juno stations direct in Virgo in your house of luck this week, giving you the green light to not only take your relationship to new heights but also the confidence to make the big decisions that will help facilitate a life of greater abundance. You have been wading through a period of freedom since Pluto exited your sign in January 2024, but to use the energy of Juno, you have to believe that it’s safe to say yes to a new life.


Asteroid Juno is best known for representing marriages, but it also governs contracts and agreements. As Juno stations direct in Virgo, any prolonged period of waiting, reflection, or feeling blocked at moving ahead with romantic, legal, business, or travel matters will lift. Truly say yes to what you want to manifest. The future you have been dreaming of is real. You need to ensure that you are no longer operating under the guise of your past self so that you can believe that life really can be more amazing than you had ever thought possible.

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Luckiest day of the week for Aquarius: Sunday, April 21

Everything is always happening as it’s meant to, even in those moments that you may question if it is. The Jupiter and Uranus alignment on Saturday, April 20, will highlight your house of home, family, and healing, bringing in positive and unexpected opportunities for relocation, improved relationships, or a romantic commitment. While change is often easier for an air sign like yourself, it doesn’t mean that you flow through periods of transformation effortlessly, which is why, as Juno stations direct in Virgo, you will get a divine nudge to take a chance on happiness.


Asteroid Juno governs over the agreements you make that direct your future path. As it stations direct in Virgo, it highlights your house of life partners, inheritances, and transformation. Take this as confirmation that it’s safe to embrace this big shift in your life, as it will be something that you will consciously have to choose. The luckiest changes in your life are always those that you will have to show up to participate in. That isn’t a challenge, but instead, a gift for you to realize you control your destiny.

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Luckiest day of the week for Pisces: Saturday, April 20

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, first shifted into Taurus in 2023. Since that time, it has been moving through your house of communication, helping you with a project, advancing your career, making your public speaking debut, or publishing. As a water sign, you have no shortage of inspiration or feelings. To make the most of your soul contract, you must be able to express yourself, advocate for your needs,  learn to follow through, and put the work in for your dreams. When you do, everything in life changes, and you learn what it means to attract the abundance you have always been meant for.


On Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus will align in Taurus in your house of communication, offering you a breakthrough moment in your life path and profession. To understand the possible transformation that this will bring, reflect on how communication, both written and verbal, has played a part in the success you have achieved over the past year. Now, as these two planets unite in Taurus, something big is coming and will be a part of not just your professional success — but your financial one as well, with the North Node in Aries guiding you through the process.

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