The Week Of April 15 Brings Peace & Calm To Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscope

What once may have felt like a deterrent, now feels like a challenge we can all accept.

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Welcome to the week of April 15 - 21 and the horoscope reading for each zodiac sign. We have made it this far, and we're dealing with 'tax time' here in the US, and for some of us, that's reason enough to feel stress or anxiety. Fortunately, this week has brought us some healing and calm energy to help us out, and we will all be privy to this kind of balanced vibration.

We start the week with the Moon square Mercury, which will help us gather our thoughts. As that Moon aligns with Jupiter on the very same day, we'll find that this sets the week up for us with an attitude of "I can do this."


What once may have felt like a deterrent now feels like a challenge we can all accept. We've got Moon opposite Pluto to bring up the idea of transformation once again and whether or not we can accomplish such a task, and we've also got Sun trine Moon to show us that ... of course, we can.

The entire week is about 'I can.' "Can you do it? Yes, I can." We even have Lilith's energy coming to us to show us that if we need to stand up for ourselves, then there's no time like the present. Between the Uranus transits and the overwhelming amount of Pluto energy taking place, this week will have us all trying new things, feeling a little apprehensive at first about those things, and then seeing that we can accomplish so much more than we'd ever thought possible.


The weekly horoscope for each zodiac signs brings calming energy beginning April 15:


There are all sorts of opportunities coming your way, and while this might, at first, confuse you, you'll be pleased to know that in the long run, everything is going to work out for you just beautifully. You may find that you and your partner aren't getting along as well as you want, but it's all about getting down with some solid and realistic conversation. If you can be clear and get to the point, then you'll find that everything between the two of you is easily remedied.

There's an emphasis here on 'clarity.' If you can share with your partner what's on your mind without making it a guessing game, then you will ultimately get everything you want. This week's transits have you second guessing yourself and therefore, you may find it harder to 'get to the point' which could cause confusion. Trust that the words are there for you and use them. Everything is bound to work out the way you want it to, not worry.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 19, 20. Good luck shows up in the form of Mars in alignment with Jupiter on the first day of Taurus Sun, and as you leave your season behind, you'll find that it's quite easy to groove with Taurus season. Look to Moon opposite Mars for challenges that you can overcome.

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You a very strong and decisive feeling about matters of love, romance and where you and your partner are going with this whole thing. There have been events that have taken place as of recently that make you feel as though you might have to do some radical thinking; your partner has put you in a precarious position, and now you're the one left holding the bag, so to speak.

You may not have signed on for this kind of 'surprise,' and yet, you realize that you have to take responsibility anyway, whether they are functional or not, meaning...your partner may not be able to do what they promised they would do for you. This brings out your inner fierceness and shows you that no matter what happens, you will find a way to the light and that you'll make yourself happy, even if they don't come through for you.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 17, 18, 20. Your lucky transits show up as Venus conjunct Node and Moon trine Venus, so get ready to see some positive developments in that relationship of yours. Expected the unexpected and know that it will be positive.

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Strict decisions are being made this week, and you, Gemini, will feel sad about having to make them but resolute that what you're about to do is the 'right' thing to do. You have trouble with confrontation at times, and when you have to step up, you oftentimes let the other person get away with 'it,' and that has you feeling as though you are being trod upon or disrespected.

During this week, however, you will see that what you need to do is be strong and direct; you can no longer let certain things take place, and you are in a position of power, so this week has you using that power to set things straight. You don't want to come across as 'too fierce' or scary, and you won't have to worry about that, as there's a 'softening agent' involved with this week's transits, so what you say as your truth sounds like...truth. You will be heard, Gemini.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 17, 19. Mercury energy enlivens you this week, and you'll find that during Moon trine Mercury and Mercury conjunct Venus, your love life may just show you that all really is well in your world. Nice week, Gemini, keep on loving.

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This week, you're reviewing a few things that you thought were 'solid' and yet have proven to be a little less stable than you anticipated. You may have to go over something a few times with a person in your life, as you're starting to see that not only are they not understanding you, but that you might not be conveying your ideas clearly.

There is so much going on with communication and skill this week, which holds for every zodiac sign. With all of the Mercury energy influencing you, you may not be able to tell if they're wrong or if you're wrong, and that's how this week works for you, as it shows you that you need to state exactly what's on your mind, in business or pleasure. If you want things to work out, you are in control, and you need to place your trust in your own self to get this done.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 15, 18, 20. If you're going to bring up something that you find necessary and important, then do so on any of these days as these transits are backing you up, communication-wise: Half Moon in Cancer, Moon opposite Saturn and Moon opposite Neptune. Go for it.

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Work, work, work. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work you go. And that's a good thing, as it shows you that not only can you handle the workload but that you're the one that others turn to when they want the job done correctly. You'll find that you take pride in your work, and you may even see that you've got a certain knack for creating something close to perfection.

This can cross over into your personal life as well, Leo, as the work you may be doing this week could possibly be the effort you put into your romantic relationship. If you are planning something for your loved one, then jump on in and trust that you are the only one who can thrill them as you do. So, whether it's love or career, this week is all about concentration, skill, effort and devotion. You've got this, Leo.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 15, 18, 19, 21. Honestly, love rules this week when you look at the helpful and supportive transits that back you up in your efforts. Pay attention to Moon trine Venus and Mercury, Sun trine Moon, Mercury conjunct Venus and the Sun in Taurus for romantic developments.

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Can you do it? Of course, you can, and fortunately, this week has you not only doing it but excelling at it, whatever it is, Virgo. It seems that the transit lineup works in your favor, and if you had any doubts about being recognized for all you give and do, then fear no more, as this week has in store for you all the recognition and kudos you could ever wish for. In other'll be appreciated this week. How nice!

You are trying your hardest to be the best you can be, and oftentimes, you feel as though you are invisible or disregarded — especially in the workplace. Do not worry, Virgo, as your job situation is one that relies on you, as there is no one who can do your job as well as you can. You've felt in the past that your hard labor has gone unnoticed, but fear not, this week has you seeing a raise or a promotion.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 17, 18, 19. You'll find that your most productive times occur during these transits: Venus conjunct Node, Moon trine Venus, the Virgo Moon and Mercury conjunct Venus. Expect the highest, and know that you deserve the very best.

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This week, you are checking in with your spirit guides as you feel that the only consul you need right now is that of the invisible forces of nature. While you are open to the opinions and advice of others, you are working with feelings that 'others' cannot reach. This is very personal, and it's something that you share only with your spiritual guides.

By sticking with what you believe in, you will find that this is the best path for you to take. In a way, this entire week is about trusting in your higher self, knowing that a part of you already knows the answers to all of your questions. You are happy and grateful that you've got friends around you who wish to help, but you are even more grateful that you can trust in yourself, as you really do know the answers to the harder questions in your life.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 17, 19, 20. Your best days coincide with these astrological transits: Venus conjunct Node, Mars/Jupiter alignment, a Libra Moon and Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Good things are in store for you this week.

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Oh, this week is no-nonsense where you are concerned, Scorpio. Perhaps you feel as though you need to stand your ground, or you might feel defensive and in the need to show others that you cannot be  'put in the corner.' This week has you coming off as the stern one, the unbending figure who has made up their mind and will not be deterred.

The interesting part is that you 'should' act this way, and not because it makes you look 'cool' or warrior-like, but because you need to be the one who determines your boundaries. If you've let others take advantage of your good nature, then they may have to get a taste of the other side of your nature, just so they know that you aren't someone who you mess with. Fierce, yes, but practical and rightly so.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 16, 21. Rapid developments occur when the Moon opposes Pluto, the Moon trine Pluto and the Sun square Pluto. Know that this week is going to be fast-paced and enlightening.

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This week has you wondering whether you should cross that line, or keep your thoughts to yourself. What you've started to notice is that you are no longer able to contain your emotions when it comes to feeling repressed. This feeling of repression is starting to get to you, and it's upsetting your creative life. You need to say what's on your mind, and now, Sagittarius or you will end up feeling very cramped.

While there are many healing transits working in your favor, there is also much Mercury energy going on, and it's adding to the confusion. What you feel is that your power is being sapped, and you don't like that one little bit. The decision you make this week is the one that's going to drag you out of the darkness into the bright sunlight, where you will once again resume your stance as a great warrior.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 15, 17, 19, 20. Get the job done the right way while knowing that you are backed by these cosmic forces: Moon in alignment with both Jupiter and Uranus, Venus conjunct Node, a Mars/Jupiter passage, and Moon trine Jupiter for the win. Victory is yours!

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After checking and then re-checking, you may find that you'll go back for one last check...another ten times. You are slightly OCD during this time, but  then again...who isn't? Being that you are someone who really likes to get it right the first time, you may find that with all of the Mercury energy circulating throughout the week, then 'getting it right the first time' is just a figure of speech.

You can't help it, Capricorn, and even though one might witness you in action and think you're going overboard, you know that this is how you work, and this is what creates success. Yes, you are meticulous and perhaps even a little too hard on yourself, but when you're driven for results, then no one can stop you. While this week may be slightly rough, it's the kind of week that only you can handle and handle it you will...with style, grace and skill.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 19, 21. While you have a small window of opportunity this week, know that you can make the best of any plan during Mercury conjunct Venus, the Moon opposite Saturn and the Sun square Pluto.


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Now that you've started your 'big' project, you can't help but feel as though you want to see momentum; you feel like you're finally in the groove, but it's part of your nature to want even 'bigger' results, and all this really does is try your patience and put you on hold. You are going to see that no matter how hard you work, you're still going to have to go along at the same pace as everyone else.

And that's OK, Aquarius. It's humbling to think that you still have to wait, but all this really means is that you now think of yourself as a functioning 'go-getter' and that's a good thing. What this week brings up for you is the idea that you, too, can work hard for a living and achieve what you want while also coming to terms with the idea that you still have to get in line with the rest of us. It's all good, and you'll adjust and adapt over time.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 15, 17. If you're feeling successful, then you're probably feeling this way during the transits of a lunar alignment with Uranus, Venus conjunct Node and Moon square Uranus. Keep up the good work, and don't let anything get you down, Aquarius.


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If this week doesn't show you what you're made of, then you aren't paying attention. Something is going on in your life that is demanding change, and this change will not only benefit you greatly but also change your life in radical and positive ways. However, you must be alert to the fact that something requires your attention, so stay keen and anticipate a knock on the proverbial door of opportunity.

You know that you've wanted to change for a long time and this week practically hands this opportunity to you on a silver platter. It seems that you are much more respected than you realize and that your gifts are needed, and not only that, there are people out there who are willing to pay you good money to do what you are best at. But you have to be aware and open; this is a fantastic money week for keeps your eyes open, Pisces.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: April 15, 20, 21. You'd be best to keep your eyes out for great opportunities during the transits of Moon trine Neptune, Moon opposite Neptune and Moon trine Pluto. Stick with the plan, Pisces and don't forget that if you want can have it. Get on that pronto.


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