What Each Zodiac Sign Can Successfully Manifest This Week With The April 8 Solar Eclipse

The themes of the week are persistence, initiation, and trust

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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries will occur on April 8th, 2024, unlocking new methods to level up and get back to what we want.

We are embarking on a new journey filled with renewed self-discovery that can be harrowing but exciting once we get on track and are honest with our dreams.

Journaling can assist in building a solid foundation for months to come while we deal with the transitions. You are here to shed something from the past to sow the seeds for new beginnings.


On the 9th, the Moon enters Taurus, encouraging us to merge with our heart's desires. The Moon will remain in this sign until Wednesday, April 10, as our communication heightens with the Moon entering the sign of Gemini on the 11th.

Taurus is a friendly reminder to reconnect with our value system and to be more aware of the love we incorporate into our lives. Find ways to channel more of the Venusian energy and to get more motivated to socialize with friends and/or family.


Having the Moon in Cancer close out the week on the 14th helps us feel rooted at home. Things begin to slow down after the potent effects of the eclipse. The perfect day to wind down, relax, cook something fun, and settle into the comfort of home with the people we love.

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What each zodiac sign can manifest the week of the April 8 New Moon solar eclipse:

Aries: Patience

Although this Solar eclipse will give you the energy needed to shine and break free you may feel the pressure with Mercury Retrograde in your sign giving you something to bicker about. Remember to be more like a diplomat this week. Listen to others, be the leader, and impart your wisdom. Your plans will continue to soar but first, try to be present in the moment and do not rush.

Journal Prompt: Ask yourself why you need to rush and write down ways you can learn to be more patient with yourself and your progress. Are you taking care of yourself? Think and write ways to help you take things slow if you need to.


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Taurus: Bring sweetness into your life

Don’t be too bitter, try and incorporate some positivity into your life with a healthy dose of optimism. While this eclipse is happening in the darkest part of your chart, you can journal about your dreams, emotions, and how you can move forward as we prepare for the New Moon in your sign next month.

Journal Prompt: Think and write about what can feel like a blessing in your life at this moment. Consider your goals for the next several months with the eclipse, and write down ways to help you get to where you envision yourself being.

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Gemini – Organization

Eclipse season has been shaking things up for you and with Saturn pushing you to be more methodical about your moves, try to see where you need to be more disciplined. Mercury is retrograde now, so learn to double-check what you communicate to others and to be more aware of the changes you need to make.

Journal Prompt: Utilize your planner more and be more flexible with surprises and changes. Write down ways you can continue to push forward, even when things can feel overwhelming. Why can’t you seem to slow down? How can you break free from this slump? 

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Cancer – Being Carefree

You are learning a lot about yourself during this eclipse and seeing the shifts in your relationships. It is also a period where you are taking more initiative and control. Nothing is stopping you, and this week will open your eyes to the success you have achieved. As a Cardinal sign, you can feel that your successful periods are on the horizon.


Journal Prompt: What have you accomplished in the last six months? How have your relationships transformed you? Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

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Leo – Appreciation

The Sun and Moon in Aries will make a trine to your sign, giving you a lot of the energy you may have dreamed of for quite some time. Eclipse season may have taught you how to be more appreciative of the direction you are going. As part of your next chapter, you may wish to learn more about it. You hold the key during this time because the knowledge you acquire can open doors.

Journal Prompt: What do you want from your career or vocation? Do you feel fulfilled? How can you revolutionize your learning process?


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Virgo – Magic

You are the magician during this transit, finding your resilience and seeing yourself through new eyes. Your expertise and knowledge are put to the test and you can create wonders in the field you are in. At the same time, you can feel more passionate during this time and you must channel this energy in a way where you won’t be angry with yourself. Talk things through with someone you love and trust your process.

Journal Prompt: Write down five things you love about yourself. Think about the ways you have helped others and how that made you feel. Speak and write yourself kind words.

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Libra – Intuition

It can feel like a dream now as you walk through the same path revealed during the Lunar eclipse in your sign. Aries energy brings magic and you have the upper hand because you are in opposition, so you know how to practice patience. The energy now is for observation and trusting your intuition. Observe the themes, topics, and the story that has been in the works since March.

Journal Prompt: How can you take the lead? Are you respecting your boundaries? Are your relationships transforming? 

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Scorpio – Mirroring 

Having this eclipse cycle can feel much more enlightening compared to when the Nodes were in your sign last year. At times it can also feel like a missing piece to last year’s puzzle. Nevertheless, this energy is about reflecting and looking back before moving forward. You are noticing how romance can feel more charming during this transit. A period to see your current or potential partner with new eyes.


Journal Prompt: Have your relationships transformed? Have you grown since last year’s eclipse season? How has your communication been with friends and partners?

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Sagittarius – Self-Care

As a fire sign, it is imperative during this time to look through the details and be open to making changes. Learn to accept constructive criticism from superiors and don't be offended by it. The Solar eclipse in Aries will have you considering how to bring some balance to your home and career. Respecting your boundaries will be essential and knowing when to be more loving and patient with yourself.

Journal Prompt: Are you taking care of your needs? Have you been connecting with friends and family? Have you told those you care about how much I love them?


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Capricorn – Sharing your talents

With these transits, you are uncovering a lot about yourself, your roots, and your history. Through these lessons, you are also growing your confidence. You will see how the information you possess now can also fuel and inspire your creative process because of the pride you feel. Now you can feel much more empowered to share your projects or creative endeavors with other family members, partners, or friends. 

Journal Prompt: Have you been consistent with your creative projects? How can you be more disciplined and finish them? Write down praises to yourself, to boost your confidence. How do you envision your future position?


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Aquarius – Letting Go

Releasing your fears or self-doubt will be a fundamental part of this week’s transits. You are receiving messages now that echo those from your Saturn transit. Nevertheless, with experience comes growth, and you are prepared now to transform. Do not be afraid to let go; you are here to be happy and not feel tied to your past.

Journal Prompt: Have you neglected your self-love? To move forward from the past, you need to be honest with yourself. Discuss where you see yourself in the next six months and how you will become your biggest cheerleader.

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Pisces – Love

The energy now can have you feeling quite in command, especially with Mars in your sign giving you the passion and drive to succeed. But love can also be on the horizon for you with Mars opposing your relationship house, echoing some fun and surprises. A time to heal and see how you can take your relationships to the next level.

Journal Prompt: How can you incorporate more love into your day-to-day life? How is your relationship with yourself? What do you expect from a partner?

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.