The Complete 2024 Virgo Horoscope, Broken Down By Month

You deserve more than you’ve been settling for, and the Virgo 2024 horoscope puts a spotlight on your self-worth and confidence.

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The past year has brought so many changes, much of which has been what you’ve been working toward or hoping to achieve. So, it’s been a bit of a pause as you’ve learned to not just focus on the next step or big thing but instead to practice gratitude for what you have. This has allowed you to let go of the mindset of always having to work on something to simply fill the space versus putting time and energy into what you genuinely want to create or manifest in your life.  


Now, as the cosmos continues to shift, the 2024 Virgo horoscope brings an interesting balance of determination in your career. While you ask for more from the universe than you’ve previously settled for, at the same time, you have to learn the art of surrender.

Yearly Virgo horoscope 2024 highlights

The Nodes of Fate recently shifted into Aries and Libra, which will dominate the energy of the year.



For you, this brings a focus to your eighth and second houses as you truly begin to honor your inner worth, but at the same time, are guided through situations in which you must release what is less than you deserve.


The idea here is to honor what you want and need from life but also create just enough space to surrender to whatever is developing. When you hold on too tight to something or someone, you can often not only create more work for yourself but also deter your divine path. So, it’s a matter of learning what needs to be released and what truly honors your growth that will determine many of your choices this year.  

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As you progress through the lessons of surrender and determination, Pluto will shift into Aquarius, highlighting your sixth house and increasing your focus on the details, ambition and personal drive to make your dreams come true. This will work together with Jupiter in Gemini, which will highlight your professional sector as it works to further your career.

With the South Node in Libra, this isn’t just about making sure that you’re employed at the right company or that you are utilizing your skills, but that you’re also ensuring you’re being compensated in the ways that you genuinely deserve.


Think of 2024 as an upgrade year, and if you end up having to learn to release certain aspects, it’s safe to trust that it is all occurring for your greatest benefit.  

2024 Libra horoscope month-to-month predictions


Best day: Thursday, January 11 

Capricorn energy rules your fifth house of marriage, commitment, happiness and creativity. With the surplus of this energy in January, you may find yourself getting married, engaged or being driven to create more happiness in your life. This energy will allow you to set the tone for the year, as you must be honest about what brings you the most joy so that you can move through the lessons of determination and surrender that 2024 will encompass. 

Use the opportunity around the new moon in Capricorn to set intentions for a relationship or the relationship with the world you hope to develop.




If you’ve always wanted to do a pottery class, work with children or just create more conscious creative time for yourself to enjoy, now is the time to set an intention for that. If you are looking to call in a significant new relationship, you can also use this lunation to set an intention for that as well. The goal here is to begin the year thinking about what makes you the happiest as you focus all your energy on creating a life representative of that. 

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Best day: Tuesday, February 13 


Mars, the planet of action and ambition, will shift into Aquarius, joining Pluto, which recently moved into this air sign, creating a powerful wave of determination. February is the month to focus all your energy on taking care of the details of any new plans or dreams for the future while you allow yourself to embrace your ambitious nature and set to work manifesting all you desire for your life

Aquarius energy rules your sixth house and can often carry with it themes of well-being as well as the quality of determination. Suppose you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about what path to take. In that case, February is also a great month to see guidance from a life coach or therapist or sign up for a breathwork class to help you find that inner balance you need to continue to focus your energy on what is meant for you.


Best day: Monday, March 11 

March is all about love, which means there may be wedding bells or other forms of romance and commitment around you this month. There is an influx of Piscean energy in the first half of March, along with Venus, the planet of love, shifting into this emotional water sign and helping to emphasize matters of the heart. If you’ve been thinking of getting back out there, try online dating or a match-making service that would also be highly favored around this time. 


If you are in a phase of life where you are more focused on your personal development or career, it doesn’t mean this energy will be wasted on you. Use Venus in Pisces to help you fall more in love with yourself, open up and transform your relationships with others, and set an intention for cultivating more love in your life — regardless of where it comes from.  

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Best day: Monday, April 8 

April brings immense positive changes into your life and is the first opportunity to learn the art of surrender. Whether this comes down to a professional path or learning to release qualities like possessiveness in relationships, it’s all about trusting the universe more and creating space for what you truly desire. Not only does Aries season encourage these themes, but the Aries new moon solar eclipse may bring a powerful moment to fruition.  




Reflect on April of 2023, when the first Aries solar eclipse occurred, to see if any other themes from that time are arising as you will see progress or development on something that first started to shift in your life around that time. Aries rules your house of transformation, and so this is the month to take risks, say yes to the universe and be an active participant in the changes you seek in your life.


Best day: Wednesday, May 15 

While April had you reaching for the stars, May will now be your month to reintroduce yourself to the world and feel the satisfaction of some of those projects beginning to take shape. May brings Taurus season, which activates your house of luck, abundance, travel and expansion as you feel free to take on new adventures and seize what brings you the most joy in your life. This is an excellent time to travel and begin an education program or a class like astrology.  


As Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Taurus, you will be able to speak your mind and your dreams into existence. Make sure that you don’t let anyone talk you out of anything during this month, and instead hone more of that determination energy than surrender, as there is always a time and place for both.


Best day: Thursday, June 6 

The new moon in Gemini will peak in June and invite you to make the most of Jupiter’s shift into this air sign. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance and just shifted into Gemini at the end of May, which means June is all about your career. Use this energy to go on interviews, apply for new jobs, take any certifications or classes to make you more marketable and have someone polish up your resume. Jupiter will be in Gemini for the next year, which will help you further your career and bring a great deal of financial abundance along the way.

Make sure you’re embracing the lessons of the South Node in Libra as you ask for what you truly need in terms of compensation and benefits. There is no mistake that these two periods of your life are intertwined, so just realize that you will need to ask for what it is you want if you hope to receive it.  


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Best day: Friday, July 5 

Cancer energy rules your sector of community, friends and wishes, helping you to ask for help and implore those beneficial relationships in your life. This area is known as your eleventh house, and with Cancer here, it means that you require significant emotional support from those in your life. You need to know someone is going to be there for you and that you can call upon them when needed.  

As you’ve been progressing through the year with a focus on surrender, you may feel called to set a new intention for yourself around the Cancer new moon. Although you are responsible for asking for what you need, you can’t make another show up for you in the ways you need — whether professional or not. Take this time to set a new intention for what you want to call into your life that is representative of all you need, regardless of how long you’ve known someone. Support isn’t about how long someone has been in your life but their overall presence while they have been.



Best day: Wednesday, August 14 

August is a month to help you reflect on your dreams and intuition as Mercury retrograde enables you to become clear about what has been holding you back and where you still want to go. Mercury governs communication, and when it traces its steps back into Leo as part of its retrograde journey, you will become aware of dreams, ideas and aspects of your life you need to heal to truly embrace all the positive transformations that this year is bringing you.

Mercury retrograde in Leo gives you a portal of time to reflect not just on 2024 up until this point but also on those aspects of your inner self that you haven’t yet honored or acted upon. In a year that is all about your career growth, you may suddenly realize that you want to go back to school or turn a side business into something more. You don’t have to take any action just yet, but instead, you can simply journal and make a plan for how to truly honor your inner self while also working to achieve the goals you’re dreaming of.  

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Best Day: Monday, September 9 

September will be a more introspective month, not only because of Virgo Season, which rules over your truth and inner beliefs but also because Mercury will shift into Virgo now that it has been stationed directly. Virgo Season is always a time for a fresh new beginning as the Sun returns to the point it was when you were born. You’re able to put the past behind you more easily and let yourself answer the call of new opportunities. However, with Mercury entering Virgo, you may instead find more benefit from reflection rather than taking any new actions just yet. 

Mercury governs communication, including how you talk to yourself, which means in Virgo, you’re going to be reflecting on how you speak with others, as well as the validity of any internal stories that you still subscribe to. This energy can help you refocus your plans for the upcoming months, as well as provide some important moments of clarity and acceptance for where your journey has taken you. Just remember, clarity is always a positive aspect, and it’s also something you may have to practice both surrender and determination to achieve. 


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Best day: Sunday, October 27 

After two months of reflection and introspection, you are now ready to act on anything that arises for you. Not only is the Aries full moon rising in your house of transformation, but Vesta in Libra is lighting up your sector of finances. Aries wants you to embrace change, to let go of what isn’t working or those hesitations to change your life, while Libra is encouraging you to raise the cost of who and what has access to you. Together, they create a powerful time in your life to harness your inner confidence and take strides toward creating the new.  

Asteroid Vesta rules your internal fire, so you will feel more passionate this month, especially regarding honoring your values and ensuring that you feel others are treating you as you deserve if you must advocate for a raise or promotion or give any presentation this month, that will be highly favored as you will be shining brighter than normal.



Best day: Sunday, November 3 

November brings a focus on Scorpio energy as it activates themes of communication in your third house. Scorpio is the ruling sign of Pluto, so there is this aspect of truth, transparency, and uncovering what was previously hidden here. Embrace this Scorpio energy and allow yourself to set boundaries with greater authority, embrace your determination to create what you dream of, all the while being mindful of the theme of the Phoenix in your life and where you may finally be ready to rise from the ashes of what was never meant for you.  

Asteroid Juno, ruler of marriage and contracts, will shift into Scorpio in November, drawing your attention not just to your romantic relationship but also to any agreements that you’ve previously made. This will allow you to modify anything or restructure your relationship as you create more space for each of you to pursue your dreams. Think of this as a positive reset to now implement all you’ve learned, including the clarity of knowing when to hang on — and when to let go.


Best day: Sunday, December 1 


December begins with a beautiful new moon in Sagittarius in your home and family sector. This area of your life rules where you live, whom you share your home with and those childhood wounds or family roots that have played a part in your development. With a new moon in Sagittarius, you are ready for a new beginning in this area of your life. If you’ve been more focused on your career recently, this is also a wonderful time for reconnection and for creating space to enjoy the relationship you’ve created in your life.  

Sagittarius energy helps you understand what is most important to you in your personal life. While Jupiter will be opposite in Gemini, ruler of your career sector, it’s important to also focus on creating balance in December. You are making headway in your career and professional goals, but you also don’t want to miss out on opportunities for intimacy and closeness, especially during the holidays.

As you’ve progressed through the themes of surrender and determination this year, you’ve also learned that often, sometimes, it’s only temporary. So, allow yourself to not only find balance but also enjoy the moments of happiness you’ve created for yourself this year as you prepare to begin a brand-new chapter in your life.  

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.