The Complete 2024 Taurus Horoscope, Broken Down By Month

According to the 2024 Taurus horoscope, the effort you will put in will equal to the rewards you reap.

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Since Saturn shifted into Pisces in 2023, you've been feeling an extra push toward working harder to achieve what it is you want. While this may have been frustrating in the beginning, according to the 2024 Taurus horoscope, this is the year when you finally hit your stride and can appreciate the freedom and accomplishment in realizing that when you put in the effort yourself and work hard, the payoff is incredible.  


Yearly Taurus horoscope 2024 highlights

The North Node has recently shifted into Aries, which lights up your house of the subconscious. This is actually a beneficial aspect, but again, it's going to be directing you more inward. Take this as a sign from the universe that working hard isn't just about what you accomplish in your life but what you're also able to heal and grow from as well. This journey will encourage you to be less self-critical and doubtful as you are able to honor your dreams and desires, knowing that the ability to manifest what you want lies within your ability to do whatever it takes to make them a reality.


While the North Node is helping you to have greater faith in yourself, the South Node in Libra is reminding you that you may have to genuinely fight for what it is you want. Not that you have to argue or have perpetual discourse with others, but it's time to stand your ground and remind yourself of what you deserve.

As you begin the year, it's important to focus on your self-talk to ensure you are building yourself up and not perpetuating the idea that somehow you are less than. By speaking to yourself in a positive and uplifting way, not only will you better be able to work with Saturn in Pisces, but you'll also start to embrace the direction the North Node in Aries is guiding you.

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The year ahead is about realizing you hold the keys to the kingdom you seek. You have it within yourself to accomplish all you desire, and while it may mean you have to be more diligent in your efforts and work, they are guaranteed to reward you with even more than you have hoped for. Don't lose sight of why you started, and you will eventually reach where you've always dreamed of being; it's just a matter of not giving up — especially on yourself.   


Best day: Saturday, January 20 

January begins with a sharp focus on your career and professional life with an emergence of Aquarian energy. This will propel your thoughts to success, getting ahead, and even education if you find you want to take a course or two to put yourself in the best position possible. While practicing self-talk, remind yourself that nothing is impossible, even if it takes a few extra steps to get there, so you should be feeling greater motivation and confidence in taking on new challenges this month.  

If you're in a relationship, make sure that you are setting aside conscious time to enjoy together, as your main focus will be your professional path and generating the success you know you're destined for. This energy will be emphasized by Pluto making its shift from Capricorn into Aquarius and changing your focus from exploring different avenues of opportunities to becoming more fixed on what you want to achieve.


Try to use the energy of Mars shifting into Capricorn to help you find a balance between working toward success and also still focusing on your dreams, as you should never feel like you have to give up one for another.



With Mars in Capricorn, this would be a great time to travel or even embark on that yoga teacher training course; remember, even if it's meant for you, it still may not feel comfortable leaving your comfort zone.


Best day: Friday, February 9 


New possibilities are everywhere in February as the Aquarian energy continues, inspiring you to reflect on what you can do to ensure you are growing in all the ways you can. This will support applying to any educational programs, retreats, or even mentor programs that can help you achieve success. Although you are being reminded of the need to work hard for yourself, it doesn't mean it won't involve the importance of others along the way — you might just need some fresh energy.  

Mercury will also shift into Pisces along with the Sun, emphasizing your house of wishes and friendship, making this the perfect time for opportune conversations and speaking up about what it is you need. If your friend has an amazing job or internship that you're longing for, ask how they landed it and even if they can put in a good word for you. With some Capricorn energy still lingering, you may also be talking vacation plans with friends. Just remember that you have some valuable experience to offer, too, and let your thoughts and opinions be heard.


Best day: Sunday, March 3 

March starts to bring an influx of Aries energy, which will spur some greater focus on your inner self. If you've thought about working with a counselor or therapist but haven't taken the step as of yet, this is a great time to start focusing on your mental health. You may also find benefit from looking at an alternative health regimen, like breathwork, acupuncture or even meditating more regularly. Aries energy is what the North Node is bringing into your life, so during this time, especially once the Sun shifts into Aries, you're going to feel that nudge inwards more intensely.  


Venus will also shift into Pisces, which is that sector of friends and wishes, so you may feel a push-and-pull dynamic between wanting to invest in the connections in your life but also tending to yourself. Try inviting your friends to different activities with you, like a sound bath, or even suggesting a rotating night in at everyone's house instead of venturing out into bars or restaurants. 

Remember that a lot of this year does center around honoring what you need to do for yourself, so you should also feel free to start voicing that to the important people in your life.


Best day: Monday, April 8 

Mercury stations retrograde in Aries right around the start of Taurus season, so you may find it's harder to express yourself or you're bringing up things from the past more often. Recognize that this is part of the inner reflection and healing you're meant to focus on this year, so let your friends and loved ones in on your process so they can support you, even if the ultimate work of it is an inside job.  


This Taurus season, which represents the sun returning to your zodiac sign, is about choosing to heal your perspective and beliefs involving life so that you can attract new opportunities. Just because things have always been a certain way doesn't mean they have to continue on that path. You actually hold the ability to change things whenever you decide to. When you realize this, you can take the reflection the Aries energy is bringing into your life, especially with the solar eclipse new moon in Aries, and use it to make positive advances in your life.

You may want to hold off on making any big decisions this month, as it's meant to be more reflective and learning about your changing desires than actually applying to anything new or taking off on holiday somewhere exotic.

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Best day: Thursday, May 23 


The second half of the Taurus season is a time for action and investment within yourself as the new moon in Taurus rises. This is the chance you've been waiting for to make that fresh start and feel as if you're actually making headway on the changes you've been dreaming of.

As Jupiter shifts into Gemini, lighting up your house of finances and self-worth, see this as a green light for anything you might want to do. This is a great time to apply for any new jobs, colleges, or programs or even finally plan that dream trip you've been considering. If you've been considering investing or even managing your finances differently, this is something that is incredibly supported right now. The work you've been doing won't take that long to pay off as Jupiter in Gemini will increase your wealth and financial abundance, putting you in a completely new and financially independent position.

With Mercury retrograde behind you, and whatever the Aries new moon solar eclipse stirred up finding resolution, you can trust yourself to know what is best for you. 


Best day: Sunday, June 9 


With Jupiter in Gemini until next May, you can expect to see continued progress and the effects of how that will benefit you in the long run. This is confirmation that your plan for your future is destined to pay off, and you might even get another financial boost from a family member or friend. As you are feeling better about your finances, Mars will shift into Taurus and increase your motivation to live a more authentic life.  

You've been growing enormously in the past couple of years, and now you are finally in a position to understand what that means for you. Before the eclipses moved into Aries and Libra, they were in Taurus and Scorpio, which means while the last few years have been more challenging than most, you also have to understand all of that is behind you.

Not only is Jupiter bringing in more wealth, but Pluto in Aquarius will bring amazing opportunities to your professional life.



And now that you finally know how you want to be loved, you're going to be seeing improvements in your personal life, too. So, recognize that by trusting your inner self, you are guaranteeing success in whatever area of your life you are working on.



Best day: Tuesday, July 2 

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces and will help you take all those new beliefs and realizations that the Aries energy has brought up and help you take it to a deeper level within yourself. Neptune rules hope, dreams and the faith that everything is happening for a higher purpose. In this area of your life, you will be drawn to more mystical opportunities, such as having your tarot cards read or a course in palmistry. As much as you may have never thought that you would be drawn to different things or those aspects of life to which there is no logical explanation, let yourself open up and experience what you are drawn to because it all goes into validating your inner truth.  

In July, Mars will shift into Gemini, joining Jupiter, so expect yourself to be incredibly driven around this time too. Try to find a balance between exploring the more mystical aspects of life and letting yourself create greater financial wealth. You should have learned a great deal last year about creating an inner sense of stability, which will help you now in being able to explore all the different aspects of life that call to you.


Best day: Monday, August 19 


August brings in a slower period, during which Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo and then shifts into Leo. This draws your focus on your home, family, healing, and even the happiness you are in pursuit of. You may consider relocating or even moving home during this time. Remember that what arises is always of benefit, even if it first doesn't seem like it. With Venus shifting into Virgo, you must trust that whatever you feel called to change will ultimately be done for you to create a life of greater pleasure and joy.  

If you have been considering moving, in any regard, or reaching out to have a conversation with a parent or sibling, all of that is encouraged during this time. But only in terms of reflection, discussions, and research, especially if you're considering a move. It's best to hold off on any actual changes until September when you know that you'll be more supported in making changes that you will be satisfied with for years to come.

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Best day: Sunday, September 8 


September arrives as Pluto shifts back into Capricorn as part of its retrograde phase. This will only last for a few months before it officially and permanently moves into Aquarius for the next 20 years, but it's incredibly important for you. While you're reflecting on taking a leap of faith, changing majors, homes, or careers, Pluto in Capricorn will ensure that you are practicing all that you've learned in recent years. It can be challenging to make changes in your life, even those that you know you want and which will benefit you in the long run. But as you rise to the occasion, you will also see that it's the first step, which is often the hardest, and you will gain a new sense of self-confidence in the choices you make during this time.  

There will also be a full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces, which will serve as a hint of what the second half of 2025 will bring and will be a powerful moment of maturity. This energy helps you mature in new and different ways as you start to reflect on how living in your truth can actually serve the lives of those around you. If you don't already have something planned, it's an excellent time to think about volunteer work or giving back to those in your community. As much as you're being guided and supported in your career and finances this year, the next phase of your life will be about how to give back to the world around you.


Best day: Thursday, October 17 


Although it's nearing the end of the year, there are still some surprises in store, which is what the Sagittarius energy will start ushering in this month. Sagittarius energy can denote major life changes and even inheritances finally maturing and being distributed. Try to focus on what seems to be arising for you while also remaining open, as you may find that the dream you've been working to manifest suddenly develops in an unexpected and exciting direction.  

The Aries full moon will also rise in October, which will heighten the work of the North Node and help you understand more of your life's purpose. While you still have time to make any major decisions, you should also allow yourself to make the choices necessary this month to seize any opportunities that arise. November and December will primarily be about retrograde energy, so if there is anything you want to apply for or plan, this is the month to do, especially as you will be more tuned into what you genuinely want and need from life.


Best day: Saturday, November 2 

November is an inspiring month as Saturn stations direct in Pisces, and Pluto makes its final push into Aquarius lighting up your houses of wishes and career. Part of this year has really been about breaking free from what you thought you had to do to be happy and instead honoring what you want to do and what you dream of.


As this occurs, Venus will shift into Capricorn, helping you envision exactly how to take your life to the next level. Venus rules love, finances, and even real estate, so if you haven't as of yet, this may be the month you really start thinking seriously about a big move — or even moving in with a romantic partner. As exciting as that is, try to hold off on actually taking any action until at least the second half of December or the beginning of January to ensure as much success as possible.  

You may also be feeling more social this month as Saturn is now direct in Pisces. While you have been meant to work hard on your own to ensure this new chapter is all about what you desire for your life, it doesn't mean you can't share your successes or ideas with others. You'll have a better idea about which relationships are the most meaningful in your life, so think about hosting a Friendsgiving to honor those important people and open yourself back up to enjoying the connections you've made.


Best day: Saturday, December 7 

The energy surrounding positive changes in your life as Mars stations retrograde in Leo and the continued influx of Sagittarius lights up themes of abundance, expansion, and travel. While planning anything new isn't recommended, you may find yourself taking a trip that you've planned earlier in the year. If you want to do something more last minute, then it's best to wait to hold off for the second half of the month once Mercury stations direct. By honoring what arises and that feeling that things are still in progress, you will also ensure you're continually checking in with your inner truth.  


As the new moon in Capricorn rises, you are dreaming of far-off adventures, new paths, and even returning to school. Everything that you are considering is a part of the life you are in the process of rebuilding, especially when it comes to long-term success and financial wealth. This new moon in Capricorn is an important one, though, as it allows you to set an intention for the future that is based on what you genuinely want for your life, something that it's taken you a journey to discover and which now you are filled with confidence in knowing that you can make any dream a reality as long as remember that the work you put in will always equal the rewards you get to enjoy.

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