The Complete 2024 Aquarius Horoscope, Broken Down By Month

The 2024 Aquarius horoscope shows 'Age of Aquarius' is here.

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You are finishing an immense journey of growth and healing that you have been in for the last ten years. This has helped you heal your wounds, self-limiting beliefs and any hurt from your past that was still affecting the decisions that you were making for your future. Now is when you are going to take all that you've been through and feel the rush of freedom as you no longer feel bound by the past and are open to receiving every amazing experience you deserve, as the 2024 Aquarius horoscope shows the 'Age of Aquarius' has arrived.


Yearly Aquarius horoscope 2024 highlights

As an Aquarius, 2024 will be an incredible year full of love, travel, freedom, spiritual connection and even marriage for some. With all that you've been through, this is what you deserve and it is what will also confirm that when you were doubting yourself, you were always choosing the happiness that you divinely knew was destined for you.

The Nodes of Fate will largely be responsible for this immensely positive shift as the South Node in Libra brings new experiences, travel and a spiritual purpose to your life. At the same time, the North Node will help you open up new possibilities and connections with others. It's time to embody the realization that there is no fear of the past ever repeating itself because who you were is only a distant memory.  


Pluto, the lord of the underworld, shifts from Capricorn into Aquarius in 2024 and will feel as if it sets you free to implement and change your external life to match the work you've been doing inside of yourself. In many ways, this is the moment when all you need to worry about is stretching your wings and flying, as you truly are destined to have an incredible year.

If you're in a committed relationship, expect a proposal or significant commitment to develop in the next year as Jupiter shifts into Gemini. If you've still been looking for your forever love, then trust that in the next year, you will meet someone with whom you will develop a significant relationship, marry and start your life together. You may have almost given up hope at times that all you dreamed of was meant for you, but luckily, you didn't, and now you are just about to step into one of the most amazing years of your life.  

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Best Day: Thursday, January 11 


The year might not feel any different initially when it begins but trust that everything is happening as it's meant to. Pluto will be in Capricorn for about three weeks at the start of the year, which will only reaffirm your healing and growth over the last few years. Don't be afraid to exercise healthy boundaries with anyone who seems to want to take advantage of your growth or wants to test you now that you're in a new space.

You may also find that you feel a deeper intuitive connection with yourself, so dream meditations or yoga Nidra may be especially powerful for you in January. Use the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn to create a space of welcoming in the new you. Capricorn rules over your sector of dreams, intuition and healing. This is an area that Pluto has been working through as it's helped you heal, but with that work over at this point, it's now time to make sure the actions you take in the coming months are in alignment with your soul's truth. You could also begin a daily practice of gratitude as well which could help set the tone of increasing abundant opportunities.


Best Day: Friday, February 16 

February is your birthday season and solar return as you begin a brand new phase of your life. Aquarius energy is all about your sense of self and what you want, so it's okay if February is largely about just that. Use this energy to reflect on how different life feels from last year, especially in terms of receiving and the freedom you already feel to try new things.


Pluto is now in Aquarius, which means that you now have a chance to implement much of the growth you did into your life in the choices you make and set the pace for what you hope to create in the coming year.  

Venus, the planet of love, finances and real estate, shifts into Aquarius in mid-February and brings thoughtful, loving energy into your life. In your first house, this can help you embrace the idea of what it means to love yourself, along with seeing what it is that you're worth. Don't be afraid to ask for more or set down boundaries with what you require. Every good thing that's on its way to you won't have you compromising your dreams or value ever again.


Best Day: Monday, March 11 


Piscean energy rules over finances, wealth and self-worth, so as March begins, this will be your main focus. With just coming off your zodiac season, you should use this to put in for a raise, a new career position, or an application to return to school — especially if it will lead to higher pay. March is truly one of the months where life starts taking off in a new direction with the surplus of Pisces energy reminding you that it's actually not too much to ask for the world, just as the Lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra rises in your house of expansion. 

It's Libra energy that rules over travel, education, spirituality and abundance, so by merging the themes of both this air sign and Pisces, you can feel free to set your sights as high as you like in March. The new opportunities that you are receiving around this time may connect with events that occurred in September 2023, so you can use the knowledge of what has evolved or grown since that time to feel more confident in whatever decision you make.

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Best Day: Monday, April 8 


In April, it's important to approach the world and others with a lens of exploration and possibilities. Not only will you be feeling the positive effects of Aries season but the Solar Eclipse New Moon in this fire sign will occur as well.

For the next year, the North Node in Aries will be resting in your house of communication, highlighting the need to be open, to see everything as a new possibility and to be ready to receive the beneficial connections that come into your life. If you recently applied for a job, educational program or travel opportunity, you may also hear important feedback about that in March. If there's anything that involves writing, letters or grants, you would be encouraged to embrace an opportunity to have a gift with words as well. This may also include you becoming more vulnerable or less private as you start sharing more of your personal story on social media, which will undoubtedly inspire others.


Best Day: Wednesday, May 15 

After shifting into Aquarius, Pluto will station retrograde in May, giving you an intense time of transformation as all the ideas you've had suddenly settle into a plan for how to take action. While this internal process is going on, Jupiter will also shift into Gemini, which will start to bring more joy, a committed life partner, or a marriage proposal into your life.




Serious developments are occurring in your life as you are ready to step into whatever transformation process the universe guides you toward. This is also part of that new sense of freedom you're finally ready to embrace.  

May will also bring the soft grounding of Taurus energy into your home and family, which means as much as you might be thinking about a new career, home or love interest, you have a sense of stability within yourself and your closest relationships. As Jupiter makes its final shift from Taurus into Gemini, you might see the cumulative point of growth from Jupiter being in this area of your life, which is also part of the grounding you're feeling. There's nothing like being secure in knowing you are precisely where you are meant to be. 


Best Day: Thursday, June 6 


June may very well be a month of love for you as you revel in the Gemini energy with Jupiter and the New Moon. This is a chance to not just focus more on what makes you happy and brings joy and creativity into your life but also attract that special someone into your life and bring about an engagement.

Remember that the best way to attract love into your life is by living it to the fullest. When you realize that a relationship can only improve upon what you've already created, you're more likely not to let anything hold you back. Reflect on what you enjoy doing the most, whether it's photography, hiking or going out with friends for drinks. Meeting someone while doing something you love is the best recipe for success.  

The New Moon in Gemini brings you a chance to set an intention for what you want to commit to during the next lunar cycle. Perhaps it attracts a serious partner, becoming engaged or it's about feeling a deep commitment to self as you set an intention to experience as many amazing moments as you can. With Gemini representing air energy, you can use the power of that element to hang your intention into a tree so your wishes are taken directly to the universe.

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Best Day: Saturday, July 20 

July arrives with a focus on yourself and themes of well-being and dedication. Cancer energy is known for representing matters of health, so if you've felt like you've neglected your normal exercise routine or have been enjoying so many nights out you want a cleanse, this is the month to do it. With the influence of the South Node in your house of spirituality, you may also benefit from a spiritual retreat during June as well. If you can't get away for a full week, an experience like a sound bath could give you the experience and sense of well-being that you're craving right now.  

Mars, the planet of action and ambition, will also shift into Gemini in July, which will intensify the influence of Jupiter. Whether it's being more conscious of how you divide your time up, especially if you have a new love interest or becoming more passionate about following your bliss, July offers you a chance to deliver to the world precisely who you are and what you want from life.


Best Day: Monday, August 19 


August brings an influx of Leo energy, which rules over your romantic relationships. While this energy can often be good for dating and attracting a new love, it's the Gemini energy of your house of marriage that will really help you choose a partner who actually wants to invest in you and build a life together. In 2024, much of August is dominated by Mercury retrograde, which can make for more challenges in relationships. It is especially a time to be aware of old loves trying to return as Mercury retrograde will shift into Leo during the second half of the month.  

You may feel like you're anxious to start something but may not quite sure what that is just yet. This is normal for this time, and you should try to reflect on the intentions you set at the beginning of the year to make sure that you are honoring what you originally had hoped for. This internal confusion will lift with your Full Moon in Aquarius, helping you feel settled in yourself and life as you realize you are feeling more optimistic about life than you have in a long time.


Best Day: Sunday, September 22 

Virgo season brings a focus on the changes you want to make in your life. This is powerful transformation energy, but it also will ask you to ensure you are making a plan for success. As much as this is your time to fly free and embrace the new, you need to balance that with a bit of logic to create the magic you desire truly. You may also receive a financial gift or payout this month, which can help you with any new plans you're making, especially when it comes to travel.  


As the Sun shifts into Libra, it creates the urge to follow the desires of the South Node and direct your focus toward what is calling to your soul. This becomes an incredible time for travel or pursuing a higher education program. With the increased spiritual connection, you may also feel the desire to take a class in tarot or astrology. Whatever you want or dream of is precisely what you should allow yourself to do, which is why using that Virgo energy at the start of the month truly lets you put the plans in place to make each dream a reality.

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Best Day: Wednesday, October 2 


October brings the second half of Libra season and the New Moon Solar Eclipse, which will truly urge you toward new experiences, especially those that represent a greater meaning in your life. Libra can encourage travel or pilgrimages as you seek an adventure that also fulfills a soul's purpose as well. Even if you are already in an education program, you may decide to take some philosophy or spirituality classes, which, if they don't seem like they, will help you later in your path.  

The most important thing about October is to let yourself answer the call of the universe in whatever facet that means for you. Libra energy wants you to get out of your comfort zone, but it also wants you to do so because of an inner desire to experience life. Even if the adventure you're seeking is a girl's trip away with friends, it will still bring meaning because you will be surrounded by those you care about the most. Don't put off anything for another time but engage in the process to make it a reality in October.  


Best Day: Sunday, November 3 

November always brings up career reflection and growth as Scorpio rules these themes in your life, yet it may feel different in 2024. Normally around this time of year, you feel a bit restless in your work, even if it's a newer position, as you reflect on whether you're sure it's where you're meant to be or if the pay is worth what you must do. This is part of the transformational energy in this area of your life that allows you to make changes to find what is right for you continually.


Although this will still be something you need to contend with, especially as asteroid Juno shifts into Scorpio, bringing up any previous agreements made, Mars shifting into Leo will change the energy. Mars in Leo brings themes of romance, fun, intimacy and passion into your life, so while you might want or plan on focusing on your career this month, the universe might have other ideas in store for you. You are in a year of enormous growth and happiness, which means you also may have to find balance between working in your professional life and making time for love. This is a great problem, so allow yourself to be okay with navigating the changes in priorities and make the most of November, whether in your career or in the arms of the one you love.


Best Day: Saturday, December 7 

Although the year is ending, the transformation this year brought is not over. You still have five months of 2025 to continue to reap the rewards and benefits of Jupiter in Gemini and the energy of the Nodes of Fate.

For now, it's enough to reflect on your progress and how much more of life in general you were able to enjoy this year. The goal this year was about more happiness, whether it brought travel, a new home, romance or a career, so now is the time to embrace gratitude for all you've created. Journaling or creating a year in pictures can be meaningful for you as you spend time reflecting on how much love and beauty 2024 held for you.  


Venus, the planet of love, finances and real estate, will shift into Aquarius in mid-December and help intensify those feelings of gratitude. Venus in your zodiac sign not only encourages a deeper self-love but makes you more appreciative of what you've created. It's the perfect energy to end the year with, though it would serve to remind yourself it's just the beginning.  

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.