4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The April 8 New Moon Solar Eclipse In Aries

Those with rising, sun or moon placements in these zodiac signs will experience significant effects from this new moon solar eclipse — here's why.

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On April 8th, 2024, the new moon solar eclipse will be in the sign of Aries.

The sun is exalted in Aries, making this a potent transit, especially for cardinal placements. The themes from the lunar eclipse in Libra are woven into this transit, asking us once more to analyze our independence within our relationships.

On the collective level, we are all pushed to let our confidence shine. As the Nodes continue to transit, we will continue to experience a deep metamorphosis in the houses where the signs of Aries and Libra are in our chart.


See how the transit will especially impact certain rising, sun, and moon signs.

4 zodiac signs most affected by the April 8 new moon solar eclipse in Aries



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Sincerity and organization will be one of the themes of this transit with eclipse season making you more conscious of what you want in your life and what you are willing to accept. The transit now will have you a lot more determined to pursue your dreams with a dose of reality.

Planning will be easier and Saturn in Pisces could surprise you by helping you become more patient during this process. Aiming for structure may allow you to continue feeling passionate about your objectives. If you need to get back to a routine, the energy now can prove favorable.

Eclipse season brings us all more awareness, pushing you to write the next chapter and continue to make more movement with your story. You are seeing the progression now as many things have come to light over the last several weeks and you will see how you break barriers and see your potential and extraordinary abilities. Learn to appreciate your talents because you are blossoming into a powerful version of yourself.

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This is one of the more potent transits that will allow you to start your story and see your relationship dynamics with colleagues and family. Similar to the themes of the lunar eclipse in Libra, the solar eclipse is asking you how to create balance and how to take on more of the lead in positions or fields where your leadership is required. If you are shy, the next several months will show you how to take the helm in situations that call for it. You will be feeling a lot more like the leader you were destined to be.

The eclipse energy will make you more goal-oriented and you may even develop a passion for learning something new that will catapult your career sector. While things may get stressful, you know how to bridge the balance because your communication skills and tact will prove to give you the edge. The momentum now is to break free, trust yourself, and build the foundation needed for more achievement.

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Once again, you are dancing to a similar tune but you may now be guided by a new conductor, learning how to navigate this new melody. With the solar eclipse in Aries, you see the other side of the coin has themes of harmony and unity, especially in romantic relationships. Your heart takes center stage, as you may recall the moments it has felt wronged or bruised. The solar eclipse allows you to heal the ego, and see more positivity and romance on the horizon.


There can be a sense of accomplishment during this time with the sun in its exaltation, breathing new possibilities and dreams into your life. You may feel in control and could consider this to be a healing transit that will continue to impact your life for the next several months. If an old relationship resurfaces, you have the opportunity to close chapters and forgive. A reminder that everything happens for a reason and as long as you learn from those experiences, you will be less likely to repeat the mistakes.

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As a cardinal sign, the energy now will feel quite potent as eclipse season has you clawing for air, a break and some relief. But, it is in the sign of Aries, shining a light on the lowest part of your chart. A message here is tied to patience and perseverance. Once again, you are brought back to the similar themes of the lunar eclipse, but this time the message lies with patience and taking it slow.


Your commanding skills will be essential on the home front. You will see how you lead the people closest to you through the harshness of this cycle. Nevertheless, those similar skills you have utilized during the Libra transit will feel quite natural because, at home, you shine. You are learning how to take command in all aspects of your life. A reminder that just because you are at the top doesn’t mean you are not mean you don’t need to shine at home. You can be a star in both sectors.

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