The Complete 2024 Pisces Horoscope, Broken Down By Month

As the 2024 Pisces horoscope reveals, the world is yours.

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It may seem that this period of transformation may never end, but the 2024 Pisces horoscope shows it will change for the better.

The process of transformation that you've already been enmeshed within was more about releasing what wasn't serving you, and in this new era, it's so you can see why you needed to create the space that you did. It can be normal to become used to existing within a cycle of lessons, and even though you've made the best of every moment, you now must prepare to receive more from life and love than you ever thought possible.


Yearly Pisces horoscope 2024 highlights

The Nodes of Fate have recently shifted into Aries and Libra, where they will deliver an increase in confidence, wealth, luck and the ability to find balance within a relationship. The increase in self-worth and confidence will help you heal any lingering themes of codependency so that you can experience what true intimacy genuinely feels like. This will not only help bring in good fortune that you could also see lead to prestige or fame in your professional life but also the sharing of resources with your partner as you build a relationship that lasts forever.  


This will bring positive changes and expansion to your home life and themes of domestic intimacy as Jupiter, the planet of luck, shifts into Gemini. Through your emotional growth, you'll feel greater balance and harmony in your personal life, which may also lead to moving in with a partner, purchasing a new home or general expansion in this area of your life. Jupiter in Gemini will work together with the Nodes of Fate to help give you a total upgrade, not just to bring greater joy to your life but also to help you learn how to establish a healthy relationship. 

Pluto will make its permanent shift into Aquarius as well, which often brings a phase of internal transformation, clearing away old patterns and even enlightenment. For you, this will affect your romantic relationship, as you are encouraged to approach love differently as your healing adult self and learn what it takes to create a love that can genuinely last forever. Pluto works gradually, so this is a longer-lasting transit for you, but it will help you learn why life is better when sharing it with a loving and healthy partner.  

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Capricorn governs over your social circles and wishes, so as the year starts, you should be looking for ways to get out and make new connections. In this area of your life, you could have learned a specific way of relating to others or even learned to adapt because of your wounds. With Pluto, the lord of the underworld, just wrapping up its decade-long stay in this earth sign, you also have realized you need balance and that you may need to be the one to make the first move to making friends, staying in touch or even fostering positive relationships.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Capricorn, helping you to take the lessons of Pluto and start to not only create the positive connections you need in your life but also articulate how you need others to show up for you. As a Pisces, you can often be seen as a loner or feel like no one understands you, but you also must remember to be understood. You also must open up and become more vulnerable with others. Focus your energy in January on creating a healthy, supportive circle around you that can help you in the year ahead. 


February brings the deep transformative power of Aquarius to the deepest part of your life. Aquarius energy governs your dreams, intuition and healing. With Pluto now in Aquarius, this is also an area of your life that will gradually become a major factor in the years to come. In February, you may be tasked with an opportunity to trust in your growth and to take a chance toward building something new. While this may especially be true in a romantic relationship, you also may find that you need to embrace more of your spiritual self to accomplish all your dreams.  

Mars, the planet of action and ambition, will shift into Aquarius in mid-February and help you become determined to follow your intuition and the divine call of spirit. When it comes to trusting your intuition, you also must understand what went into the choices of your past and be able to see that now that you do know better, you will be able to do better. Don't be afraid to take new risks this month, as it will be sure to benefit you in the long run.


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Although Pisces season began at the end of February, March is known for representing the ethereal and dreamy quality you are known to represent. With so many planets shifting into Pisces in March, most of the focus will be on yourself. Not that your special person won't still be in your life, but because of the opportunity for growth and new relationships, you need this time to check in with yourself to ensure you are honoring what you've learned you deserve. 

Venus, the planet that rules love, finances and real estate, will also shift into Pisces in March, helping you not only love yourself more deeply but will also help you find a feeling of inner peace with many of the changes you've already begun or are considering starting. Let this energy help you feel like you truly do deserve the world because there isn't anything standing between you and the life you've been dreaming of.


April ushers in Aries season and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your house of wealth, confidence and self-worth.


Often, as a Pisces, you can be so humble that you forget the necessity of pride. To be prideful isn't to be boastful but to know your worth. To know that the work you do is invaluable or that you're meant for more. With the North Node being activated this month, not only can you expect opportunities of wealth and prestige to enter your life, but you should also feel like you're able to take pride in who you've become and what you contribute to the world.  

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries represents a time of new beginnings that may also bring about some sudden shifts in your life.

This will bring a new opportunity in your career, investments, or even college path that will lead to wealth and fame. Although you're not one to seek out the limelight, learning to have more pride means that you may need to learn how to resolve yourself by receiving the accolades and attention you deserve.



May carries with it the themes of Taurus and helps you to focus on the important communication in your life. Taurus rules this area of your life, which can represent self-talk, conversations with others, as well as any writing or presenting that you may feel called to do. With the surplus of Taurus energy right now, you can speak your truth and feel free to make any agreements or sign contracts with others, as anything you do this month will not only benefit you long-term but is also the result of Jupiter having spent the last year moving through this earth sign.  

Mercury, the planet that rules communication, shifts into Taurus in March, so you have an added energy bonus. Whenever you have the ruling planet and astrological house aligned together, you know that it will be a powerful month. In this case, it's all about the words you speak or write. Use this time to apply for any jobs, finish any writing projects or college application essays, or even start a brand-new project. You have a unique voice, and the world needs to hear what you have to say, so it's time to start allowing yourself to be fully seen for who you are.

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While the first half of the year brought dramatic changes to your professional path and wealth, now you start to focus more on your domestic life. Jupiter recently shifted into Gemini at the end of May, so now it is intensified as the Sun and New Moon occur within this air sign. Gemini rules your sector of home, family and even your committed romantic relationship. With Jupiter blessing any area it touches with expansion, good luck and happiness this is surely the start of a much brighter chapter in your life. 


You may struggle with trusting that things really are as good as they feel, but part of the work of Pluto in Aquarius is to let yourself transform from an era of struggle and lessons to life being more beautiful, meaningful and easy. You get to determine the life you live and the love that you accept. While this is just the beginning of positive changes in your domestic sector, you must learn you can have both an amazing career and the love waiting for you at home that you've always dreamed of.


July is one of the best months of the year for love as Cancer season highlights themes around commitment, marriage, children and happiness. Cancer helps you focus on what you need the most from a relationship to feel the most joy so you can continue to connect with yourself through the divine. This may also help you reconnect with childhood dreams and your innate sense of creativity. Whether it's in love or life, you should feel free to let yourself express your beautiful authenticity, as it will surely attract who you are meant to be in your life. 

Mars will shift into Gemini in July, bringing greater determination around your home and family. There may be a move that begins to come up in conversations this month, either relocating for work or you and your lover discussing whose home you both will reside in together. If there's no immediate move yet, it may also be a time of happiness and remodeling or upgrading your current home. Use this energy to ensure that where you live is a genuine reflection of yourself and the life you are in the process of creating.


As Leo season begins to influence you, the focus in August will shift to your well-being and the determination needed to continue your chosen path. You may need a break this month or time to rest, so taking a trip, especially if it's with a romantic partner, will be highly favored. You should also reflect more on how you are feeling spiritually as well as physically and consider looking into a new yoga practice to help you care for your mind and body.  


Venus will shift into Virgo, ruler of your romantic relationships, in August, creating a bridge with Jupiter in Gemini in your domestic sector. While this can help you create a deeper commitment and connection in your relationship, be very mindful of any exes returning, as Mercury will begin its retrograde in Virgo before shifting into Leo.

This period will highlight the lessons you've learned romantically, as well as the need to do things better and healthier in the future. Spend time caring for yourself in August and being mindful of what arises with the awareness that any decisions that need to be made are best made in September once Mercury is direct.  

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September is another month with immense romance possibilities as Virgo season helps you act toward following your heart. You may also feel a true sense of peace this month and even the ability to receive greater love as your heart will feel more healed and open. If you've had recent changes in your living arrangements or relationship, this is a positive sign that you are on the right track. If you haven't yet, then conversations involving these themes will arise. 


While the Nodes of Fate in Aries and Libra aren't quite done with their cycle just yet, you will get a sneak preview of what the second half of 2025 will bring as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces rises in September. With the Lunar Eclipse in your zodiac sign, you can expect that there will be a new emotional awareness or desire that arises, which will take greater root in the coming year. Much of the energy around you right now is supporting positive changes and developments in your romantic life, so it's important to ensure you are honoring what you want to create rather than letting any fears stop you.

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October carries with it the energy of the Nodes of Fate as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra will rise at the beginning of the month. Libra rules over your house of transformation and intimacy, and with the South Node currently here, it will be a time of immense growth. The South Node will help you learn to step into your power, embrace transformation, create balance and even find joy in sharing resources with your partner. Be mindful of the balance between your career, educational programs and personal life, as you will want to ensure that you are truly tending to all the areas of your life that are important to you.  

Libra energy will be felt more powerfully in October thanks to the Solar Eclipse, so it's important to give yourself time and space on what has shifted in your life since last year and what you are hoping to achieve in the final months of the year.


Pluto will also be entering Capricorn in October for about six weeks until finally shifting into Aquarius, so themes around expanding your social circle and manifesting what you wish may arise as well. The more you can understand that you can have it all, if you believe you can, then the more you will be able to achieve.


November reminds you the best life is the one where you are always open to new experiences and adventures. Scorpio energy governs over your house of luck, travel and education. Use this energy to book a trip, get away for a short weekend or even apply to college or other programs. Although December ends up being a powerful career month for you, you can also take advantage of the new energy this month and apply for any jobs that you're interested in.  

Asteroid Juno, which rules marriages and contracts, shifts into Scorpio at the start of November, which can bring an elopement or an arrangement in which you must travel for work. This can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a digital nomad or even working in the fields of travel and spirituality. Whatever you dream for yourself is possible. You only need to take the opportunities as you arise and remember that the dreams you have for your life are also part of your divine soul purpose.


Whatever began around the New Moon in Gemini in your domestic sector will now reach a point of fruition in December. You may find that plans to sell your home, remodel or even move in with a romantic partner are manifested this month. With Jupiter still in Gemini for another six months, it may also be that you have finally decided what this new chapter will look like for you. Whether it's the decision for what comes next or finally creating a home with the one you love, you now have confirmation that everything you've been doing has been a part of the divine plan for your life.  


The Full Moon in Gemini will rise midmonth, helping to bring an important romantic matter to deeper clarity, yet Mars will station retrograde in Leo. Mars retrograde in this area of your house may mean you experience delays at work, or you need to renavigate how you work or what your daily routine looks like. If you've recently moved in with a partner, it's okay also to reassess your work schedule so that you can make more time for what you've always wanted.

While having a committed, healthy romantic relationship is something you've always desired, it will mean you also need to make compromises and adjustments to how you've previously lived your life. Remember, in the best relationships, you never have to give up anything, especially the success you've worked so hard to achieve, but only create the space to receive more. In this case, it's more love, more luck and more joy than you ever thought possible.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.