The Complete 2024 Capricorn Horoscope, Broken Down By Month

You deserve to feel your best, and the 2024 Capricorn horoscope reveals how you can do just that.

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There is no greater home than the one found within. It's this space of inner security and well-being that allows you to expand into new and exciting ways as you work toward manifesting what you desire. To do that, you also must be able to release the past and the old stories that have dictated how you live your life, which is what the 2024 Capricorn horoscope reveals Pluto shifting into Aquarius will represent for you in the coming year.


Yearly Sagittarius horoscope 2024 highlights

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2018, during which time you had a complete transformation and rebirth of yourself. While not always easy, especially as Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, you've been able to burn away all that was no longer needed as you start to honor your inner truth more deeply. As Pluto prepares to shift permanently into Aquarius in 2024, you will need to release the story of struggle that has dominated the last decade so you can breathe easy knowing that you've made it through the lessons and can enjoy the freedom of genuinely becoming the person that you are meant to be.  


Although Pluto's transformational shift will dominate much of your energy in 2024, the Nodes of Fate will also be encouraging their kind of growth.

The North Node recently shifted into Aries, changing your focus to creating greater emotional security in your personal life and bringing along the possibility of relocating or changing where you live. At the same time, the South Node moved into Libra, which asks you to release the need for external validation and to reassess your professional life to ensure that you are creating a balance between the areas of your life that you value the most.

Your career is always an important aspect of your identity. Still, it's not all that goes into you feeling like you are living your best life, which is something that Jupiter in Gemini will assist with as the energy in 2024 focuses around you, realizing that the most important thing you can do to affect every other area of your life positively, is to feel your best.  

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Best day: Thursday, January 4 

The year begins with Capricorn season, and you are experiencing not just a global new year but a personal one as well. Take this time to review the past year, along with what you want to change and accomplish in the coming months. This will be a perfect time to focus not just on those matters of career or your personal life but also on how your day-to-day life affects the dreams you are able to bring to fruition. Mars will shift into Capricorn at the beginning of January with the New Moon, so it will be a valuable time to set a new intention and clear away the past.  

Pluto will also shift from Capricorn into Aquarius at the end of January, which will be important to prepare for as this will change the major focus of your life along with how you feel about yourself.



While Pluto was in Capricorn, it created a complete transformation of self. As much as self-growth or healing never really reaches an ending, it's important to see that an important period of your life is concluding. Even if the past decade has brought challenges or you felt tested by the universe, it doesn't mean that it will continue, so it's essential to leave that exactly where it belongs as you prepare to enter a new era.



Best Day: Friday, February 16 

February brings a focus on the new themes that Pluto will bring into your life as you realize that the fresh breeze blowing you in a new direction is the Aquarian winds. Aquarius governs your finances, possessions, and self-worth, which will all be part of a larger focus for you in the next two decades. However, while Pluto works gradually at creating transformation this month, there will be an intense burst of Aquarian energy in mid-February that will help propel you toward a new direction. 

If you've been aware of all the inner ways you've changed but have still allowed certain areas of your external life to remain the same, then it's time to start creating new boundaries that honor not just your worth but also your growth. As Venus shifts into Aquarius, not only will you feel more confident in asking for what you need from others and the universe, but you can also expect a positive financial boost. The most important aspect in February is simply to remain aware of what surfaces, as it's likely there will be glimmers of what the next era of your life represents.

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Best day: Monday, March 25 

March will deliver a mix of energy meant to stir the need for important conversations and greater balance. Although most would not consider you to be overly emotional, with Pisces ruling your house of communication, you know that being vulnerable is key to your creating success in any area of your life. This will become your main focus in March, not just in personal relationships but also in being honest in your career. If you have been feeling unvalued or dissatisfied by your career, changes won't be able to happen until you start to open up.  

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra rises at the end of March and activates the lessons of the South Node. This is where you will have to assess what you're putting out to the world and if it represents who you are. You may also receive career clarity around this time as well, especially if you need to explore a new option. Full Moons bring situations to fruition, and Lunar Eclipses cause a new emotional awareness to take root.

Remember, as part of this process you've been in, you deserve to take up space in places where you are truly valued. If you don't feel as if you are, it's not a reflection on who you are but a lesson that you may have outgrown that specific job or situation.



Best day: Monday, April 8 

April helps to bring a balance to your priorities and perspective as you are drawn to focus more on your professional life this month and what makes you the happiest. This also represents a shift from thinking that success is only defined through financial wealth or title and instead seeing those important personal relationships in your life as a source of abundance, too. Aries energy activates the North Node, especially around the Solar Eclipse New Moon at the beginning of the month. This may bring about a deeper connection in your existing relationship or the desire to change or upgrade your home.  

Toward the end of the month, Venus, the planet of love, home and finances, shifts into Taurus and brings about the possibility of marriage, long-term commitment, happiness and themes of family. Venus in Taurus is what will provide you confirmation that creating more space in your life for love and happiness may be just what you need and the knowledge that when you feel fulfilled emotionally, you also tend not to want to lose yourself in your career any longer.


Best day: Wednesday, May 15 


Taurus energy rules all things beautiful, good and joyful. As Jupiter prepares to shift from Taurus into Gemini, the energy will change, which means that if you do have a wedding to plan this year, the best energy is from the beginning of the year to the end of May. This will also bring to fruition anything in your life that was focused on creating greater happiness, romantic commitment or expanding your family. If single, then you are preparing to end a phase that was about committing to your divine joy, which means it's also a month to create new memories.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift into Taurus in mid-May and will help you communicate about important topics and continue to advocate for yourself. If you realize you need a change in your career, relationship or just life in general, you can use this energy to set boundaries, protect your peace, and honor the fact that only you know what will bring you happiness.

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Best day: Thursday, June 6 


In June, it is best to make sure that you're creating enough time to focus on your total well-being. Jupiter just shifted into this air sign at the end of May, so that Gemini season will be felt more intensely than normal, especially around the New Moon. Jupiter in Gemini will be working to change your routines through the work you do and how you care for yourself so that you can receive that inspiring promotion and expand into life in all the ways you're dreaming of.  



With the significance of Jupiter in your life for the next year, you can use the energy of the New Moon in Gemini to set a powerful intention that focuses on you living more of the life you desire each day. Whether that means working from home, attending classes remotely or trying to stick to a wellness plan with greater determination, let yourself reflect on what you need to feel your best, as this will help with everything else you will encounter this year. With this energy, it would be a wonderful time to sign up for a retreat or take a class in meditation to help you learn to prioritize your well-being.


Best day: Saturday, July 20 


July brings a focus to your romantic relationship as Cancer activates themes of love in your life. Cancer is your opposing sign and always brings up matters of the heart, which often come down to ensuring you're investing as much in the people you love as you are in your profession. While this has been more of a struggle for you at times, in 2024, it will come more easily. This is partly because of your growth in learning what you need or what defines your happiness but also because of Jupiter in Gemini that will have you valuing making it home for dinner just as much as doing an amazing job on a presentation at work.  

Mars, the planet of action and ambition, will shift into Gemini toward the end of July and will work with Jupiter to help you become more focused on creating space for your priorities to dictate your schedule. This would be an exciting time to get away for a vacation or plan for a staycation as you spend more time creating a daily routine that nurtures and fosters the type of life you want to live. Mercury will station retrograde in Virgo for the first half of August, so try to plan any travel for the end of August or the beginning of September, as it will go more smoothly if you can.


Best day: Sunday, August 4 

August gives you time to reflect on the changes you want to implement toward the second half of the year and an opportunity to reflect on past decisions. Leo energy rules over August, making the New Moon especially powerful, yet when Mercury shifts into Leo as part of its retrograde, you could have to go over past matters again. Leo energy governs over money from an inheritance, trust or a romantic relationship, as well as the process of rebirth, something you are quite familiar with after Pluto was in your sign of Capricorn for so long.  


Take time to see what comes up in August, as you may be asked to change your mind so that a situation, especially in your personal life, is more in alignment with who you've grown into. This can help you open new doors in your life and bring in greater wealth, which Pluto in Aquarius will also assist with.


Best Day: Sunday, September 22 

With Mercury now stationed direct, September is the time to embrace travel, promotions or applications to college or educational programs. This will be intensified in the first half of the month before Libra season begins, so try to make the most of the first few weeks of September. Whatever you choose to apply to or the opportunity you seize, it will have been in the making the whole year, so it's important to honor what you deserve and the work of the past decade to learn your truth.

If you can get away or travel, try to plan that for the first half of the month because, in the second half of the month, you'll be busier than normal. More than likely, with Libra season beginning, this will center around a new career or profession or changing your major if in college. While Virgo energy helps you expand into new areas and take advantage of new opportunities, Libra enables you to focus on your professional life and reputation.


Libra season will be intensified due to the energy of the South Node, so you may want to reflect on the Lunar Eclipse at the end of March to see if similar themes are now arising in your life that you can act on. September is the best month to focus your attention on your career, especially once the Sun shifts into Libra.

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Best day: Sunday, October 27 


October arrives and helps you continue the work of manifesting your professional aspirations. However, there could be friction between your career and home around the 17, with the Full Moon in Aries. Try to take advantage of any work opportunities during the first few weeks of October as you polish up your resume, apply for new positions, advocate for a promotion, or get in your college paperwork because the focus will shift mid-October. Try to alleviate any potential issues arising by spending more time with your family or partner around the Aries Full Moon as you remember how good that balance felt at the beginning of the year that you began to establish.  

The Aries Full Moon will echo back to the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of April, so something that began or was set into motion then will be coming full circle now. With Aries being intensified in 2024 because of the North Node, you can expect to feel closer to your partner or loved ones. This may mean prioritizing family time over a new opportunity in your career as you continue to dedicate yourself to honoring what is most important to you. There may also be an opportunity that arises in October for a relocation or move. Just proceed slowly and if you can wait until 2025 to make any big decisions.


Best day: Monday, November 11 

Scorpio energy rules over your sector of community, friends and those that you choose to surround yourself with. This can help you once again make sure that you're giving your all to your career as well as your friends in your life. It's a great time to plan a night out with friends or a short getaway, especially if it's toward the beginning of the month before Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius.


Scorpio energy can also help you settle into a new career as you work on establishing professional relationships with your coworkers, colleagues or classmates in college. Let yourself settle into where you are and the recent changes while still paying attention to the personal relationship aspect.  

In mid-November, Venus, the planet of love and finances, will shift into Capricorn and help you feel more peace than you've felt in a long time. Not only will you be loving yourself more deeply, but you'll also feel more confident that you are on the right path. Let yourself enjoy life in November, and not be afraid that somehow you'll lose what's amazing in your life or mess it up, as this is precisely what you've been preparing for. The more you love yourself, the more you love your decisions and life itself.


Best day: Monday, December 30 

As the year ends, you will be under the energy of Sagittarius, which governs your dreams, intuition and inner self. You may be craving more time at home or quiet energy, so a great deal of social activities may not be as important to you. Try to find balance in everything, but remember that when you feel your best, you can also live your best life. You may have an inspiring dream around the New Moon in Sagittarius, so be sure to journal about anything that arises as it may go into creating an intention for 2025.  


The end of December brings the Black New Moon, named for being the second New Moon in one month, and even luckier for you, this one is in Capricorn. This is a beautiful way for you to end 2024 and celebrate Pluto officially being in Aquarius for the next two decades. Try to create a celebration around this time, even if it's only for you, so that you can honor how every step of your journey has been necessary to arrive at this moment. Let yourself plant an intention of jasmine seeds and hope on the Black Moon that can represent gratitude for who you were and excitement for who you've yet to become.

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