The Luckiest Day In The Entire Month Of February 2024 For Each Zodiac Sign

It's a leap year, so don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your destiny.

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The process of growing isn't defined by becoming someone that you never were but instead by transforming into who you always were. It calls for the undoing of knots that have bound you in places you never belonged and severed ties with thinking that no one else knows what is best for you other than your divine self. To attract all that is destined for you in this life, you first need to ensure you are embracing your radiant, authentic light.  


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February 2024 deepens the Aquarian quest for authenticity as Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Pluto join Pluto and the Sun over the coming weeks. Aquarius is known as the rebel with a cause. It will always seek independence and autonomy over following the crowd and doing what is expected. While this energy will base you more on what benefits the collective, it won't prevent you from self-sacrificing your dreams and desires.  


Although you may not want to think of having to go your way to attract all that is meant for you, often, the universe asks for nothing less than you to be the living embodiment of who you were born to be. With no major planet retrograde in February 2024, it is a sign from the universe to put all your energy into the new.

This makes it a prime month to focus on what you want to begin within your life path, career, or relationships, as you will be more confident in doing what you feel is best rather than feeling coerced into following the expectations of others.  

Embrace risk in February 2024 as you lean into what you want and what you feel drawn to pursue or improve upon, as the universe heavily supports you during this time. Be mindful of the energy around February 16-18, when there will be a fortunate stellium of Pluto, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, all in Aquarius. This will be able to help you set yourself free, honor your intuition, and make great strides in manifesting your intentions.


There is no limit to what you can pursue or create in February 2024. You only need to realize that sometimes, the smallest shift is what creates the biggest result. There is no more profound way to turn things around and attract the luck you seek than to make the radical decision to be yourself simply.  

What day will be luckiest for your zodiac sign on February 1 - 29, 2024:

Aries Luckiest Day: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Ceres in Capricorn, ruler of your house of career  

In February 2024, take the time to sow new seeds of creation in your career. Asteroid Ceres will shift into Capricorn, highlighting the need to focus on what you want to grow during this new chapter of your life. Ceres focuses its energy on abundance, fertility, and a sense of nurturing, so you may realize that you can accomplish more by slowing down and putting your energy into what you genuinely want to grow.  

As you start to work with this shift in your life, it will be more important as Pluto has just exited this sign, which means a particular chapter or way of working has ended. In this new space of being able to flourish to new heights, try to look at how you can work better with others or ask for help. Success is so much sweeter when it's shared.  


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Taurus Luckiest Day: Saturday, February 17, 2024

Stellium in Aquarius in your house of success  

You are heading into an extremely lucky time in your life as Pluto, the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus all converge in Aquarius February 16-18, 2024. Aquarius energy governs over your house of success, which can rule work matters, professional dreams, or how others see you. With so much energy in this rebellious air sign, it's important to pay attention to new offers or opportunities that may feel like they take you out of your comfort zone.  

The Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Aquarius ensure that your actions align with your truth, while Venus will help you focus on not only what you love but also how to be financially abundant while you're doing it. Although Pluto is just beginning to move through Aquarius, where it will spend the next two decades, you can expect a new development or path to open up in your career, so make sure you pay attention to the divine signs from the universe.  


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Gemini Luckiest Day: Saturday, February 17, 2024

Stellium in Aquarius in your house of luck 

Although you may not have felt like your true self in 2023, all that you felt you lost out on is about to come back tenfold; from February 16-18, there will be a unique stellium in Aquarius, ruler of your house of luck. Take this time to initiate any new moves in your career, life or relationship. While Aquarius rules all matters of luck for you, it may also mean you are drawn to return to school or travel. The most important thing is to let yourself expand into new and exciting areas during this time.  

You are just beginning an incredible year, not just because Pluto is now lighting up your house of luck but because Jupiter, the planet of luck, will shift into your sign of Gemini on May 25. Don't feel like you must get everything done on a particular timetable; instead, embrace the natural process the universe directs you toward.  


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Cancer Luckiest Day: Sunday, February 18, 2024

Sun in Pisces, ruler of your house of abundance  

You are still taking a breath after Pluto shifted out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on January 20, but that doesn't mean there are some exciting, positive changes in store for you. Pluto's last few years in Capricorn have been incredibly challenging for you as relationships and partnerships of all kinds came up for renegotiation, with some not cutting. As you move into this new era of your life, it's important to let yourself start dreaming again, and that is precisely what the Sun in Pisces will enable you to do.  

Sun in Pisces lights up your house of abundance, which can help you feel more hopeful about the new phase of your life you are building. Use this energy to reflect on what brings you happiness or excitement, as it will be up to you to ensure you are filling the spaces created in 2023 with what genuinely resonates with your soul. Leave no stone unturned as you approach this part of your life of experimenting with what feels good, as joy is always the clearest way to the abundance you seek. 


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Leo Luckiest Day: Monday, February 19, 2024 

The North Node and Chiron in Aries in your sector of expansion 

Before you can fly, you must first understand what has held you back all these years. You have been surrounded by new opportunities and a desire for newness, but still, there has been something you've been afraid of, which has resulted in you carrying certain regrets. No matter what has previously transpired, it's never too late to learn, to heal, and to seize the divine chances for growth the universe is delivering.  

The North Node and Chiron will meet in Aries, highlighting your expansion sector and making you more aware of what has been holding you back. Although you are known as the king of the jungle and relatively fearless, you still have held within you the fear of failure.

You can't base your future on what has happened in the past; instead, you must see that everything that currently surrounds you is precisely because you are meant to seize it. Let yourself take a risk because it will be the best thing you can do for yourself.  


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Virgo Luckiest Day: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Vesta direct in Gemini in your house of professional aspirations  

So much of 2023 revolved around your personal life, and though you are immensely grateful for all the changes and blessings that occurred, it's still okay to want more for yourself. This has been a balance to learn, and one you still might be feeling your way through, as there's a difference between only focusing on what's ahead of you versus being in the moment and desiring a sense of success.  

Asteroid Vesta rules your internal fire and what lights you up from the inside. As Vesta stations direct in Gemini, you will be infused with a newfound energy to channel into your professional aspirations. Use this to focus on what you want for your career or major if you're still in college. Now is the time to honor that no matter how great your personal life is, it doesn't mean you won't crave individual success.  


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Libra Luckiest Day: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Vesta direct in Gemini in your house of travel 

As much as you've already branched out from your comfort zone in 2023, it's just the beginning of what awaits you in the new year. There has been a return to your healing and growth as you've decided to focus more on yourself rather than others. Although this may have felt unnatural initially, you're starting to see that more than anyone else, you deserve the same time and attention you've selflessly given others. 

As asteroid Vesta stations direct in Gemini, you may be called to focus more of your energy on travel. This might be for pleasure, work, school or a combination of all of them. The idea of traveling this year for you, though, goes beyond a suntan and tropical drink. In a newfound sense of freedom, you're beginning to explore. This is you reintroducing yourself to the world, and by embracing both short- and long-term travel opportunities in February, you will create more of the life you seek.  


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Scorpio Luckiest Day: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Ceres in Capricorn in your communication sector  

There is no question that you are an emotionally and spiritually deep sign, but expressing your feelings in words or advocating for yourself often needs to be learned. Pluto has been slowing through Capricorn since 2008, bringing a change in how you think about things and in how you express yourself to others. This has not only transformed your relationships but also put you in place to attract the professional success you've dreamed of truly.  

Now that Pluto has shifted into Aquarius, asteroid Ceres will move into Capricorn on Thursday, February 8, and will help you tend the seeds for your new beginning. While Ceres enables you to embrace the fertile abundance surrounding you, it also ensures that you are moving from a place of self-worth and honoring what you deserve.


Use this to put new ideas into practice, step into a new role at work or make the first move in your romantic life. You already have the keys for the doors you hope will open for you in 2024. You just need to make the first move.  

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Sagittarius Luckiest Day: Saturday, February 24, 2024

Full Moon in Virgo in your house of reputation  

It's been an interesting shift into 2024 for you as you've still been awaiting the payoff for the energy you've been putting into revamping your life in all the best ways. Eventually, everyone grows up and with that comes the decision not just to be their true selves but to be seen in that way by others, too. This isn't just about having a positive or hardworking reputation but truly feeling like how others see you is reflective of your inner truth.  


Truth is a lifelong quest for you, Sagittarius, but as the Full Moon in Virgo rises in your house of reputation, you may find that a particular journey is coming full circle. With an increased ability to communicate more clearly, thanks to the Aquarian energy in that sector of your life, you can shine through as your most authentic self. While you have been hoping for a monetary reward for your efforts, feeling like you are now being seen and respected for who you truly are will add a new sense of abundance to your life.  

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Capricorn Luckiest Day: Saturday, February 24, 2024

Full Moon in Virgo in your sector of knowledge  


You are always trying to learn more, not just for the sake of learning but to be able to use it to achieve success. The thing is, though, that sometimes, it's not about the accolades or money you make, but instead from the experience itself that adds to the richness you desire from life. In 2024, you will be focusing greatly on balancing your professional and personal life due to the Nodes of Fate, but an important moment of awareness arrives with the Full Moon in Virgo.  

The Full Moon in Virgo lights up your sector of knowledge, which will bring up themes of education, college or those courses in astrology or cooking that you've been considering. This creates a space of not just seeking knowledge but also the experience of doing something new. When you can embrace a new path in life without worrying about where it will lead, you also surrender to the divine plan the universe has for you.  

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Aquarius Luckiest Day: Saturday, February 17, 2024

Aquarian Stellium in your house of self  


It wouldn't be the start of the year if you weren't reevaluating yourself or how you want to live your life. This year, you will be moving through an incredibly lucky time as the stellium in Aquarius peaks on Saturday, February 17. Pluto, the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus will be in Aquarius from February 16 to 18. Be mindful of events that unfold around that time, as there will be hints about what this new phase of your life will be like.  

Pluto is just beginning its time in Aquarius, which means it will be a profound sense of inner growth as your power of attraction will be increased. Think of this time as finally being able to live the life you've been preparing for. You get to decide what is meant for you and what you put your energy into. The more you trust yourself and fully embrace your radical self, the more you understand why things have had to happen like they did. Don't hide during this important time, and instead, show the world who you really are to attract all you have ever wished for.  

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Pisces Luckiest Day: Monday, February 19, 2024

The North Node and Chiron in Aries in your financial sector 


Money is merely a spiritual transaction, which means that being wealthy and abundant isn't counterproductive to living a life of meaning but essential for it. You've been healing and reevaluating your relationship with money in the past few years. However, because of that work, a huge opportunity will come into your life. All of this preparation was so that once the financial abundance arrived through a career move, investment, or other means, you could handle it properly.  

The universe never gives more until you show you are handling what you already have. As the North Node and Chiron meet in Aries on Monday, February 19, pay attention to what offers you receive.

This area of your life will be quite active throughout the year as the North Node continues to bring in opportunities for greater wealth. However, what is extended toward you in February will set the tone for everything else. Remember that not only are you worthy of being financially free, but that you have put in the work to deserve it as well.  

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