What Your Zodiac Sign Can Start Manifesting This Weekend Using A Journal, November 10 - 12, 2023

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manifest using a journal the weekend of november 10 - 12

Welcome to your weekend manifestation guide for November 10 - 12, 2023, for all zodiac signs in astrology. The sweetest days of the week give us Mercury in Sagittarius, where it will stay until December 1. It also provides Mars opposite Uranus on 11 and lastly, Moon opposite Jupiter on 12. Expect this Sagittarius energy to provide inspiration for pet projects and curiosity about many different topics. I see a Wikipedia binge in the near future!



Making a dedicated journal for manifestations isn’t necessary, but it can help keep you organized when you go back through past entries and see how the seeds you’ve planted have grown to full fruition.

I've made a list of things that each zodiac sign can manifest, tapping into the energies that are available for us this weekend. You can also keep the research for the manifestations in this journal because sometimes, we don’t know what we want. Or if we do know what we want, we don’t know why.

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The increased energy over the weekend can lead to more potentially impulsive behavior and risk-taking. To add insult to injury, our loved ones will indeed check us on this bad behavior. Watch for maternal figures in your life confronting you on shortcomings, addictions and poor spending. Try to take the criticisms in stride, as these confrontations come mostly from them actually caring about you. Avoid scorching the earth, if possible.

Your fiery, rebellious spirit will not be quelled by any Debbie Downers; in fact, conflict is likely and might be coupled with restlessness for energy-sensitive zodiac signs. Take a deep breath this weekend whenever possible, and do bring the Tums with you as well. The purpose of writing while manifesting is to keep the negative energies at bay while focusing on your highest potential.

Now, without further ado, whip out your cutest, fanciest journal and let’s… manifest!

Here's what each zodiac sign can manifest the weekend of November 10 - 12, 2023, using a journal:

Aries Manifest: Self-acceptance

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How to heal from personal shame is through forgiveness. Recently, you've gone through several rough patches in your relationships. You said some things you shouldn't have said and did some things you might regret. But the past is the past, and if there is anyone who has a great comeback story, it's you!

Taurus Manifest: Divine Timing

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Intuition is the key to the universe. It's knowledge from the cosmos. The best way to utilize it is to clear internal noise and listen for its clarity. However, without action, it is of no use.

There are no coincidences in life. After answering that, ask yourself then what is holding you back from taking action. Is it timing? If so, when do you intuitively feel it would be best to take the first step? Mark it on the calendar.

Gemini Manifest: Vision

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See beauty in pain. Commit to finding 3 positive things that came from that situation and 3 lessons you've learned from that situation. File these notes for later.

Gemini, you have one of the fastest brains of all the zodiac signs. Often times it can make you skittish because you have so much to learn and uncover and so little time. Don't forget to see the big picture in all that you do. Setbacks happen, but in the grand scheme of things, everything has meaning and purpose.

Cancer Manifest: Spiritual Abundance

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Quotes that lift you in times of need. Keeping them in one collection in a bullet journal will make it easier to go back to when you need that sound advice. Great places to look for quality quotations can be religious texts, Goodreads, Pinterest and remembering back to conversations or text messages with your friends and family.

Cancer, this time of year, can sometimes spiritually drain you. It's because of expectations. You're expected to be kind and charitable. You're expected to make sure everyone feels attended to. You're supposed to go to the holiday parties, the coat drives, the shops — oh, on top of everything else in life like work, school and family. Remember your "why." What makes you get up in the morning excited to start the day

Leo Manifest: Higher Vibration

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Take a few moments and find the right outlet to express your thoughts. Keeping others in mind, which thoughts do you love most?

Leo, you take care of yourself. Actually, you could probably teach a course on self-care. And that is magic! It's a superpower few have. Use your superpowers for good, and watch it come back tenfold.

Virgo Manifest: Replenishment

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Oh, you’ve done it now. You’ve emptied your own cup. No time to be mad or bitter about it. Use your journal's small shortlist: a warm bath, decaffeinated tea and whatever supplement or what feels natural for you to take, perhaps.

You have a tendency to overdo things (that's an understatement, right?) It's because you want things done well, done on time, and done right. No complaints here; just make sure to check in with yourself and make sure your spiritual side is okay, too. Your inner being is your first priority above any work deadline. Use the three things you've written down to help you stay focused.

Libra Manifest: Uninhibited Creativity

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What is your favorite creative outlet from childhood? Compare and contrast. What has changed, and what remains the same? Furthermore, do you find the time to do at least a few of these monthly? Where can you fit a few moments of joy into your day?

As adults, we often lose ourselves to the adulting process. Time is limited, and energy is even more limited. But then, the purpose of life is to find your joy or passion and follow it relentlessly. How does one even? Start by identifying what lights your fire.

Scorpio Manifest: Balance

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All work and no play makes us agitated and dell. Balance is central. So, literally, balance your energetic budget. For every task, write down a way to relax and connect with others. It can get really granular, too, like a 5-minute break to check Instagram or watch a 20-minute YouTube video. Everything can be a treat if you plan it that way.

Scorpio, this time of year can be hard because of all the detailed planning, budgeting, and work that must be done. In some ways, the holiday season is no vacation and just a way to pile more work onto our already full plates.

Sagittarius Manifest: Awareness

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Hint: it’s the thing keeping you up at night that you play over and over in your head like a catchy pop song.

Most humans have a filter of cognitive bias. One thing we all do is see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. After all, it's our reality, right?

Capricorn Manifest: Acceptance

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What am I currently holding on to that is just holding me back? Now dig deeper and ask yourself how it is holding you back; when it is holding you back, ask why. 

We cannot change the past. We all know this, yet, as humans, we are always looking for ways to change it. Usually, this is in overthinking about it at night and hoping that somehow our thoughts can change it. The best thing to do is to radically accept all that has happened and know that whatever it is, it has happened to many others before and after you.

Aquarius Manifest: Ability to let go

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If you are holding on to a material possession, perhaps you have something similar that can replace it, or if it is a person, perhaps you have another person in your life who can fill that role.

It goes without saying that sometimes you can hold on to a grudge. Sometimes, you were generally hurt, and other times, even though the other party has apologized, you still feel the need to be angry. Storing that energy can literally be toxic.

Pisces Manifest: A state of oneness

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What's your preferred method of prayer, meditation or visualization? Pisces, your ability to empathize with others can often leave you distant and separated from yourself. It's a gift to relate to others, but self-care is paramount. Because you are one of the most spiritual of the zodiac signs, finding ways to integrate all sides of yourself will greatly improve your mental health.

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