10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Forgiving Yourself

Your actions speak loud, but people might not realize what you're saying.

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It is easy to dwell on the past, especially your mistakes.

But when you start forgiving yourself, others will notice some things begin to change for the better.

From leaving toxic relationships to focusing on the future instead of the past, there are ways your life will shift as you forgive yourself and heal from past mistakes. 

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Here are 10 things people don't realize you're doing because you're forgiving yourself: 

1. You don’t dwell on your past

You start to realize that you’re no longer telling stories, remembering conversations, or crying over those heartbreaks from your past.


It doesn’t mean that you forget all of those memories, but you understand that you can’t change the past and the only thing you can do is take some lessons from it. You know that forgiving yourself means that you need to focus on your present moment instead of mourning the sad things from your past life. 

2. You’re busy achieving your goals

You will find yourself busy pursuing dreams—whether it’s about your career, education, or overall life. You start to explore and discover more about yourself and your surroundings.

Being busy is also your own distraction to get over your mistakes from the past and when you start to forgive yourself, you start to believe in your potential to reach all of your dreams.


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3. You're excited to meet new people

Forgiving yourself also means that you are ready to meet some new people in your life. You will realize that you spend less time with the people from your past and you will engage more with the people from the present.

You will embrace new experiences as well and you will be brave about taking chances, including the chance to fall in love with people all over again.

4. You're able to voice your needs and wants in your life

When you forgive yourself, everything becomes clear as you start to acknowledge your needs and find who you truly are. You will put self-love and your own well-being above any huge decisions in your life. You will stop beating yourself up with negative thoughts and anxiety. You totally understand that forgiving yourself is the same thing as loving yourself.


5. You’re brave enough to leave a toxic relationship

Forgiving yourself also means that you no longer allow anybody to abuse you or your inner being. You know your worth and you will never hesitate to leave those relationships which only make you suffer.

You also learn from your past that trusting and loving the wrong people can be the worst mistake that you’ve ever done in your life, so when you forgive yourself, you will try your best to avoid those toxic people.

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6. You're starting to recognize your emotions on a daily basis

When you forgive yourself, you will be more in tune with your own emotions. It will be easier for you to feel, accept, and admit the emotions that emerge on a daily basis.


For you, the emotions that emerge are not weaknesses and you will realize that those are the things you should embrace. You will be proud of your emotions as they will grow your empathy towards others as well.

7. You'll stop comparing your life to others.

Because you’re happy with your current life. When you forgive yourself, your life feels easy and everything seems like it’s falling into place. You start to let things happen the way they should and you totally understand that everyone is struggling just as hard as you.

Forgiving yourself makes you feel more grateful for the simple things.

8. You’re fearless when it comes to making mistakes

You totally understand that a mistake is not something to be scared of because humans are designed to learn from them. Forgiving yourself will not only make you able to solve problems, but also to find humor in difficult situations.


You realize that you can always get back up from failures and that forgiving yourself is the key to making you stronger than before.

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9. You’ve identified what you regret and are ready to start over

When you forgive yourself, you are able to admit your mistakes and identify your past and you learn not to repeat it again.

You know that you’ve made bad decisions, but you also understand that everything happens the way it’s meant to. Thus, forgiving yourself makes you ready to start over, even though there is no guarantee that you will ever save yourself from being broken.


10. You'll make peace with your flaws

Because forgiving yourself also means that you accept who you truly are, inside and out. You will stop blaming yourself or others for the things which didn’t go as planned and you accept everything that life has to offer.

Forgiving yourself makes you able to love others and work harder than before without having high expectations about everything.

In the end, when you know that forgiving yourself is the hardest thing in life, but you’re still trying to do it anyway, that’s the exact moment when you begin to live your life to the fullest.

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Rayi Noormega is a contributor to YourTango who writes about love and relationships.