The Monthly One-Card Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign Predicts How November 2023 Will Go

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monthly tarot horoscope november 2023

Welcome to November and the monthly one-card tarot horoscope for every zodiac sign. It looks like this is the month for some major changes, and while the first half of the month may be relatively calm, the real 'action' is starting somewhere right after the New Moon appears on the 13th. 

We have a New Moon on November 13 and a Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th. Before we hit that semi-mid mark, however, we'll be looking at moods and communication, as these are the main players in some of what could be called our destined change scope. Much Neptune energy is hovering around us this November, which will have us looking inward for much of the time.



This is typical of end-of-year months, as this is a time for introspection. With the many Uranus transits accompanying us along the way, we'll be trying new things, if only to discover that those things will not work.

After the New Moon, however, is when things start heating up. Remember that we spend most of this month in Scorpio when Sagittarius rolls around on the 22nd. We are ready for the fire and the focus. The second half of November brings much Mars energy, and with a Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up on the 27th, we are looking at intensity and firm decision-making. 

November 2023 monthly tarot horoscope:

Aries: The Devil

November brings out a side of you that may be considered 'panic.' This card doesn't necessarily imply that you'll be acting in a hostile or mean way, but it does suggest that you may feel as if you are pressured into doing something rash ... and that pressure may come from your desire to accomplish.

You feel that the end of the year has not brought you what you've wanted, so much of November will be about you acting impulsively and perhaps even carelessly to complete something. You desperately want to be a good person, but things aren't moving fast enough for you, which may kickstart your impulsive energy.

Keywords for the month: temptation, facetiousness, impatience

Dates of importance: November 1: Here's your opportunity to set positive intentions and disallow the negative thoughts you believe may be coming.

Secret meanings: The Devil may represent someone you find annoying but alluring. You may be drawn to this person even though you are pretty sure they are no good for you. Keep this in mind if you suddenly feel yourself attracted to someone whom you recognize as 'no good.'

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Taurus: Seven of Cups

You see November as pure potential. You can't help but feel you have so many opportunities to take advantage of that you're practically giddy over your good fortune. Your one problem is that you can't make up your mind, which may start to pressure you, as time is of the essence here.

You may be tempted to put it all off and 'have a good time' as it is the end of the year, but you know that action is still required of you. November is about appreciating that your life is going well and doing what you can to keep it going in that positive direction.

Keywords for the month: scatterbrain, optimism, choice

Dates of importance: November 15 could be a turning point in your career. 

Secret meanings: The Seven of Cups may be a wake-up call card, telling you to act on your impulses now or blow an important moment in your personal history. This card tells you to wake up and take advantage of what's before you. Don't hesitate.

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Gemini: Knight of Cups, reversed

You will do your best to tell someone how you feel about them. While you may come across as a bit of a goofball, your intentions will take you a long way and you will eventually be able to express yourself and feel comfortable doing so. November holds in store for your love and companionship, and while you know it will be up to you to show up for that opportunity, it may take a while for you to feel at ease with the good fortune that has come your way. All is going well in your world, Gemini, hiccups and all.

Keywords for the month: procrastination, love, intention

Dates of importance: November 9 and 11 will be days to pay close attention to. 

Secret meanings: The Knight of Cups could be a person in your life, most likely someone you have a crush on or are interested in romantically. Watch out for this person. They may seem shiny and new but have ulterior motives and may not be 'the best' for you.

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Cancer: Nine of Swords

November brings you that typical 'end-of-year blues experience. While that doesn't sound promising, it's exactly what you must go through to rid yourself of whatever bothers you. This month will be a month of purging. You know what you have to leave behind, and you know very well what you have to start focusing on. Negative thoughts can be creative prompts. You can take your present situation and make something great. It's OK to feel pain and to cry because it's only temporary, and one has to 'feel it to heal it' as they say.

Keywords for the month: transformation, purging, elimination

Dates of importance: November 6, 23, 24, 25. 

Secret meanings: This Nine of Swords speaks of your inner turmoil and may be at the heart of what keeps you from progressing. There's something you need to look at and get rid of. It's time to work on your inner self and your outer being.

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Leo: The Fool, reversed

Conversely, you might see November as the official start time for fun and folly. Hey, it happens, and for many of us, this is where the party starts. You feel as though you are severe enough to get you through the year. Now that it's November, you might as well let your hair down and just go with it. You take chances that might be reckless, but you feel confident enough that if you go 'too far,' you'll be able to reel yourself back in.

Keywords for the month: carefree, selfish, fun-loving

Dates of importance: November 7, 8,15 are good days to get your love life back on track if it's fallen off.

Secret meanings: The Fool is not a terrible card in that it doesn't mean You're a fool, but it does warn you about what foolish behavior might bring you. To get this card for the month means you need to reel back some of your less-than-healthy habits and work on improving certain aspects of your life, especially regarding your well-being.

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Virgo: Ace of Cups

November brings you the reward you've been waiting for. Whatever has happened until now seems to be what you needed to put in to get to this place, but Virgo, this month will bring you joy and happiness in ways you never thought were possible. Whether it's all about you finding contentment is something that's always been there, or if it's simply about you coming to see that what you have is already perfect 'as is,' you're going to find that this month brings you nothing less than bliss and happiness.

Keywords for the month: fulfillment, riches, joy

Dates of importance: November 1 immediately lets you know this one's up to you. Make the best of it. 

Secret meanings: The Ace of Cups is never a good card. It has no secret meaning other than for you to understand that you've been blessed with great fortune and that you need to get in touch with gratitude daily for your brilliant and beautiful life. Honor the life and live it to your fullest.

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Libra: King of Wands

Not only are your previous plans coming to fruition, but you are starting to believe that you're on to something about business and what the next year will be focused on. This card shows you that you are not only right about the choices you've made but that you can feel confident about trusting your gut regarding whatever your next move is. November puts you in the mindset of complete confidence. You know what you want and what your next move will be.

Keywords for the month: confidence, courage, decision

Dates of importance: November 3, 4. Watch what happens at the top of the month, as it will set the tone for the rest.

Secret meanings: The King of Wands represents someone you look up to in your life. This is someone you can trust with your life, and it's always a good idea to check in with this person before making any huge decision. They are here to steer you in the right direction and have your best interests at heart.

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Scorpio: Ace of Swords

Swift decision-making and ruthless action make up so much of what November holds for you. You can't help but feel the power of your sun sign taking hold, and as it moves into Sagittarius, you feel even more energetic and decisive. What you must do may not make you into the most beloved person, but it's you or them. You're not waiting for someone else to do the job when changing your life. You are brutal but driven, and it works out well for you.

Keywords for the month: focus, drive, ferocity

Dates of importance: November 1 and 2 show you that you have the potential to make the best out of this month right at the top.

Secret meanings: The Ace of Swords is associated with the kind of power that doesn't necessarily play nice. This is a rigorous card that comes with very little compassion. It's a card that implies you can have everything you want if you are without scruples or discretion, but that there's a price to pay for that kind of ingenuous behavior.

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Sagittarius: Four of Pentacles, reversed

It feels as though we've pulled this card for you before, Sagittarius. What is seen here is that you are in a place where the only thing on your mind is money. That's OK because you have a plan. You are undeterred when it comes to your savings, and even though this is your sun season, you aren't about being generous or impulsive with your money. You are here to focus, which is what November is all about — focusing on the plan, saving your hard-earned cash and planning something amazing for your near future.

Keywords for the month: money, abundance, savings

Dates of importance: November 3, 4, 13 and 28 are the best days to decide what you want to do with your life. 

Secret meanings: The Four of Pentacles concerns creativity and making money. This is a career card, and whether it is reversed or upright, its message suggests that you need to focus on making money right now and try as hard as you can to avoid distractions.

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Capricorn: Judgment, reversed

Just because it's the end of the year doesn't necessarily mean it's time to take off and do things your way.' What's coming up here is that during November of 2023, you'll hear news that isn't what you expected. It may just have you working harder next year.

You'd like to think that the end of the year is something you can relax with and take some time off, but the 'higher-ups' have plans for you. Well, at least you'll be making money, Capricorn. No rest for the weary, as they say. Still ... it's not all that bad. You're in good shape financially.

Keywords for the month: routine, change of plans, work

Dates of importance: November 23 puts you in the right place at the right time. 

Secret meanings: Judgment is somewhat of a scary card, essentially, as it does imply that a judgment is coming your way and, depending on what you're expecting it to look like, may be met with a sour disappointment if the card is in reverse. We like to keep a positive attitude about cards like this, but being on guard and ready is also good.

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Aquarius: Nine of Wands, reversed

Obligations have you tied to your post, and while this could potentially feel frustrating to you, you also know that you can't get out of these obligations. In reality, they're not that bad. You're pretty used to it by now. November has you tending to someone else's needs, and while that's not in your nature, you'll do what you must do because you are an honest and fair person and realize that there are times when you must be somewhat self-sacrificing. It's your duty and you'll do what you have to do.

Keywords for the month: obligation, charity, discipline

Dates of importance: November 1 and 2 determine your basic mood for the entire month.

Secret meanings: The Nine of Wands can remind you that if you don't change your routine, you'll be on your way to a long stint in Boredom Land. This card lets you know that while you may be doing everything right, the entire routine can become incredibly tedious and unsuited for your creative personality. It may be time to stir the pot.

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Pisces: Three of Pentacles, reversed

November is more about pulling back and rethinking what's to come than trying anything new. You feel that by now, the year's energy is waning, and you'd rather just stick with what you have and live it out. You aren't about making grand decisions, though you have 'things' in mind for the new year ahead.

You'll spend November in a tranquil and introspective state of mind. All is well, but you know that 'wellness' comes from silence. You're good at what you do, but November is not a time to show off — and you're OK with that.

Keywords for the month: discretion, withdrawal, quiet

Dates of importance: November 10, 15 and 18 will be crucial for your creative work and possibly life-changing. 

Secret meanings: The Three of Pentacles have you being judged for your work, which also means that whatever it is that you do for work and to gain an income is being scrutinized and weighed. This card lets you know that you're being watched and must know that your moves are being considered. This isn't to say you need to be paranoid, just ... 'conscious' that others are watching what you do in the work arena.

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