How To Use 'The Heartbeat Method' To Shift Into Your Desired Reality

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The desire to manifest our wildest dreams and control the trajectory of our lives has birthed a number of reality shifting methods.

Shifting realities is the process of moving your consciousness from one state to another by way of visualizing, affirmations, and/or scripts. This helps to put you into whatever reality you envision.

Though there are plenty of shifting methods to try, like the elevator method or the raven method, people also often use the heartbeat method for shifting realities to a more desirable life.

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What is the heartbeat method for reality shifting?

The heartbeat method involves listening to rhythmic heartbeat sounds that help with visualizing your desired reality.

The idea is that your heart beats faster when focusing on your desired reality. All you need to do is listen in order to do the heartbeat method.

Before you get started, you should clear and relax your mind by meditating. You can try apps like Calm or Headspace, or do it on your own if you know how to.

You should also prepare by getting hydrated. It’s important that you drink plenty of water because the process of shifting can be exhausting.

Here’s how to do the heartbeat method in 6 steps.

1. Find the right heartbeat sound for you.

Since listening to heartbeats is the nucleus of this method, picking the right sound to listen to is vital.

Scour YouTube for a heartbeat sound track that’s around 20 minutes long. Looks for one that sounds crisp and clear. (The videos with a high amount of views and likes tend to be of better quality than their lesser-watched counterparts.)

To avoid interruptions, don’t forget to turn off autoplay. This will ensure your reality-shifting session is not interrupted by commercials.

2. Get comfortable.

One of the keys to a successful reality shift is being in a comfortable position. This place should be away from distractions where you can lie down and not have to move positions.

Shifting realities requires you to fall asleep, so starting in a relaxing position will help you to drift off peacefully.

If you want to ensure you go undisturbed, try using noise-canceling headphones to mute any background noise.

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3. Listen as you relax.

Close your eyes and imagine lying on someone’s chest preferably someone attractive, and listening to the beats of their heart. They might even be someone from your desired reality.

Start the track and simply lay and listen to the sounds of the heartbeats. Relax into them until the thumping in their chest turns into a relaxing beat.

4. Start your visualization.

Now it’s time to imagine your desired reality.

After you’ve listened to the heartbeats for a few minutes, picture yourself exactly where you want to be. Try not to let anything negative intrude on your happy place. See yourself whole, healed, and successful in your new reality.

The images in your head should coincide with the heartbeats, flashing through your mind one by one, showing you what your life can be.

5. See yourself being led to a door.

Next, imagine you are totally comfortable in your desired reality and the person whose heartbeat you’ve been listening to wakes you up gently.

They get up and start leading you to a door. That particular door is a portal, opening up your new reality. Pay close attention to it.

The person guiding you then asks if you’re ready to go home. This is a time where you really should stop and consider whether or not you’re ready for change.

If the answer is yes, see your ally open the door, pushing away the fear, hurt, and trauma of your past to clear the way to your new way of living.

If you said you were not ready, you should recite positive affirmations to prepare yourself to take the first step toward the life you deserve.

Positive shifting affirmations like “I am ready to live my desired life” help to stave off doubt and anxiety to help you feel confident in walking through that door.

Once you walk through the door, you’ll get the feeling of falling. Remember to stay focused on the reality you have created in your mind.

6. Wake up in your desired reality.

Now that you’ve reached your final destination, open your eyes. Continue to affirm and visualize and be prepared to live in your desired reality!

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