What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On October 7, 2023

A breathrough is coming to help you embrace your wildest dreams with the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces.

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Your emotional realm is the space of truth and where all your divine dreams are born. Light a candle made from the essence of cedarwood essential oil, and allow yourself to drop into this place where you welcome all feelings. Leave judgment at the door. Focus on what surfaces through the feelings and dreams that make up your divine truth.  

On Saturday, October 7, the Moon in Cancer will align positively with retrograde Neptune in Pisces, giving you an inspirational breakthrough. The Moon softly rules over your emotions, often seen as the truest part of who you are, while retrograde Neptune in Pisces will return your dreams and hopes for the future.


While Neptune has been on its retrograde journey since June 2023, it's challenged your visions for the future by bringing up how reality diverts our plans. Still, today, you're given a moment of insight as you understand what has been placed on your heart that you feel called to pursue.  



Today is also the last day that Venus will be in Leo before shifting into Virgo tomorrow, and it also marks the end of its retro shade phase that it's been in since stationing direct at the beginning of September. This gives you a place to finally feel all that the past five months of Venus in Leo has brought up and for the ultimate truth to rise as it guides you into a beautiful new chapter of manifestation.  


Elements for your rituals, Saturday, October 7

Leading Energy: Pisces, Water 

Best Time For Your Ritual: Anytime 

Chakra Point: Sacral 

Herbs: Lemon Balm, Sage and Basil 

Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Bergamot 

Crystals: Amethyst for spiritual connection, Black Tourmaline for protection and Flourite for concentration 

Incense: Cinnamon 

What your zodiac sign can manifest on October 7, 2023 

Aries: Intuition 

(March 21 - April 19)  

Daily affirmation: I am connected to my intuition as I trust it to guide me forward.  

The Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces will help you tap into your deepest dreams and intuition as you see how the universe always guides you toward your highest destiny. Create a tea using lavender, chamomile and honey before bed. As it steeps, place an amethyst in your cup and then find a warm and peaceful place to curl up and enjoy it. Anoint your third eye with lavender essential oil, and then keep your affirmation in your mind's eye while you fall asleep.  


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Taurus: Believing in yourself 

(April 20 - May 20) 

Daily affirmation: I believe in myself and my ability to create whatever I dream of. 

Focus on believing in yourself, no matter how impossible certain dreams may seem, as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you honor your inner truth. Begin by creating an altar space with a shallow water bowl and placing a white candle. Sprinkle rosemary, basil and salt around it for healing and protection. As you light the candle, repeat your affirmation eleven times and then extinguish the candle in the bowl of water.  


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Gemini: Career opportunities 

(May 21 - June 20) 

Daily affirmation: I am opening my heart to new and spiritually aligned career opportunities.  

Embrace a new career path as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces inspire you to find a higher purpose within your professional life. Begin by carving the sigil for success on a green candle, then anoint it with olive oil. Place this in a dish of salt and cinnamon, and then light it. As it burns, repeat your affirmation.  

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Cancer: New experiences 

(June 21 - July 22) 


Daily affirmation: I can succeed when I embrace new experiences and adventures.  

Focus on curating and embracing new experiences and adventures as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you enter greater abundance. Create a sacred sachet using a square of orange fabric or tissue paper. Then fill it with your written affirmation, sage, basil, lemon balm and citrine. As you bind it with an orange ribbon, repeat your affirmation and place it on a west-facing window to honor the energy of Pisces.  

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Leo: Transformation 

(July 23 - August 22) 


Daily affirmation: I am surrendering to the power of divine transformation.  

Let yourself surrender to the waves of transformation moving through your life as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you step into your highest self. Create an offering with sage, black salt and a small cone of cinnamon incense. Repeat your affirmation once it's lit, and sprinkle a few drops of frankincense essential oil over your offering.  

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Virgo: Romance 

(August 23 - September 22) 

Daily affirmation: I am radiating love out into the world as I prepare to receive back all I desire.  


Feel into your heart as you return to being a divine being of love while the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you attract the romance you seek. Begin by lighting a red candle, then draw a heart on paper. Inside the heart, write your affirmation, your name and the name of a current or prospective partner. Repeat your affirmation as you drip the melted wax over the heart, folding it three times toward you and burying it beneath a rose bush for love.  

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Libra: Determination 

(September 23 - October 22) 

Daily affirmation: I am determined to focus on myself and realize my dreams.  


You are being infused with a deep determination as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you manifest whatever you desire. Create a talisman using a small pouch or square of fabric, filling it with your written affirmation, basil, cinnamon and citrine. Repeat your affirmation as you bind it with a red ribbon, then anoint it with clove essential oil. Keep this in your pocket throughout the day for the energy to make your dreams a reality.  

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Scorpio: Joy 

(October 23 - November 21) 

Daily affirmation: I am worthy of a joyful and beautiful life.  

Let joy be enough reason for change as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces inspire you to validate your happiness. Begin by slicing a lemon and then place it in a bowl. Sprinkle sugar and lavender over them while you repeat your affirmation, and then add them to your water bottle for the day with a piece of citrine and amethyst.  


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Sagittarius: Family healing 

(November 22 - December 21) 

Daily affirmation: I am focusing on healing meaningful relationships within my family.  

Use the energy of the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces to bring healing and forgiveness to your home and family. Create a smudge using white sage, lavender and a sprinkle of salt. Repeat your affirmation as you burn it, cleansing your energy, home space and the energy of anyone you live with. Scatter the cooled ashes around your front door. 

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Capricorn: Truth 

(December 22 - January 19) 

Daily affirmation: I am creating a space to welcome my truth and the truth of others.  

Focus only on what is true while the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you open your heart to forge more transparent connections. Begin by writing your affirmation on paper and then, using a blue ribbon, bind it around a lemon. Repeat your affirmation while you bury your intention beneath a maple tree to help grow and foster truth.

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Aquarius: Financial abundance 

(January 20 - February 18) 

Daily affirmation: I am attracting greater financial abundance into my life.  


As the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces help you attract greater financial abundance, focus on your sense of worthiness for all you dream of. Place three coins in your hand and a dash of cinnamon. As you stand in your front door, repeat your affirmation and blow the cinnamon through the door. Scatter the coins around your front steps to attract the abundance you seek.  

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Pisces: Release 

(February 19 - March 20) 

Daily affirmation: I am releasing all that no longer serves me to honor my soul's path.  

Let yourself release what no longer serves you so you can truly embrace your recent growth and healing under the energy of the Cancer Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Begin by placing a letter describing what you are releasing in an offering bowl with salt, rosemary, basil and rose petals. Fill it with water and put it on a west-facing windowsill to honor the energy of Pisces. Return all materials to the earth in the morning.  


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