8 Ways To Magically Manifest Anything You Want Using Bay Leaves

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Manifestation has become one of those buzzwords that you hear everywhere you go these days. People use manifestation work as a powerful tool in attracting money and in making their hopes and dreams come true.

There are so many ways to manifest including using water or even moon rituals that incorporate the phases of the moon. Other ways of manifesting that you might already practice include creating a vision board and clearing negative energy.

But a manifestation ritual you may never have heard of is manifesting with bay leaves.

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Why are bay leaves so powerful?

Bay leaves are considered "sacred" and, according the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham, have even been used by the ancient priestesses of Apollo in their rituals. Burning bay leaves and inhaling the smoke was part of inducing a prophetic state that helped them to attain clarity while manifesting.

Spiritually, bay leaves represent protection and purification, removing and repelling the bad while attracting positive energy.

In ancient times, it was used in the wreaths of laurel to crown victorious athletes in Greece, so it came to be known as the herb of victory and peace. The power of bay leaves is seen across many cultures in the practices and customers.

But bay leaves are much more than a food you find in the grocery store. They have healing, mending, and anti-inflammatory properties and have been used in natural medicine to treat various ailments.

So, it’s no wonder using a bay leaf for manifestation is so popular when it comes to doing things like:

  • Breaking spells
  • Increasing clairvoyance
  • Attracting love and healthy relationships
  • Manifesting prosperity
  • Blocking bad vibes sent your way
  • Fixing a low vibration
  • Strength
  • Success
  • Peace
  • Opportunities
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Insight and intuition

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What is a bay leaf manifestation?

Like any other practices that attract your deepest desires, bay leaf manifestation rituals are centered around being clear on what you want to manifest, having faith that it will happen, and trusting the process to deliver.

Manifesting with bay leaves uses your visualization and intention powers to bring forth your dreams. You use the bay leaves to focus your attention and harness its magical powers to achieve your goals.

It can increase your motivation and keep what you want top of mind until it falls right into your lap.

How To Manifest With Bay Leaves

When it comes to using bay leaves to manifest, it goes without saying that keeping them around during meditation can increase your ability to attract. But there are a number of other ways to incorporate the sacred plant into your manifestation practices.

1. Write it down and burn it.

One way to manifest with a bay leaf is to write your desires on the leaf then burn it. Conversely, you can write down anything you want to release on it.

To burn a bay leaf for manifestation, you will need the leaf, a marker, a pair of tweezers (or something to hold the burning leaf with), and a lighter. This works with manifesting money, qualities in a mate, and even career success.

Place the leaves in a fire-resistant bowl after writing what you want to manifest on it and light it ablaze. Once it is burned completely, throw the ashes away.



2. Keep it in your wallet, purse, or under your pillow.

If your intention is to manifest money, keep a bay leaf in your purse or tucked away in your wallet. Before stowing it away, write down the amount of money you want to manifest on it.

You can also include messages that attract wealth as well. In addition, you can keep a bay leaf under your pillow to continue to manifest as you sleep.

3. Burn it along with sage.

Another way to manifest with bay leaves is to combine them with your sage. Not only will you multiply the power of your manifestations, but you will also release a wonderful scent into the room and cleanse your space.

Sage essential oil has been shown to develop memory and mental reasoning. Infusing that with bay leaves can only add to your clarity and intention and increase the anticipation you’ll feel with manifesting.

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4. Use it while journaling.

Bay leaves give off strong energy and, if you are keen on writing down your thoughts and desires in a diary or journal, can bring them to fruition.

Simply take or paste the leaf right into your scripting method of choice. Other effective places to put it are on your vision board, in your planner, or inside of your manifestation box.

5. Break it down and light it up.

Different from the first technique where you write your manifestation on it, hold a bay leaf over a flame and burn it. This method requires you to break it into small pieces and place it atop a candle as it burns.

As the candle melts away, center your energy and focus on what you need to draw into your life. This can be done with a ritual candle or any candle you have sitting around.

6. Add it to your cleaning routine.

A simple way to protect and cleanse your home is to add bay leaves to your sanitation routine. Placing it in your mop water or spritzing it in a room can help your personal sanctuary maintain a high vibration and provide an environment conducive to attracting your desires.

7. Manifest with the moon.

If you are a person who uses rituals for the varying phases of the moon, adding bay leaves can make them that much more impactful.

For a new moon, write down what you want to manifest and complete a leaf burning ceremony. On the flip side, during the full moon, write what you would like to release and use the leaf burning ceremony to rid yourself of those things.

8. Drink bay leaf tea.

Bay leaf tea is yet another powerful way to manifest your goals and ambitions. When making the tea, be certain to stir it clockwise while reciting your affirmations and be certain to drink it all in its entirety.

Not only will it help to fix any ailments afflicting you, but it will move you one step closer to getting exactly what you want out of life. If drinking bay leaves isn’t your thing, add them to your bathwater and achieve the same results.

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