Weekly Love Horoscope For September 11 - 17, 2023

Love starts to make sense for us in ways we have longed for.

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Return home to yourself, to your dreams you have for love and the desire to connect soulfully with another. While love is rarely logical, balancing obligations with your passions can take a lifetime to learn. In its highest form, love should make you feel more like yourself. It should bring you the realization that your partner offers you something no one else can while also grounding you in the truth that even with this being so, it will take planning and the power of conscious choice to embrace all it is meant to be.


The week of September 11 –17, 2023, offers an exciting mix of grounding earth energy and the clue of desiring something more profound in your romantic connection.

Mercury is direct, which means any decisions for more significant commitment, separation or exploring a new prospect can all be made with the confidence that you are following your heart. This allows you to start taking what has arisen in recent months and implementing it in new ways as you take what you have learned and incorporate it more deeply into what you do.

Asteroids Ceres, Vesta and Pallas also change signs, ushering in a wave of new energy that acts as the antidote to codependency as you focus more on yourself while desiring that soul-deep connection. In this way, it's as if you suddenly realize there isn't anything romantic about putting your needs on the back burner.


At the same time, you stop trying to be and do everything to make your partner happy and instead step back and decide that your happiness is worth putting time and energy into. This may cause some relationship strife as dynamics are encouraged to change and grow. Still, in cases where unhealthiness is present, it can finally be the clarity needed to take your life in a new direction.  

The beautiful aspect is the New Moon in Virgo, rising opposite Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. The New Moon in Virgo is looking to start a new romantic chapter that is grounded, focused and able to continue growing in the future — yet it's also looking for what can heal. Retrograde Neptune in Pisces is continually helping you see what is real instead of only what you wished was true, while Saturn retrograde in Pisces is helping you explore the greater meaning of your decisions and leave behind any karmic ties.  

This New Moon ties in with the start of eclipse season in October 2023, helping you glimpse what the universe may have in store for you and reminding you that no matter how much you may love another, you can never make your home within them. You are your own home, worthy of adorning your walls with love and your floor with sacredness as you start to make this journey back into your truth, allowing anything that won't be sustainable in the future to drop away as you embrace all that love is meant to be.  


Weekly love astrology forecast:

Wednesday, September 13 

Asteroids Pallas and Vesta shift signs this week, encouraging you to follow your inner sense of justice for your partner and yourself. Pallas represents wisdom and knowledge. In Libra, you try to do what you feel is right. However, it can't come at the expense of yourself. Veer away from those situations that would have you sacrifice a part of yourself, as you are inspired to put your needs first, and then try to use your divine wisdom to help you create a compromise or agreement with your partner.  

Vesta in Cancer is concerned more about emotional support, but even in this, the tides and lessons of the current retrograde season are changing. While Vesta in Cancer is focused on the emotional support you give, it also helps you reflect on what you receive. This energy allows you to bring a more reciprocal agreement with your partner as you find more excellent balance and also encourages you to step away from any unhealthy dynamics in which you may feel taken for granted.  

Thursday, September 14 

The New Moon in Virgo rises this week, reminding you that while you can't control everything, you can manage yourself and your choices. Even amid the retrograde season, with both Neptune and Saturn moving through their periods of inner growth in Pisces opposite the New Moon in Virgo, you will be asked to slow down your focus and allow yourself to see just how much control you have over the choices you make in your life. This stabilizing energy is reinforced with the grand earth trine presiding over the cosmic energies this month, helping you to ground yourself and focus on each step you can make toward your goals or repairing a fractured relationship with your partner.  

New Moons bring beginnings, and in Virgo, it is helping you start to plan for the next phase of your romantic life. However, with so many planets still in retrograde, you are being guided to truly learn from the past and go slow to ensure you make decisions from healing rather than wounding. Making this lunation more spectacular is the last New Moon before the eclipse season begins in October 2023. It can carry more weight and significance as the universe gives divine hints at how your life may change over the coming months.


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Friday, September 15 

Mercury is direct today in Virgo, allowing you to breathe deep and feel greater clarity about your relationship and any changes you feel called to make. Mercury rules the mind, which comes through in how you think about things and speak. With so many other planets still retrograde, Mercury direct in Virgo allows you to finally think through things clearly and rationally as you can see more truth around you. This also lifts the veil of active waiting from doing or making any big decisions in your life, and even with other planets retrograde, it is now safe to begin moving forward in your life and with your romantic dreams.  

Asteroid Ceres also makes a significant change this week as it moves into the emotionally deep waters of Scorpio, inspiring the desire for a once-in-a-lifetime big love and helping you gravitate toward those fated and intense connections. The balance here, of course, is to ensure it is healthy, but this transit brings about renewal and remembrance that love is more than an obligation. It should set your soul on fire.  

Weekly love horoscopes for September 11 - 17:


Best Love Day: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 


The more you give yourself space to see the truth, the easier your decisions become. Many possibilities and changes surround you, but you must ensure you see the whole picture to take full advantage of them. This also means you have to be honest with yourself about your role in your relationship and any unhealthy dynamics you've allowed yourself to create. While the truth may not always be easy, it does make the space for love to grow. 

Asteroid Pallas, which rules wisdom, knowledge and courage, shifts into Libra on Wednesday, September 13, activating your romantic sector with the clarity you need. Allow yourself to embrace all that arises as you trust the first step to making the changes you seek is knowing precisely what needs to change. 

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Best Love Day: Friday, September 15, 2023 


There has been a shift in how you think about love as you have embraced the understanding it can't be all about what makes sense but also the magic two souls can create. This has felt a little off-kilter for you as you have had to focus on building your sense of stability to embrace the love you seek. However, as it's become more accessible, you've also started to see yourself attracted to what you desire. 

Asteroid Ceres, the ruler of unconditional love and relationships, shifts into Scorpio, ruler of your romantic zone, on Friday, September 15. This is the final boost you need to embrace the love you crave. It isn't just one that is consistent but reaches you on a soul level. You have it within your power to create all you desire from a relationship. You must take that first step. Love will meet you the rest of the way.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, September 15, 2023 


The more important something is in life, the more time it will take to process and bring healing to it. Just because you are used to things moving at a quicker pace doesn't mean you are failing somehow or should feel the need to pick yourself up and carry on. Let yourself embrace the clarity and healing as you reflect more on how the past has played an essential part in what you've created because you trust in the value of embracing more grace for yourself and others. 

Mercury, the planet that rules thoughts and conversations, is direct on Friday, September 15, in Virgo, ruler of your home, family and healing sector. Things will start to make more sense, and you will finally be able to start talking about all that you've been moving through. Remember to create the deep relationship you seek. You must also be vulnerable with the one you love.  

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Best Love Day: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 


Trusting yourself and honoring your needs creates more capacity for love as you can lean into what you most need. While at times on your romantic journey, you've made it all about the other person. As you have returned to your truth this year, you've also received more love and compassion from your partner. No matter how foreign this may feel, trusting in your growth and what you have created will only continue to create more space for love to grow. 

Asteroid Pallas, the ruler of wisdom and knowledge, shifts into Libra on Wednesday, September 13, ruler of your home, family and healing sector. It's time you rededicate yourself to prioritizing your needs, finding balance within your relationship and remembering that you don't need to exhaust yourself to receive the love you desire. You need to give it to yourself first.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, September 15, 2023 


Just because you want a unique, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love doesn't mean you must deal with toxic cycles or a roller coaster of emotions. When you let yourself see that love can be exciting and consistent, you open a whole new way of relating with your partner and within yourself. Remember all you have learned on your romantic journey, and embrace your ability to find balance as you allow your relationship to reflect your personal growth. 

Asteroid Ceres, the ruler of the seasons of life and relationships, shifts into Scorpio on Friday, September 15, activating your home, family and healing sector. This is part of a final lesson to help you step into the place necessary to create the love you seek without feeling like you must sacrifice one thing for another. When you believe you can have a passionate and stable love, that is also what you attract.  

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Best Love Day: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 


When you go through significant phases of growth in your life, how you see life will change, which also means your priorities will shift. Sometimes, this can feel like too much, so you try to adhere to the parameters of how you have lived your life. In doing that, you can miss out on essential growth moments. Allowing your priorities to align with your new phase of life is the best way to ensure you can enjoy each moment. 

Asteroid Pallas, ruler of wisdom and knowledge, shifts into Libra on Wednesday, September 13, shining a light on your value sector. While this area can provide benefits of understanding your self-worth, it will also let you upgrade your priorities with all you have created and grown in within your life. By remembering what matters most to you, you will ensure that it is what you create space to focus on.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, September 15, 2023 


Life changes direction not because you've failed but because it's meant to. The more you learn and grow, the more you will see life differently, which means your goals and dreams will shift, too. Just because you had a dream once doesn't mean it's one you must stick to. Let yourself fully validate your dreams and feelings for life as you expand into new territory and begin to see love differently.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, is direct on Friday, September 15, in Virgo, activating your sector of goals and aspirations. This is also the part of your life that governs those you surround yourself with, as it feels like you are entering a phase of opening yourself up to the world around you and your relationship in a new and exciting way. Embrace the newness surrounding you, and don't be afraid to change your mind. It might be the best thing you'll ever do.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, September 15, 2023 


Honoring your depth creates the space to receive what you seek fully. You don't have to talk yourself into being someone different by invalidating your desires for love or romantic connection. Instead, you must strive to bring in more balance. You have been on a cycle of recognizing that healthy love can be intense, but you should never have to sacrifice your growth to make a relationship work. 

Now, as asteroid Ceres shifts into your zodiac sign of Scorpio, you will feel reignited with hope and authenticity that you can create what you seek. Ceres rules unconditional love and relationships, but Scorpio desires to make the soulfully deep connection you seek. Let yourself embrace newness and your truth when it comes to love because this is how you will finally see everything you ever dreamed of is possible.

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Best Love Day: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 


The more you care for yourself, the more you set a precedent for how others will care for you. This is an aspect of self-love, but it's more reasonable to ensure your cup is full before asking another to fill it for you. When you embrace the power of creating a home within yourself and establish your stability, you also can show up more authentically for your partner.  

Asteroid Vesta, the ruler of devotion and your spiritual flame shifts into the emotional sign of Cancer on Wednesday, September 13, activating your zone of transformation and intimacy. Focus on yourself to improve your romantic connection, ensuring that any lack you may feel is the first one you fulfill. This will pave the way for a healthier and deeper spiritual connection.  

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Best Love Day: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 

There are always pragmatic and emotional aspects to any relationship, but the trick to creating a long-term healthy relationship is to find a balance between them. As much as you can become fixated on solely looking at what you can do for your partner or in setting up a secure future, you also need to ensure you are embracing the emotional needs of the union. No matter how much logic can ground love, it still is an expressive act that requires you to practice vulnerability and depth in your connection. 

Asteroid Vesta, the ruler of your spiritual flame and commitment, shifts into Cancer on Wednesday, September 13, highlighting the depth and connection of your romantic relationship. Cancer rules your romantic sector, and in this area of your life, you will be called to invest more energy into focusing on the emotionality of your relationship rather than logic. Let yourself step out of your comfort zone to create the love you have dreamed of. 

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Best Love Day: Thursday, September 14, 2023 

It would be best if you trusted yourself to decide to create this new chapter in your life. Even if it feels like so much around you is changing, by tuning into your inner trust, trusting your heart and focusing on what you can control, you will ensure that each choice you make is one your future self will thank you for.  

The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 14, activates your zone of intimacy and transformation, helping you to create your new beginning in love. You have been through a lot lately, but the fog is clearing and as it does, it's creating more space for love and romance. Things don't have to be perfect to be enjoyed, nor must they be all figured out to make a decision. Sometimes, the simplest and most profound choice is to embrace every ounce of love.  

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Best Love Day: Thursday, September 14, 2023 

There has been much movement within your romantic life as you have worked to align your choices with your inner growth. This has involved you becoming aware of the purpose of past relationships as you allow the release of any karmic ties that have previously dominated your life. When you enable clarity to settle in your heart, no matter how challenging it might be, you also create the space for new love to blossom finally.  

The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 14, highlights the new beginnings that abound in your romantic life. With Mercury now direct in Virgo, as of September 15, you are free to finally make some critical choices and let yourself move in the direction of your heart. As much as you are a romantic by nature, it's okay also to see the logical side of love, as the best relationships are always those with divine balance.  

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