What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 7, During Sun Trine Jupiter

Today, the Virgo Sun sacredly aligns with retrograde Jupiter in Taurus enhancing your ability to attract what you want in life.

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On September 7, 2023 your zodiac sign can manifest something special when the healing Virgo Sun unites with retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. The Sun in Virgo helps us feel a deeper connection to life's pleasures inluding any desires that led up to this moment. Manifesting is not just about your future, but it's also seeing how your past hand-crafted what you're about to do now.

The Sun in Virgo carries healing energy; it appreciates planning and (sometimes) perfection. Today, the Sun helps you to find acceptance and forgiveness. You can feel gratitude that things didn't always go how you hoped they would. The Sun trine Jupiter can help you to relax your intentions because the more you retain yourself in the flow of appreciation, the more opportunities or advances for success you will find.  


As the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus combine energies, they help you embrace gratitude for how far you've come while allowing you to radiate a more confident and optimistic attitude toward what you want to manifest now. This cosmic alliance allows a larger, more abundant vision of life to take shape; you feel pulled inward by Jupiter retrograde and energized by the power of the Sun. You align your life with your desires and inner growth. 



Using the rituals for manifestation today, try to enjoy some sunlight and embrace the Sun's energy. It's good to honor the earth element that this zodiac sign represents. Since Virgo rules the throat chakra, writing, speaking and caring for others become instrumental in deepening your manifestation power.


You can also use herbs and essences like chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, neroli and sage into your rituals. Jasper, carnelian and fluorite can enhance healing power too. These elements will help you more divinely use the energy of Virgo and all that is possible — if only you embrace gratitude for all that already is. 

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Allow yourself to sit in the moment. Pour a cup of chamomile and lemongrass tea, and bask in gratitude for all you have created and accomplished within this life. As much as it is tempting to only focus on what you still desire to manifest, you attract what you desire more easily when you take a moment to pausing in gratitude. Gratitude allows you to see new options as possibilities that glimmer in the far to reach spaces of your soul.  

What each zodiac sign can manifest on September 7, 2023: 

Aries: Inner peace 

Affirmation: I am focusing on my inner well-being as I prioritize my sense of peace.  


Today, the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus highlight health matter. So, you can focus on increasing your mental well-being. Here's what to do to help you in your manifestation of inner peace today: a walking meditation.

Go outside for a walk in the grass barefoot during daytime hours. If you want, you can anoint the soles of your feet first with chamomile essential oil, or any calming oil you like, to bring about a greater calm. As you walk, stop for a moment and close your eyes. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Then, repeat your affirmation and soak in the energy of the Sun.  

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Taurus: Trust 

Affirmation: I trust myself to make the decisions necessary to support the life I want to create. 


Focus on developing a deeper trust in yourself. Today, the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus invite you to create more of what you enjoy. Here's how to begin. Collecting three almonds and anointing them with neroli essential oil, if you don't have this oil, specifically, any oil will do. Find a spot in your yard to bury them; an oak tree is best. But if you have a plant in your apartment, that can work, too! Once the seeds are buried, with full belief in your heart, repeat your zodiac sign's affirmation out loud.  

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Gemini: New beginnings 

Affirmation: I am focused on taking my time as I embark on new beginnings in my personal life.  

The Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you to initiate new beginnings at home and within your family. Retrograde Jupiter helps you to slow down so you can embrace a conscious gratitude mindset. Here's a rituation to help you enhance your manifestation ritual today. Take an apple and slice it in half, then carefully carve a heart into each side. Anoint the apple in sage essential oil, then tie the two pieces back together with a white ribbon. This binds the two hearts. When you are finished, you can place the apple beneath a rose bush (or any flowering plant that represents love) to enhance a new beginning in romance. Don't forget to repeat your affirmation during this process.  


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Cancer: Self-love 

Affirmation: I am worthy of loving myself in all the ways I desire to be loved by others.  

Today, you can embrace a deeper sense of self-love when the Virgo Sun trines retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. These two planets help you create more positive self-talk and thoughts. You'll want to have a pink cande and some rose petals.

During daytime hours, make a cirlce using the candle and rose petals. Preferrably outside, light your candle. Then, create a circle of white rose petals with the lit candle at the center. Be sure to leave enough room for you to sit inside the circle. Sit within the circle and place your hands on your heart while you repeat your zodiac sign's affirmation six times. When you're finished, blow out your candle, then take your rose petals and scatter then around your front door.  


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Leo: Worthiness 

Affirmation: I deserve all I dream of in this life and honor my unique place.  

Allow yourself to honor your inner worthiness. Today, the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus activate your sense of value, which is so important for you to feel since your sign is ruled by the Sun. You can invite this healing energy into your life with a deep breathing ritual. Begin by going outside into the sunlight and anointing your throat chakra with lemon balm essential oil. Then breathe deeply, repeat your affirmation aloud eight times and focus on the Sun's warmth as you visualize drawing its energy into your body.  

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Virgo: Hope 

Affirmation: I embrace hope and look toward the future with trust and faith. Everything is happening as it is meant to.  

As the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus can help you turn inward more deeply, focus on establishing a greater hope for your future and your life. Begin by collecting a birch leaf or any leaf that's local to your area, that symbolizes hope. Write your affirmation on the leaf or a piece of paper and wrap the leaf in the paper. When you are ready, set it on your front step. If you have Jasper handy, in flower or stone form, you can place a piece on top of your written affirmation to intensify your ritual of hope for the future.  

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Libra: Excitement 

Affirmation: I allow myself to become excited about the future, and instead of expecting the worst, I am preparing for the best. 


Allow yourself to focus on the best possible outcome as the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you upgrade your inner world. Begin by creating an intention jar using lavender, sage, jasper and a few drops of chamomile essential oil. As you seal this with red wax, repeat your affirmation and place it in a north-facing area of your home to help your optimism about the future grow.  

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Scorpio: Gratitude

Affirmation: I am grateful for everything that has and hasn't worked out as I trust in the divine always to lead me toward my higher path.   

Embrace a more profound gratitude for how everything in your life has occurred while the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you reflect on the deeper meaning of events. Begin by lighting a blue candle outside and holding fluorite over its flame while you repeat your affirmation. Once the candle has been lit for eleven minutes, turn it over, extinguish it on the earth and place the crystal in your clothing for the day. 


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Sagittarius: Success 

Affirmation: I am destined for success and owe it to myself never to give up.  

Professional success is yours while the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus light up this area of your life. Begin by writing your affirmation on a bay leaf and then anointing it with sage essential oil. Take this outside and create a small hole in the earth to burn safely while you repeat your affirmation ten times. Once the ashes are cooled, cover it with soil and sprinkle cinnamon on top for prosperity.  

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Capricorn: Expansion 

Affirmation: I am opening myself to newness and adventure as I embrace a more expansive life.  

Let yourself embrace newness and expansion as the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you to take new risks toward creating the life of your dreams. Begin by writing your affirmation down three times on a piece of paper, folding it toward you three times and then anointing it with lemon balm essential oil. When you are ready, bind the paper with a yellow ribbon and then take it outside to hang in a birch tree, which symbolizes new experiences. Repeat your affirmation, smiling as you do.  

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Aquarius: Positive transformation 

Affirmation: I release fears as I surrender to the positive transformation within my life and all the joys it will bring.  


Let yourself create space for positive changes as the Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you to embrace a new era of transformation within your life. Begin by writing your affirmation down on a white piece of paper, and then roll it the long way as many times as you can. Next, wrap it around a chili pepper, symbolizing courage and change and bind it with an orange or gold ribbon. Take this offering, and while repeating your affirmation, bury it beneath a basil plant for abundance.  

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Pisces: A healthy love 

Affirmation: I am ready for healthy and stable love and am holding space for my divine partner.  

The Virgo Sun and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus can help you create space for a healthier romantic relationship. Begin your ritual by anointing your throat and heart chakra with lavender essential oil, and then, once you're outside in the sunlight, light a red candle. As you settle your breath, take seven red rose petals and safely burn one each time you repeat your affirmation, scattering the ashes around your front steps to invite in the love you seek.  


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